This gets 5 stars for specifically how it's described. It's a stick vac, and not intended for big space, deep vacuuming needs. Few of the reviews space showing lost stars because of not meeting expectation of a regular/standard vacuum. This specific model is an excellent for little homes with some carpet i m sorry is whereby the brush i do not care handy. I likewise have the version without the brush which is perfect for hard surfaced floors. This is no the article you're searching for if friend have wall surface to wall carpeting. Bissell is awesome, and also for me, a height notch, very first choice \"go to\" for floor cleaning.

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Nothing to write house about. It's pretty lot a hand hosted vac v a handle and attachment in ~ the bottom. The base with the turn brush is not motorized in ~ all, the brush just spins indigenous the pressure of the hand vac suction the its enclosed to. The repertoire cup is fairly small, as space all handheld vacs. If you're in search of a lightweight vacuum I would pass top top this, it's nit even close to a lightweight vacuume. If you're in require of a strength sweeper to suck up dust etc of difficult surfaces, this will carry out that.
This is a perfect systems for a quick clean-up for a little place. People, it's a rod vacuum-dont mean it to perform well on something plush! the barely functions on our very very thin pile throw rugs but is fantastic on ceiling floors. I personally love the option to take the beater section off and I have a hand vac through a long stick! That attribute is awesome because that reaching locations your eight is simply not lengthy enough.The filter it s okay clogged conveniently so ns recommend store a couple on hand therefore you have the right to still usage it when the cleaned filter dries.All in all us are really happy to have actually this. The beater bar does an excellent in loosening up small particles in our really low pile carpets and also the fact I don't need to lug the big vacuum down all the time to spot clean down...See more
This it s okay 5 stars for precisely how it's described. It's a pole vac, and not intended for huge space, deep vacuuming needs. Several of the reviews space showing lost stars due to the fact that of no meeting expectations of a regular/standard vacuum. This specific model is an excellent for small homes with some carpet which is wherein the brush becomes handy. I also have the design without the brush i beg your pardon is perfect for difficult surfaced floors. This is not the item you're looking for if friend have wall surface to wall surface carpeting. Bissell is awesome, and for me, a top notch, an initial choice \"go to\" for floor cleaning.
This Bissell Turbo stick Vacuum is tiny in size, yet not in power. Love the slim-line size, which provides it much simpler to use and also maneuver. The does a great job picking up dirt and also debris as well as my big vacuum cleaner. Really love that it has the detachable hand vac feature, which permits me to use less complicated in mine vehicle. An excellent product. Love it!
This vacuum is little but really mighty.I am an extremely used to utilizing a cordless pole vacuum therefore this vacuum is definitely a adjustment for me come use. My pros room that it is an extremely lightweight and also simple. You have the right to plug it in and also clean up a mess really quickly and also then north the container super super easily. It operated well on my hardwood, a area rug, and even a the end rug the is spanned with dirt and straw. Choose stated before it is very simple. Over there is a on/off switch and the container the the dust is collected. You have the right to release the container climate empty the dirt out so easy and also quick. My just con is that it is corded. I love gift able to take it my vacuum everywhere I want through no cord limitations and also I love not having actually to plunder the cord back up....See more
The Bissell 3-in-1 Turbo Vac has actually taken stick vacuums come a new level by adding the brush roller. Ns was impressed through the ease of vacuuming my tile kitchen and also appalled in ~ the dust it choose up since I had actually just mopped the job before. The 3-in-1 Turbo can be provided as a lightweight and an effective stick vacuum, a hand held vacuum v the foot attached for stairs and also a hand organized with removed foot for over floor surfaces, upholstery or drapes. The Bissell functions amazingly well on hardwood floors and tile. It functions well with some effort on throw rugs and an extremely low pile carpeting. The does no do much for high heap carpet. The is conveniently lightweight (under 4 pounds) and easily bring away apart because that storage. Clean the filter is a breeze. You just remov...See more
I have actually fallen in love v the BISSELL 3-in-1 Turbo pole Vacuum because it is together a versatile tool for lightweight cleaning. That is very lightweight and has a basic yet really versatile design. I deserve to use it with the brush attachment as a vacuum for carpet or hard surfaces. The attachment come off and I have the right to use it come vacuum under the coach cushions or any other small space or usage it with the manage still attached and also you can acquire the dust increase high. The vacuum is bagless but has a really helpful filter that deserve to be quickly cleaned and reused in between vacuuming. Ns love exactly how lightweight this unit is. I usage it to vacuum mine stairs, come vacuum mine kitchen and also tiled hallway, and for clean blinds and ceiling fans. It has actually been extremely advantageous for smaller...See more
This Vacuum is an extremely light for its power. That sweeps whatever on the floor. I have actually a Persian rug which ns hesitate to usage powerful large vacuums and when I use something with less power the does not perform the job. However, this vacuum has completely enough strength to clean my Persian rug with no weight pressure. When I am making use of it on mine rug is smoother moving ago and more difficult when moving forward. For the hardwood floor the is perfect and very easy to clean with, an excellent for mine kitchen hardwood floor. The is really easy to transform it to a hand vacuum for my furniture.
I just finished vacuuming my difficult wood flooring through this new stick vacuum. I discovered that the plastic wheels were wonky,I had actually a hard time advertise the vacuum. The vacuum is lightweight but I discover that it's also light where the vacuum bottom meets the floor. This only has actually three parts to placed together and no tools room needed whatever just breaks together in seconds. The vacuum is not as loud as a continual vacuum. The does come through a One year warranty. Some of the attributes is a removable motor floor nozzle, quickly converts to a hand vacuum with rapid release. The filter seems thin to me,it is washable and the dirt tank is washable. The vacuum does blow a the majority of air the end of the while her vacuuming. This functions ok but I would certainly not introduce it come f...See more
Nothing come write residence about. It's pretty much a hand hosted vac with a handle and attachment in ~ the bottom. The base v the rotate brush is not motorized in ~ all, the brush only spins indigenous the pressure of the hand vac suction the its fastened to. The repertoire cup is quite small, as room all handheld vacs. If you're in search of a lightweight vacuum I would certainly pass ~ above this, it's nit also close to a lightweight vacuume. If you're in need of a strength sweeper come suck increase dust and so on of hard surfaces, this will perform that.
This Bissell stick vac is an extremely light weight and also easy come use.And unlike other light weight stick vacx, it will stand by itself.It has actually very strong suction for such a small and irradiate vac.There space actually 3 various ways to use it. It deserve to be provided like a continual vac, or girlfriend canTake the foot off and also use to with high spaces, or you have the right to detach the handle and also the footAnd usage as a hand held fast pick increase vac. Each piece is really simple to remove.The dust cup is really easy to remove and dump, but there is a paper filter that has to beCleaned and also replaced.This is a corded vac, which is just one of its under falls. The cord is just 15 ft. Long. I would really likeIt much better if it to be rechargeable. I need to do a the majority of plugging and also unplu...See more
I perform not have much endure with Bissell products, so ns was pleasantly surprised with just how well this tiny vacuum worked. The vacuum to be perfect because that a quick clean increase of every the crumbs and also scraps that finished up top top the floor rather of in someone's mouth. It had actually plenty that power and the noise to be reasonable. I am top top the fence on whether the cord enhances or detracts indigenous it. I like not having to worry about running the end of juice during a clean session. I perform not like having to wind it up and also wrangle through it together I maneuver around the floor. It was easy to clean the end the vacuum, the release worked well and also the dust tank in addition to the filter was basic to empty. I love how tiny space that takes to keep this vacuum, I have the right to hide it away in the corne...See more
I obtained this product free for mine review. This is most likely theBiggest disappointed I have experienced. I know thatBissell promotes greater quality products but they truly dropped they ball on this Vacuum Stick!!!! the is therefore flimsy that it has actually no method to also remain stabble top top the floor as you are vacuuming.The suction power is non existent!! ns was very Shocked the it would be top top the market. Ns would choose to saysomething positive yet can't. I would no recommend thisvacuum to understand one not even for a small camper.
I essential a vacuum that would certainly go indigenous carpet to bare floor without having actually to continuously readjust it. Every time I shot to vacuum v my big sweeper, the throw rugs obtain sucked increase in the vacuum and also I need to keep a foot top top one end while fighting the vacuum top top the other end, for this reason I just sweep with a broom, then take and also shake lock uhggg (I dislike shaking rugs).There had actually to be something easier, i was readily available the \"BISSELL 3-in-1 Turbo Lightweight rod Vacuum, 2610\" cost-free for review, turns out come be just the thing I needed, it's easier, and also cleaner, simply vacuum the floor, the litter rugs, back on the floor, right into the following room v carpet, then right into the following room v tile, and an ext throw rugs, simply a couple of minutes come hit the traffic areas to store you...See more
I obtained the Bissell 3-in-1 Lightweight Corded stick Vacuum Variants from the Spark Review program in exchange for my moral opinion. The 3-in-1 Turbo offers the adaptability of a rod vacuum and also hand vacuum, with a floor nozzle that can be offered on stairs and upholstery. It's convenient and also effective cleaning on carpets, area rugs, bare floors, stairs and also upholstery. Ns think it's a perfect vacuum because that a tiny apartment or dorm room. The cord is pretty short but it works well. It have the right to be a vacuum or a dust buster. It's an extremely lightweight for this reason vacuuming the stairs are easy enough. I choose that I can go from carpet to my brick floor through no problems. It's little enough to vacuum my bathroom and hallways without banging right into anything. Ns will...See more
The box that this Bissell vacuum come in labeling it as a 3-in-1 turbo vac. That is lightweight and it converts very easily into a hand vacuum. It has a removable motorized floor nozzle. The dust cup is simple to remove and also empty and also the filter is simple to clean. I uncovered the sweeper an extremely easy to usage on my ceiling floors but an overwhelming to press on carpet. The hand vacuum is daunting to usage as it have to be held perpendicular and also can not gain into corners or edges. It is labeled together versatile and convenient for fast clean - ups and also I would certainly agree through that.
I have actually an older version of this product. It is white , yet the plastic parts yellowed in time. That is just how old it is, and the top portion of the take care of broke. The still works , I use it as my cellar clean up tool, now. The newer model, Turbo, come in Black. For simple , light load , clean- up , it's the perfect multi-use cleaner. I've cleaned fans, got to up come the ceiling to obtain cobwebs ( eliminate the floor brush an initial ) it does scatter rugs , big area rugs, and hard surface ar floors. The does no scatter dust, like sweeping with a broom, it captures it, and is much more thorough 보다 a dusting cloth. Emptying the unit is simple too. I'm a pan of Bissell.
The BISSELL 3-in-BISSELL 3-in-1 Turbo Lightweight rod Vacuum, is lightweight and portable. You have the right to take it v you anywhere in her home. The BISSELL 3-in-1 Turbo Lightweight pole Vacuum, cleans rugs, carpets, upholstery and also bare floors. Ns love that it's light and also portable yet the problem I uncover is the it is no as strong as some various other vacuums. However, it it s okay the job done and it pipeline your residence clean. You can use the in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, life room, dining room, sunroom and basement. I favor the slim and stylish look of it. I would recommend the BISSELL 3-in-1 Turbo Lightweight pole Vacuum.

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I have carpets and hard surface ar floors house. I love my complete size vacuum, yet for difficult floors it just shoots the dirt and hair the end the back all over the floor. This vacuum is perfect because that my hard floors. I have a cat. I have to admit ns can't stand dragging my complete size vacuum the end all the moment to vacuum in the kitchen. This has made cleaning SO easy and also fast. The suction on this baby is amazing. Its almost stronger 보다 my complete size. I additionally use the to do my area rugs and also it works prefer a charm.It's amazing at picking up hair, and fine particles. I will certainly say bigger pieces favor cat food I uncover in the kitchen doesn't yes, really fit under the head but I'm okay with that. I would buy this 10 times over. I love it.