I’d choose to present you the best render setups I’ve found for producing YouTube 1080p videos making use of Sony Vegas pro 15.

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As of writing, these instructions additionally work in later versions of las vegas Pro.

If you’ve ever wanted to export a video from Sony Vegas however you’re unsure which quality and also format settings to pick, it deserve to be a little an overwhelming unless you know what you’re doing. So please follow closely and lets get started.

Our Selection

First of all, make certain that the video you desire to render has actually been emphasize on the timeline. I’m making use of a colour gradient within a video track.




From below I would adjust the framerate come 60fps. The closest accessible option is 59.940 (Double NTSC) but you have the right to manually form in the number 60.000 as an override.


Next up, make sure that the Full-resolution render high quality is collection to Best. Activity blue need to be collection to Gaussian. Deinterlace an approach should be configured because that Blend Fields and also Resample setting should be on Disable resample.


When you’re happy with the settings, type in a name for your brand-new template and also hit the Save Template button.

Rendering with Our brand-new Settings

Making certain that our video is still highlighted in the timeline. Click File and then Render As.

Now choose Sony AVC/MVC > web 1920x1080-30p. Through that highlighted, click on Customise Template.

When you’re ready, give the rendering design template a meaningful name like YouTube Render 60fps Template. Click the save button then the it s okay button.

Congratulations, must should now be rendering her video.

I hope this overview has been useful. Any kind of questions, be certain to leave a discuss my YouTube video.

Final Notes

Always remember the some quality will be shed when importing the video in come YouTube.

This is because YouTube offers compression come minimise document size for less complicated storage and also delivery end the internet. Simply put, it helps videos come stream smoother end the internet.

Unfortunatelywe have zero regulate over how much compression is used to our videos by YouTube.

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Date Published: Sep 19, 2020
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