Lookin’ good! Former Teen Mom OG star Bristol Palin required to Instagram on Tuesday, July 2, to display off her awesome curves in an orange bikini. The 28-year-old accessorized with a hat and also some shades as she posed at the beach. Can we say summer fashion inspo?! Keep scrolling to view her look listed below.

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We bet you’d never before have the ability to tell Bristol has actually three children based on her remarkable number. Clat an early stage, she takes care of her body!


The brunette beauty had actually her first child, Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, in 2008 when she was only 18 years old. At the moment, she made most headlines not only because she got pregnant at 17, but also bereason her mother, Sarah Palin, was a vice presidential candiday.


The then-teenager announced her pregnancy at the 2008 Republideserve to National Convention. She likewise took the possibility to tell the people she was engaged to her initially baby daddy, Levi Johnston.


The couple never acquired to marry. Instead, they finished their engagement around a year later on. For the time being, she focused on being an excellent mommy to her son.


However, nearly a year later on, the former couple reunited and gained involved for the second time. Unfortunately, that only lasted for a few weeks. On the bappropriate side, she didn’t offer up on love.

In 2015, she announced her engagement to Dakota Meyer, who is a UNITED STATE veteran. Months later on, she revealed the news that she was pregnant via her second kid.

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The couple gained married in June 2016, and also in December of the exact same year, they announced they were expecting another daughter together. This was her 3rd son and his second.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t lengthy till Bristol and also Dakota referred to as it quits. In August 2018, they finalized their divorce.

This isn’t preventing Bristol from broadening her family members, though. In April 2019, required to an Instagram Q&A session to expose she’s not closed off to the concept of having more kids. A fan asked, “If you uncovered the right perboy, would certainly you have even more kids?” and also Bristol responded, “It would take a lot, let’s simply say that.”

It’s been a rollercoaster for the mommy of three. In 2018, she joined the Teen Mom actors because she experienced many of the same battles as her fellow costars did when they acquired pregnant as teenagers.

“I have struggled as a teenager mom, no issue just how you slice it,” Bristol shelp in her confessional. “I was up all night through my child just like eexceptionally various other teen mom has actually been. I operated my pregnancy with Tripp, I functioned ideal after Tripp was born, I was still going to institution — I was doing all these points that eincredibly various other teen mom on earth has to do.”

“I was a single mother for a long time, but then I met Dakota,” she added. “He’s a veteran and also was awarded the medal of honor. We were on and also off for a while, however about two years earlier, we eloped.” Now, she’s a single mommy when again but she appears content via it.

“It’s a scary point,” Bristol told Us Weekly in October 2018. “I’ve acquired my hands complete, and it’s sort of daunting. It’s not even on my mind right currently.”

She likewise added that she doesn’t precisely recognize just how to go around dating after a divorce. “It’s just a weird principle. I haven’t dated in so long, I’m choose an old womale with so many children,” she added. “It’s a scary weird point to try to date with youngsters and also then be in the spotlight.”

We’re certain she’ll find someone suited for her. Thankcompletely, she has actually the firm of her three children and also that seems like more than enough!