Gordon Ramsay and also Bobby Flay space two the the most recognizable celebrity chefs in the biz, and in their own right. In between the chefs" cooking careers, tv shows, best-selling cookbooks, and more, Ramsay and Flay have actually earned — and also secured — their height spots in the industry.

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On peak of gift an stole Chef, Flay has starred in a wide range of Food Network and also Cooking Channel shows, including "Beat Bobby Flay," "Worst Cooks in America," "Food Network Star," "Brunch at Bobby"s," "Throwdown v Bobby Flay," "Boy Meets Grill with Bobby Flay," and also of course, "Iron cook America: The Series" (via IMDb). He"s additionally penned a whopping ripe cookbooks, including "Bobby Flay Fit: 200 Recipes because that a healthy and balanced Lifestyle" and also "Brunch in ~ Bobby"s: 140 Recipes for the Best part of the Weekend" (via Bobby Flay).

Flay likewise owns number of restaurants, including Mesa Grill, Bobby"s burger Palace, Bobby Flay Steak, and Bobby Flay Americain, and also recently opened his newest Italian restaurant, Amalfi, in las Vegas in may 2021. In addition to his already really impressive (and long) resume, Flay master a podcast v his daughter, Sophie, dubbed "Always Hungry," wherein the father-daughter duo chat about their love that food, travel, and lifestyle.

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It"s no an enig that Gordon Ramsay is just one of the most famous and talented chefs in the world, and also while it"s a fine known fact that the "MasterChef" star have the right to be intimidating, Ramsay is likewise wildly entertaining, many thanks to his unfiltered feedback and no-BS attitude. Over the last 2 decades, Ramsay"s starred ~ above a plethora of cooking shows, consisting of "Hell"s Kitchen," "MasterChef Junior," "MasterChef USA," "Matilda and also the Ramsay Bunch," "Kitchen Nightmares," and "The F Word" (via IMDb).

In addition to his numerous television shows, Ramsay has also penned a number of best-selling cookbooks, consisting of "Gordon Ramsay"s Bread Street Kitchen Cookbook" and "Gordon Ramsay"s ultimate Fit Food," and also he also has his very own homeware collection, through three an ext lines right now in breakthrough (via Gordon Ramsay).

The father-of-five additionally has a ton the restaurants, both casual and also upscale, situated throughout the united States and the U.JK., including Gordon Ramsay Burger, Gordon Ramsay Hell"s Kitchen, Bread Street Kitchen, London House, and also Gordon Ramsay Steak (via Gordon Ramsay Restaurants). 2 of the well known chef"s restaurants, Petrus and Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, room Michelin-starred establishments.

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While chief Bobby Flay and chef Gordon Ramsay are both highly achieved professionals, authors, and television personalities, the network worth the the 2 celebrities is actually fairly different. According to Celebrity network Worth, Flay is worth approximately $60 million, many thanks to his long-running TV and also culinary career. In addition to his Food Network shows, Flay"s also had a little bit of an exhilaration career, do appearances top top "Entourage," "Portlandia," "Angie Tribecca," "Law & Order: SVU," and the Disney Channel initial movie "Eddie"s Million dissension Cook-off" (via IMDb). He"s likewise served together a producer on countless of the shows he"s starred in, which likely contributes to his superior net worth, along with his restaurants and other endeavors.

And back Flay is one of the richest celebrity chefs the end there, Ramsay"s network worth blows Flay"s the end of the water, together Celebrity network Worth reports that the "Hell"s Kitchen" star is precious a chuck $220 million, v an average salary that $60 million every year. The fan-favorite chef"s countless television shows most certainly contribute to his overall wealth, along with his countless restaurants and also other expert ventures. The outlet additionally reports that Ramsay earns $225,000 per episode, and made an exceptional $125 million native 2016-2019, earning $60 million from June 2016 come June 2017 and $65 million from June 2018 come June 2019.

Per Variety, building records suggest that Bobby Flay purchased a "Hudson River-view" apartment in a "Trump-branded" building in the top West next of Manhattan for $1.45 million in 2008, and additionally purchased a isolated three-acre estate situated in a heavily wooded area in east Hampton, brand-new York, in 2009. In 2019, Flay purchase a nearly-4,000 square foot residence in the Bird Streets ar in Los Angeles, California, because that $6.5 million (via DIRT), and per architecture Digest, Flay purchase a 5,700 square foot house in the Hollywood Hills because that $7.6 million in February 2021.

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Gordon Ramsay to buy a sprawling mansion in Bel-Air for just under $7 million in 2012, which functions "five bedrooms, six bathrooms, generous life spaces, a swimming pool, and a state-of-the-art high-end kitchen" (per AOL via Yahoo). Ramsay additionally owns a townhouse in London and also a number of holiday houses in England, consisting of a home in Cornwall, where the Ramsay family members isolated throughout the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

"The household see Cornwall as their family members home as soon as the children are back from uni and also Gordon back from filming around the world," a source told metro UK in 2020. "It"s where they spend all their family time together, they"ve to be spending time there for 10 years and Jack actually resides in the home there complete time, too."