mind of rock and Blood and Wine were an excellent expansions for Witcher fans. But which that the two had the more powerful villain in ~ the helm?

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The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt was well-received, and also its 2 expansions, Blood and Wine and Hearts that Stone to be no different. Each growth provides an extremely different experiences, while opened the people of The Witcher in numerous different ways.

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several of those ways were the characters introduced come the series, particularly the villains of every expansion. Gaunter O"Dimm indigenous Hearts of Stone throws open the door come possibilities in the lore the the series. Syanna gives a closer, more intimate look in ~ what provides a villain. Both are an amazing departure from the Wild Hunt as antagonists.

10 O"Dimm increases the Lore that The Witcher

Gaunter ODimm Skull understanding of Stone
O"Dimm stand out together a an effective character that doesn"t appear in the books, and also so is an original character to the games. Even players acquainted with the books will uncover him to be an enigma, piquing curiosity about his nature and origins.

O"Dimm"s an extremely existence creates a wealth of potential for the lore of The Witcher. While we never truly know who that is or what he"s capable of, players are provided enough clues to know the power he possesses. It"s that we don"t have all the answers come O"Dimm that provides him therefore interesting, and makes Hearts of Stone a compelling addition to The Witcher"s lore, fully unique come the games.

Duchess Blood and also Wine
Syanna"s cold and ruthless, but her story is that reflects the unfairness the the human being of The Witcher. While many of us aren"t cursed under a black color Sun, Syanna"s refusal to give in to the cruelties of her situation and the lack of mercy the human being shows her renders her both compelling and sympathetic.

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Syanna"s journey for revenge, while no ethical, is absolutely understandable. From specific points that view, it"s also admirable. The the player viewpoints her from the perspective of Geralt, a witcher, places the player in a position to understand being one outcast in society. While over there isn"t lot Geralt deserve to do to adjust people"s opinions the him, Syanna do the efforts to much better her life versus the odds.

Gaunter ODimm mind of Stone
O"Dimm"s true nature is just hinted at and never revealed in full. We don"t know his period or purpose, and his nature together presented in mind of stone is beyond understanding.

back he grants wishes lot as a djinn does, he"s plainly not an element creature and also he denies being one. When this renders it danger to address him, the shrewd can acquire an advantage over that by beating him in ~ his game. O"Dimm"s farewell, whereby he guarantees to return, just deepens his mystery.

Sisters Hug Blood and Wine
while the apparent antagonist because that Blood and also Wine would be the higher vampire Dettlaff, the opponent behind the curtain was in reality Syanna. The larger sister of the Duchess, Syanna was thought dead for decades, and her return was a shock to her family and the witcher.

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Syanna proves to it is in a human being of her circumstances. If an antagonist, she and also Geralt may have a friendly relationship, and also there"s even the opportunity of romance. Syanna"s sudden return, her likeable nature, and her motivations room what make her an i can not qualify antagonist, specifically when pitted versus Dettlaff.

O"Dimm is one of the first characters Geralt meets in The Witcher base game, where he points Geralt to Yennefer"s location, climate seemingly vanishes into thin air. This isn"t the only time O"Dimm shows up in unlikely situations, and his ineffable presence across the continent is only noticed by those in the know.

The most evident incident is in Hearts of Stone, whereby a mrs was cursed through a beggar through a spoon into a wight. The beggar is clearly O"Dimm - his theme song plays as Geralt recounts the story later, and also the beggar breaks his spoon come seal the curse. For those who haven"t play Hearts of Stone, the story would certainly be unremarkable, simply as O"Dimm"s illustration in the beginning of the video game for an initial time players.

The eclipse responsible because that the Curse that the Black sunlight was prophesized years before the event. It stated that 60 girls born under the Black sunlight would flourish up to end the world. The prophesy naturally developed paranoid uncertainty towards the girls, and also brought up inquiries of nature vs bite as many of them to be abused or abandoned by their own families.

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women born under the Black sun occasionally attribute in The Witcher, particularly the books and also TV series. The Syanna is just one of them expands this component of The Witcher"s lore.

part players to be disappointed v the main antagonists the The Wild Hunt, who were built up over the video game to it is in a destructive force however were defeated in a fairly easy ceo battle. The Wild Hunt"s motivations to finish the human being are also relatively simple, a stark contrast to the rest of the game where characters are facility and nuanced.

O"Dimm remains close to Geralt together they job-related together, and also the final confrontation with him end up gift a question of morality. If Geralt choose to oppose O"Dimm, the final battle versus him is a desperate search and puzzle to solve against the clock, through O"Dimm sabotaging every action of the way. O"Dimm proves to be so much more interesting 보다 the Wild Hunt, and also he"s so an effective that there isn"t even the option to challenge him in battle.

Both outcasts, Geralt and Syanna prove to have actually as much in common as they have differences. Return their condition in the civilization are similar, they"ve comment to your hardships in an extremely different ways. Geralt has actually made friends and also acquaintances across the continent in his travels, choosing to focus on the world he cares about.

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Syanna, instead, choose to usage the world who love her, which leader Dettlaff come tragedy. If this eventually makes her the antagonist that Blood and Wine, this contrast of ideals create chemistry between her and Geralt, rather than antagonism, developing a villain you can want to romance quite than defeat.

when Geralt is a mutant, most of his abilities room rooted firmly in the mundane. His encounter through O"Dimm was greatly the same, wherein they made their deal, and also moved on. O"Dimm"s banishment expose his an ext sinister side beneath his humanlike façade, and also hints at the supernatural.

Ciri, on the other hand, is a character who jumps in between worlds, dead the Elder Blood, and also is inherently magical. When Geralt isn"t powerful enough to face O"Dimm, a future Witcher game could feature Ciri as a protagonist, with O"Dimm as the pressure to defeat.

The fact that Syanna and Geralt are required to work-related together, and where Geralt is forced to rely on her, provides her a unique villain in the series. Syanna isn"t a monster. She doesn"t have magic, she isn"t a mythical creature. She"s merely a victim that her circumstances who has a harsh see of the world since it was all she was taught.

Geralt watch this firsthand, and understands Syanna"s motivations. Their relationship, whereby the protagonist becomes friends or lovers through the key villain, is one unique in the game, and also makes a refreshing break from the ceo battles (though Dettlaff was happy to still carry out one).

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