Britax has constantly been a leader in baby gear and also well-known brand in numerous households. In fact, their strollers and car seat consistently top the charts in safety, craftsmanship and for being parent-friendly. Recently, they have made several alters to your stroller/travel system line, an especially with your adapters. As a result, it’s been hard to keep up. So, we’ve do a list or vehicle seat adapters for Britax strollers in bespeak to streamline the changes and also make sense of which vehicle seats space compatible v your single Britax Stroller.

If you have a Britax car seat:

UPDATED feather 2019:

If you have actually a SINGLE Britax Stroller and a Britax vehicle seat, you are already collection to make a travel system. In other words, no additional adapters are compelled . Her stroller already comes through Click & walk adapters that permit you come click your auto seat into it and also stroll away.

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These seats below are compatible through the Click & walk system:


If you have actually a2017 or newer B-Ready Strollerand aBritax Infant auto Seat,THIS infant automobile seat adapterwill permit you to do a travel system with one auto seat ~ above the bottom reduced adapter. In addition, the upper adapters that this stroller are Click & go so girlfriend can additionally put a car seat in that position.

For car seats not mentioned above:

If girlfriend have any kind of other auto seat the is not pointed out above, sadly at this time, girlfriend cannot do a travel device with your Britax stroller. Offer it a few months, and also once your baby is old enough, they deserve to ride in the stroller without needing their auto seat.

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