Message In A Bottle is an optional mission in Borderlands 2, a component of the DLC Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty.

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It has actually 5 components that take place in various locations v two mission missions to find the treasure and to Open the chest.The mini-map locations on how to track every chest are shown in this post.

Hayter’s Folly


Arriving in ~ the map location and climbing a ledge there is a party behind a waterfall.Go in between the rocks till you see some mushrooms and also a tree to uncover the bottle.Smash the party to hit a cave Crystalisk and than in the cave, you must see X noting the chest position.Dig come find and open the chest.At level 30 rewards space $2696, 789 XP, Rapier a cursed (has a negative effect on the holder in exchange for their benefits)unique attack rifle manufactured by Vladof. It provides – +200 melee damage bonus and excellent for use with characters as Zer0 with a Bloodshed build.

Magnys Lighthouse


Go to Magnys Lighthouse and take the elevator approximately the tower top.From the home window look under to the ground and search because that the X mark.You’ll have the ability to see that on a shaft of stone to the right with some grass on the top, run down and also the chest will certainly pop.At level 45 rewards space $2696, 789 XP, Captain Blade’s Midnight Star a distinct cursed MIRV grenade produced by Torgue.


As you with to Rockview rest Stop you’ll check out abandoned vehicle lot and need to challenge some pirates gunners.In the town of Oasis over there is a structure with a garage door and a large X mark painted top top the door.Pull the lever to open up the door and to uncover the chest.At level 43 rewards space $1348, 789 XP, Orphan device a cursed distinctive shotgun of Jakob.The shotgun causes high damage, allowing an important points to be targeted more easily and also can activate several skills like:Smaller, Lighter, Faster, Shock at once.

The Rustyards


Following the map in ~ Dreg Scrapyard you can discover the treasure when the mini-map arrowhead points come the north and also on the map left-south.The chest is under a burned of an old hut whereby the ground is significant by a large black X close to a box.At level 43 rewards room $2696, 789 XP, Captain Blade’s otto Idol a cursed distinctive relic made by the Eridians.Equipped with the relic killing an adversary restores health and wellness with a minimum 5.5 healing rate, best use with conjunction v weapons that have big explosive spread.


Picture 1: The bottle place (Wurmwater)


Picture 2: The chest location (Wurmwater)


To begin the mission you need to uncover the bottle placed on a palm tree top top a cliff (see snapshot 1).Follow the map till finding a passage at Wurmwater Flats and a pirate location named Hegeland Camp.Continue until encountering a Sand Worms close to old moors, death the worms and also collect the loot.Look because that an X authorize on the ground in the south-western corner where the chest is to complete the mission.

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“You uncovered the treasure!” rotate In: Wurmwater endowment ChestAt level 30 rewards room $1348, 789 XP, Captain Blade’s Manly guy Shield a unique cursed shield produced by Torgue.Adds bonus explosive damage of 40 that the character’s base melee attacks, but likewise wearer take away increased damages from elemental sources.

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