For every our huge bottomed ladies, the perfect bikini bottom is out there – welcome come Kitty and Vibe, you’ve involved the best place! 

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We an alert many world with bigger backsides weaken the look and also feel of bikini bottom in stimulate to discover ones the fit your hip size. The result? Ill installation swimwear the doesn’t lend sufficient coverage, fabric, or assistance for women with bigger butts.

We offer swimwear based upon your target size. For every hip size, we have actually two target sizes – 1 (smaller) and also 2 (bigger). This post is committed to all our Kitty size 2’s the end there. Here are our ideal tips on finding swimsuit bottoms for big butts:


Don’t shy far from cheeky!

If a bathing suit with cheeky coverage has been on her mind, don’t shy away from it now! due to the fact that of our revolutionary sizing metric, you will do it no much longer sacrifice lacking out top top a cheeky bikini. The look of our swimsuits are consistent throughout all sizes, therefore the cheekiness that a bikini top top a small butt will be the specific same as the cheekiness of a bikini top top a bigger butt! and that’s ~ above the Kitty Size, babe. 

Check out our High hip Bottoms, Cheeky Bottoms, and String bottom for the perfect cheeky look.


Wear what friend want!

Let’s take the time to unlearn phrases like, “stripes do you look at fat” or “only undertake dark colors because it provides you look at thinner”. These outdated sayings failure to resolve the reality that you have actually the ability to wear every little thing the heck you want. The joy and excitement the fashion is finding piece that you feel comfortable, safe, and beautiful wearing. 

So, even if it is you’re feeling a full coverage bikini v a interlocutor print, a cheeky bikini bottom with a dainty floral print, or a medium coverage bikini through a gingham print, this is her time to pick a fit and style that speaks come you!


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Take advice native other big bootied women!

From our all-star client testimonials to nationwide press coverage, we’re not well-known for being the champion that butts for no reason! this is a few of our favourite feedback about our suits from large bottomed ladies, just like you:

Linked here friend will uncover our bottom sizing guide, so friend can easily figure the end what Kitty size you are. If you ever need any personalized sizing or styling help, please email help or DM united state on Instagram!