When it comes to rewards ~ above the Rakkaholics anonymous side search in the Borderlands 2 game, there are decisions you’ll need to make; the not correct decision may be the finish of that particular gaming experience.

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In Borderland 2 game, over there are several rewards because that you come gain.

These rewards are offered when the player completes a particular type of quest. Today we take a look in ~ the rewards one will obtain off Rakkaholics Anonymous, climate compare and contrast; this will aid a gamer watch the rewards he or she should emphasis on and the ones the or she need to leave.

In a nutshell, Rakkaholics Anonymous is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 that is given by Mordecai.

You can unlock this mission after the Wildlife Preservation primary mission is complete.


Get a keg of Booze for Mordecai or bring to Moxxi, different rewards for each.

Mordecai gives Rubi, while Moxxi provides the sloth with compensation.

Types the Rakkaholics anonymous rewards

We have a few types really; they are mainly two Rubi and also Sloth.

Rubi a gun that increases the healing rate.Sloth Nice design for a gun and powerful sniper can do massive damages to an opponent.Grog Nozzle The contemporary version the Rubi, but it is offered as part of the mission inThe Beard makes the Man. Football player are required to shoot dwarfs.

Like the Rubi, the Grog Nozzle has a self-healing effect, which is relative to the amount of damage dealt from an opponent.A gamer is presented with two options to choose from one. So here are possible choices for players.

Rubi or Sloth

Which one is the best choice? In Rakkaholics Anonymous, Rubi, or Sloth? Well, that depends on what you want. This is not just a straight forward choice, you have to check some certain things first,

like the advantages Rubi has over Sloth or the disadvantages Sloth has over Rubi.

Weigh them, and we will help you conclude.

About Rubi

Rubi has the second-highest heal percentage in this game. Even though it is no the strongest, it will certainly last more than others. The Rubi deals an additional 80% splash damage, add to grenade damage feature. In enhancement to that, Rubi has actually a more heal price than various other weapons.

This healing attribute of Rubi functions even throughout Fight for your Life mode. A weak character will certainly still regain wellness if they host Rubi when doing damages to enemies.

Combining Rubi v the right equipment and skills, Rubi deserve to be a powerful weapon in the survival mode of the game. Others prefer Gunzerker deserve to use Rubi and a high-powered weapon throughout Gunzerking to have actually both damage and survivability.

Advantages that Ruby

Can rise the heal rateGood for close combatHas effective splash damageHas grenade featureDisadvantages the RubyNot powerful enoughThe heal feature can only work while holding Rubi and doing damage to an opponentThe grenade feature requires a certain distance.About Sloth

Sloth is a sniper rifle in Borderlands 2. This reward have the right to be acquired by offering the booze come Mordecai.

Sloth is challenging to use against moving targets, ones that are flying as it becomes difficult to aim.

But when it comes to damage, Sloth robust, more powerful, and can cause massive damage to an enemy.

Best characters suited for sloth are

Zer0 andMaya.

Advantages the SlothMuch an effective than RubyCan cause powerful damage to an opponentIn the right hands, like Zero or Maya, Sloth is a beast.Disadvantages of SlothTrying to use it in quick distanceRequires appropriate aiming.In the wrong hands, it can add to your failure. Video game over for you.

Some do likewise ask Mordecai or Moxxi, Rubi, or sniper? You acquire Rubi once you select Mordecai; you get Sloth once you desire Moxxi, lock are regarded this game. Sloth is a sniper.

You can also get Ruby and Sloth rewards in True Vault Hunter Mode or even the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.

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About Rakkaholics anonymous in Borderline 2

Launched on September 18th, 2012, Borderline 2 is both a Single-player, 4 players local, and 4 football player online cooperative multiplayer game. Easily accessible for different platforms choose Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, playstations 3, Vita,Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.