Although Samsung is well-known for the once-a-week launch events it conducts, those who love Samsung Smartphone — at least for the business-oriented purposes — would have actually noticed the beginning of Samsung Galaxy note 4! resembling other gadgets in the Galaxy note series, this maker too provides impressive features, donate by an effective hardware like the Quad-Core processor and 3GB RAM. Also, the device comes v a 16 MP rear camera with CMOS Sensor through 4K record capabilities. As soon as accompanied by the 3220 mAh battery, Samsung Galaxy note 4 will indeed be a superb companion for her business-based purposes. Nevertheless, in spite of the stronger develop the machine possesses, you will be interested in having an extra defense for the device, specifically if you room not that cautious when you attend to it! In this post, we have produced a perform of top 10 Galaxy note 4 cases.

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1. Spigen hard Armor instance for Galaxy note 4

Spigen hard Armor case for Galaxy keep in mind 4 is intended to carry out all-round defense for your note 4 through its dual layer protection. Though her Smartphone may seem a bit much more bulky, the level of defense is precious it. Its exterior layer is made utilizing Polycarbonate conversely, the inner layer makes use that TPU. In ~ the very same time, air CUSHION corner an innovation of Spigen challenging Armor situation will do the device resistant in the direction of drops. Also, Spigen has consisted of a kickstand for simple viewing and also required cut-outs so that you won’t have trouble as soon as it comes to the accessory connection. Considering all these, Spigen challenging Armor situation for Galaxy keep in mind 4 is a sense-making choice, the seems.Price: $18.99

2. Verus Galaxy keep in mind 4 Case

Verus Galaxy keep in mind 4 instance is a mix of heavy-duty defense for your Smartphone and a ar to store major cards of her — to a certain extend that you have the right to leave your wallet somewhere. The whole protective instance is duo that poly-carbonate shell on the outer component and TPU in the inside side. Also, Verus Galaxy note 4 case gives 360 degree-level protection, attach by raised edges for display screen protection and also perfect accessibility given to ports and also all provides sense. Altogether, consideration given to the card slots, Verus Galaxy keep in mind 4 instance is a good accessory indeed. And, that is to be listed you’ll uncover this protective case an extremely useful, if you space looking front to have a multi-purpose one.

Price: $21.99

3. Spigen Neo Hybrid note 4 Case

Spigen Neo Hybrid note 4 Case, a product native the Neo Hybrid series of Spigen, is a superb accessory come your keep in mind 4 that you’d love come have. This dual-layer protective case becomes distinctive together it has, regardless of the level that protection, a slim build. Spigen has additionally given prominence to the look at your an equipment has after installation the Spigen Neo Hybrid keep in mind 4 Case, one of the factors why there is metalized buttons and also metallic complete for the frame. When style & looks of machine is your very first priority, you will love to have Spigen Neo Hybrid note 4 Case. Plus, you deserve to be quite confident around quality, together the product is indigenous Spigen.Price: $19.25

4. Verus Galaxy note 4 Wallet Case

Verus Galaxy keep in mind 4 Wallet case is a slim-fit protective situation that have the right to be doubled together a wallet! committed for the keep in mind 4, Verus Wallet situation has perfect cut-outs for connecting accessories and other stuff. The flip-like protective case comes with a magnetic clip that helps you it is in confident around safety of machine when you have actually closed the lid. Talking around the wallet, it has actually three slot for storing money and also your cards. So, when you room in the rush, it’ll not be a trouble if friend forget to take her wallet. Though it is a little bit expensive, Verus Galaxy note 4 Wallet case will it is in a good-to-go accessory for keep in mind 4.Price: $24.99

5. Cruzerlite TPU situation for keep in mind 4


Cruzerlite TPU situation for note 4 is one affordable transaction in the list and it offers your Galaxy note 4 a geeky look! The instance is made making use of TPU, i beg your pardon is tear resistant 보다 rubber and also the transparency level has actually been kept to the best level. Its finest feature, as far as we saw it, is that Cruzerlite TPU instance does not really influence the indigenous look of an equipment though it bring a circuit-based illustration in the ago portion. Yet, the protective instance will ensure that your maker will not be affected by shocks, shatter and also scratches. Well, you have actually the alternative to pick from range of colours.Price: $9.90

6. OtterBox Defender Galaxy note 4 Case

OtterBox Defender Galaxy note 4 case is from OtterBox, a well-known manufacturer once it concerns protective cases for Smartphones. This sturdy-built protective situation can give your Smartphone a rugged look along with the best-level protection. OtterBox Defender Galaxy note 4 situation comes v a built-in screen protector and the outer component of situation is made utilizing high-impact polycarbonate covering whereas the long lasting silicone skin will certainly ensure security of the interior section of her Galaxy keep in mind 4. Regardless of the truth that you have to pay more, OtterBox Defender Galaxy keep in mind 4 case is a superb security accessory.Price: $37.27

7. Samsung Galaxy note 4 protective Case

An main protective accessory indigenous Samsung, Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 4 Protective situation is an affordable solution even when you require state-of-the-art security for your Galaxy note 4. The protective shell is made using polycarbonate, conversely, the rubber edges and corners will ensure 360 degree protection for your Smartphone. Together it is a product that comes from Samsung, you can be confident the it will fit well v your Samsung Galaxy note 4. Talking of the build, the situation is accompanied by the rubber bezel and can safeguard the an equipment screen native scratches once you have actually placed that upside down.

Price: $13.54Where come Buy: Amazon

8. Case-Mate Naked difficult Galaxy keep in mind 4 Case

When you require a dual-layer protective equipment that does not impact slimness of her Galaxy note 4, you will certainly love to have a look on Case-Mate naked Tough, i beg your pardon is intended to offer you magnified protection because that the maker you have. As the surname says, Case-Mate Naked difficult Galaxy keep in mind 4 instance is a transparent systems although that is resistant towards scratches and dust. Also, the metallic finish and also the metalized buttons give a royal look to your keep in mind 4, with accessibility given to compelled ports and connection of various other stuff.Price: $19.10

9. City Armor Gear case for Galaxy keep in mind 4

When girlfriend don’t stroked nerves your device becoming bulky in regards to looks, regardless of the state-of-the-art defense that is accompanied, urban Armor Gear instance for Galaxy keep in mind 4 is a superb safety accessory you can have because that your keep in mind 4, offered the mediocre budget plan at i m sorry the instance is available. The is come be noted that city Armor Gear situation for Galaxy note 4 comes through over-sized buttons and perfect accessibility given to ports and other sections of the machine so the you won’t discover the accessory a distraction, ever. When merged with the display protector and raised edges, it is an awesome deal to steal.Price: $24.99

10. Ballistic hard Jacket Maxx case for Galaxy note 4


Ballistic hard Jacket Maxx situation is yet one more sturdy-looking and also rugged protective instance that you can have for your Samsung Galaxy note 4. The case is a mix of 6-sided drop protection and reinforced ballistic corners; the latter will take treatment of maker screen also if the machine is dropped. In addition, elevated lips that this an equipment make feeling as castle protect maker screen when you have placed that upside down. Altogether, the all-rounder protective situation can protect an equipment from surface ar shocks, scratches, dirt dust etc. It might make your machine seem a bit bulky, by the way.

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Price: $20SEE ALSO: 15 ideal Samsung Galaxy S6 CasesWhich protective instance are you making use of for her Samsung Galaxy note 4? go it execute well once it involves providing one all-round protection? wait for her comments.