Welcome come the dark side......It"s the Thuggish Ruggish Bone..Gotta offer it on approximately the glock glockPop pop, better drop as soon as them buckshot blowThe bone in me never no ho,so no creepin increase outta the ziplockSo sin, sip gin, and lil" mo heart run up, nut upAnd flipped in, than slipped the clip in,mistakin" the bloody victimsEver if ya check nuts, come the chest and ... Buck buck buck blowHa ha ha hah ha ha ha haaRight ago at her motherf_cking assComes those actual true thugsStraight the end the dual glock,Puttin" it down for the motherf_ckin" landTaking no shorts no lossesPuttin" it on you jealous b_tch make playa hating-ass n_ggas,You betta phone call "em what"s genuine b_tchTakin" ova the sh_t in the "9-5I carry to girlfriend the one and only...Bone Thugs N HarmonyN_gga this St. Claire...

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Execution double nine styleSteadily sendin them bodies undagroundIt"ll it is in all about that llelo bank rollBetta make that money man, dead wrongPut it on the short betta beat lock hoesGotta get them demons off meCreepin" increase softly seepin" up v my soulAnd sleepin" ain"t great to go nowWhen I"m wll rollin" turn off those"N betta watch the do"Bet ns won"t it is in slippin" sleepin"None ah lock thugs ns bails widPut ah trace ah twelve guage shellsBloody be smell 1-8-7 and also the 2-1112-guage and the AK-47 sprayLet the Ripster kill "em nowPut "em turn off in the dig dailyWhen the slugs begin crawl increase in yaWell I role wid realer n_ggasPop popular music drop come the sound and also to groundLit "em as much as kill yaThem St. Claire thugs we loveWhen lock pumpin" castle slugs now what,See them duck native the scumWhen ns dug them opponents deep in the muddy drugDon"t operation wid themChoose snooze you loseAnd left in the alley fa f_cked upWhat"s increase wid them shoes ooh castle knewSo us runnin" offa mine dog"s truckBust ah left at the block and also what"da ya knowAll ah the po-po they followCuff ah guy and see him layin" behind the storeBut n_gga remember my mottoNo surrender, gotta gain away fight the fence wid the quicknessHit the other side and I swing come the rightRunning with the gutta hit "95,Peel, bending for safety and security we do it and also chillGotta make ah mil however ah nine kick turn off for realN_gga drop the bill or i pop mine steelAin"t no compete don"t f_ck wid my clikAnd so hear you b_tches continue to be trippin" it"s okayWhen we stickin" and lickin" lock pocketsSo droppa that dolla male glocka holla bangThuggin" wid ah thug n_gga smoking cigarettes bluntsN_gga don"t stubborn on no weed smoke the offCause n_gga you recognize when the pockets obtain rideI"ma run and also get ah sack and come throttle wid ch"allNow you f_ckin" wid these thuggish killasCreepin" increase outta the land and they ready to rideGettin" high that thaiMy niggs in the land gained glocks fa work on the 9-9Betta death "em every dogBed make as they autumn wid the 12-guage friend bustin" top top n_ggasSo what now, come n_gga acquire buck powAnd not only that obtain shut ta f_ck downAnd I"m talkin" bout n_ggas that wanna compete wid the thugstasSome n_gga done f_cked upNeva no playa hataz in the clik touch loud and we neva no bustazNeva catch ah n_gga sleepHear the buck shots rain wherein the thugs in Cleveland dwellDaily collectin" me mailAnd I accomplish you in hell if all else failsOh wellExecution dual nine styleSteadily sendin" that body undergroundExecution twin nine styleSteadily sendin" the body undergroundExecution twin nine styleSteadily sendin" that body undergroundExecution twin nine styleSteadily sendin" the body undergroundExecution dual nine styleSteadily sendin" the body undergroundExecution twin nine styleSteadily sendin" that body undergroundExecution dual nine styleSteadily sendin" the body underground