In this experiment, students will certainly find which brand of bubblegum produces the biggest bubbles.

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Research Questions:

Bubblegum is a form of chewing gum that is designed to be more elastic so that bubbles have the right to develop. Gum is traditionally made of rubber or natural latex, referred to as chicle. You"re meant to blow bubbles with it--yet do some brands create bigger bubbles than others?

Fun fact: the largest bubble ever blvery own from bubblegum was by a woman called Susan Montgomery Williams of Fresno, The golden state, USA in 1996. The bubble she has blown actions at a whopping 23 inches in diameter.


Various brands of bubblegum such as: Dubble Bubble Bubbleyum Bubblelicious Bubble Tape Test topics Caliper Pen and paper for notes

Experimental Procedure:

Hand also over a piece of each of your liked brands of gum to your test topics. Have them chew each piece of gum for at least one hour prior to spitting it out and going to the following brand. While they are blowing bubbles to their best capacity, measure the diameters using a caliper. Write these numbers down. After you are done exploring, uncover the average diameters of the bubbles of each brand of gum. Which bubblegum has the biggest bubbles? Is these a factor behind this? Is it in the ingredients? Evaluate your results?

Terms/Concepts: bubblegum;air; chicle


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