Artist: 방탄소년단 (BTS)Song: いいね! (I choose It) Pt.2 ~あの場所で~ (English Translation)Album: wake up UPYear: 2015


At that location (ho.ho.ho.) nice Girl (1, 2, 3)

Where space you? Let’s accomplish againLet’s say a meeting place for exampleLet’s go eat together again, okay invite youBut the doesn’t have actually any specific meaningYour girlfriend click the “like” buttonBut prior to that I have the right to see that you watch goodWhen I observed that you readjusted your profile claims to “single”Let’s just meet soon againThe awkwardness surrounding usYou were various before, in order to cover upFor your (former) coolness, i casually speak to do the conversation bloomI remember the previous againOur relationship becomes “EX”Between us OH NO! i do not care “X”When walk a wall type between us? Two civilization who happen by there is no noticing every otherEY

At the place, again v youAt that place, if we deserve to meetAt the place, I’ll it is in waitingI desire you to come GIRL

Don’t know, looking like you don’t knowA GIRL who appears funI’m tho crazy around you, you’re still CUTEYou’re still dazzling girlDon’t know, looking like you don’t knowA GIRL who seems funA GIRL that shines

Today too memories pass with the LAN cableThe memories attract me back, your hair indigenous behindI’m constantly looking in ~ the blue screen, I start to hate itEvery time ns feel prefer clicking the “like” button I try calling youHello?I wish the you psychic me, If you can maybe…It’s ok, i say that I want to satisfy you soonTell me if you desire to fulfill me or notIt’s simple, I want to feel relieved so i’m over-optimisticIf we can fulfill I desire it come feel favor a goukonYour words break the silence“I obtained a boyfriend”, that ar starts freezingOf food you changedEven that expression of yours is differentThe burning love flows favor waterThe feather is far, the winter days circulation again…

At that place, again with youAt the place, if we deserve to meetAt that place, I’ll be waitingI want you to come GIRL

Don’t know, looking prefer you nothing knowA GIRL who seems funI’m quiet crazy around you, you’re quiet CUTEYou’re quiet dazzling girlDon’t know, looking favor you don’t knowA GIRL who appears funA GIRL that shines

How to be you lately?I peeked and the “like” shinedYou cutieEven gift happy when you’re alone now…HEY remember nowFrom that time the time distinction has increasedEven if I try repeating it the theory won’t changeEven so i still click the “like” button…

At the place, again through youAt that place, if we can meetAt that place, I’ll be waitingI want you to come GIRL