Over the years, we’ve watched a ton of good clock apps for Android. Over there are tons of different designs that developers published, and also lots of different features attached come those apps. Having said that, those clocks usually double as an alarm clock, stopwatches, and so lot more. Because that this article, we’ve hand-picked ten clock apps because that Android, some of the finest ones you’ll uncover in the Google pat Store.

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Some the the apps we’ve used over the years are gone in ~ this point, but brand-new ones surfaced to fill in the gap. Several of the apps listed below you may have heard of, however chances space you don’t know the vast majority of them, together they’re not specifically extremely popular. Do keep in mind that the apps detailed below space not laid the end in a details order, or something of the sort. You’ll uncover plenty that information regarding each of this apps, therefore feel complimentary to shot out the ones girlfriend like.

Top 10 best Clock Android Apps 2021

Below is a rapid overview that the height 10 ideal clock Android apps because that 2021, including any download and also in-app purchase costs.

Download CostIn-app expense (per item)
Google Clock
Simple Clock
Sense flip Clock & Weather$3.99-$11.99
Alarm Clock Xtreme$0.99-$4.99
The Clock$0.99-$119.99
Huge Digital Clock$0.99-$5.99
Alarm Clock for heavy Sleepers$2.99-$5.99
Alarm Clock because that Me$2.99
Digital Clock by Panagola
Zen upper and lower reversal Clock$1.99

Top 10 finest Clock Android Apps 2021 Downloads

Below is a little much more information on each app, a suggestion for the type of user the app is best suited to, and also a direct attach for easy downloading.

All download links go to the app’s Google Play save listing. Users are constantly recommended to download apps from Google beat or one authorized app store.

Best Clock Android application For many Users


Google Clock

Price: complimentary to downloadIn-app purchases: NoAndroid version: Varies with device

Google Clock comes directly from Google, and also it come pre-installed ~ above the company’s Pixel phones, and also some various other Android devices. This application is probably the best selection for the vast majority of you, as it covers all the basics you may want, and also then some. On optimal of that, it’s continuous updated straight from Google, and it watch really, yes, really good. The firm is constantly adapting its design to brand-new versions that Android.

The app is really simple to use. Setup up alarms is a breeze, while you can also collection custom ringtones, and so on. This app likewise comes with a stopwatch and also timer, in addition to gift an alarm cock. Considering this is Google’s app, the has extensive Wear OS support. If you require a human being clock for everything reason, that attribute is also accessible here. Every in all, it’s a basic clock application that does whatever you require it come do, and it go a an excellent job at that.

Download Google Clock

Best Google Clock Android application Alternative


Simple Clock

Price: totally free to downloadIn-app purchases: NoAndroid version: 5.0+

Simple Clock is actually a really an excellent alternative to Google Clock. It’s likewise quite a an easy app, and it does resemble Google’s application to one extent. This application combines a dark gray background through orange accents. Do keep in mind that the app does allow for some customization, so friend can change the accents color, for example. This application does not come through ads, i beg your pardon is another benefit. It additionally doesn’t encompass in-app purchases.

You deserve to choose in between 12 and also 24 hour time formats. Girlfriend can also decide whether the mainly will begin from Sunday or Monday. Setting alarms is simply as easy as in the Google Clock app, when the stopwatch and timer are contained in the app. That’s much more or less it. This app is really simple, as its name says, and considering it’s a clock app, that’s a great thing. If you prefer the style of Google Clock, you might like this app as well.

Download straightforward Clock

Best Clock Android application For HTC Fans


Sense upper and lower reversal Clock & Weather

Price: totally free to downloadIn-app purchases: YesAndroid version: 5.0+

HTC was once one the the most respected smartphone manufacturers. In ~ one point, the firm was the world’s third-largest smartphone OEM. A many has readjusted since then, however people still seem to love parts of HTC’s software. If you’re among them, you’ll likely really favor this application. This application delivers the flip clock and weather widget indigenous HTC’s sense UI to her smartphone.

As part of this package, you’ll acquire to choose between three widget sizes. The flip computer animation is included as well, together are different weather symbol skins, and different fonts for the time. Girlfriend can additionally choose how generally do you desire the weather information to update, and access various various other weather-related settings. This widget will also show you a 7-day forecast, if girlfriend want, and also much more.

Download feeling Flip Clock & Weather

Best Clock Android app To Prevent too much Snoozing


Alarm Clock Xtreme

Price: free to downloadIn-app purchases: YesAndroid version: Android 6.0+

If you desire a bit an ext advanced alert clock app the alarm Clock Xtreme is because that you. This application is an excellent if you tend to snooze your alarm clock frequently, together it have the right to prevent that from happening. Girlfriend can set this app so that the alarm slowly increases in volume, to wake up you increase gently. There is likewise an extra huge snooze button that will stop you native tapping ‘dismiss’ by accident.

Now, in bespeak to prevent you from snoozing every the time, this app will do you solve a mathematics problem. The app even allows you to pick a radio station as her alarm ringtone. Both a stopwatch and a timer are had here, if the application even doubles a reminder app. Friend can collection various reminders here, if friend want. Third-party ringtones are also supported, and also so lot more.

Download alert Clock Xtreme

Best Clock Android app For Design


The Clock

Price: complimentary to downloadIn-app purchases: YesAndroid version: 5.0+

The Clock is among the best-designed apps ~ above this list. The delivers a slightly much more colorful style than the rest of the apps, however not by much. It’s still rather minimal in its design approach, i beg your pardon is what civilization seem to prefer. This app also comes through anti-snoozing features, and it does include a timer and also a stopwatch. On optimal of that, both a people clock and also a bedside clock options are available.

Much choose the previous application we talked about, this application can twin as a reminder app. The application even has Spotify integration. You deserve to use Spotify music in stimulate to gain up in the morning, to replace your alarm ringtone, essentially. You deserve to do the same by using online radio, if that’s her preference. Part widgets likewise come as component of the package, and also some theming alternatives are likewise available.

Download The Clock

Best Clock Android app For Bedside alarm Vibes

Huge Digital Clock

Price: totally free to downloadIn-app purchases: YesAndroid version: 4.4+

If you’re searching for a (alarm) clock application that will provide out bedside alarm vibes, this is it. The substantial Digital Clock app is precisely what it states it is. The will present a substantial digital clock on your smartphone’s display. The larger the display, the bigger the clock. It deserve to keep your display on if it’s top top it, when you deserve to customize the way it looks, that course. Various elements of this clock are customizable.

You can readjust the clock font, while the shade is likewise adjustable. If you desire to view the date on there, in addition to the time, that can additionally be arranged. This app can also pull weather information for you, and so on. You deserve to even set this application to close itself when the battery drops come a specific level. The application will likewise prevent burn-ins by pixels. If you have actually a phone v an AMOLED screen that friend don’t use anymore, this app can take benefit of that in a perfect way. It works on LCD display screens as well, yet it’s a better fit for OLEDs.

Download vast Digital Clock

Best Clock Android application For hefty Sleepers


Alarm Clock for heavy Sleepers

Price: totally free to downloadIn-app purchases: YesAndroid version: Varies through device

Are friend a hefty sleeper? Well, if girlfriend are, this is the app for you. This app will essentially require friend to settle a puzzle prior to you have the right to snooze it, i m sorry will force you come wake up to a specific degree. The app is additionally customizable, so friend can readjust things up to suit her needs. Girlfriend can set a one-time alarm, recurring alarms, or countdown alarms for power nap civilization out there.

There space various challenges included right here that will protect against you from oversleeping. Obstacles including mathematics problems, captcha, WiFi, NFC, Barcode, and Light. You’ll should delve right into the app to find an ext about each of them. Yes, the timer and also countdown features are additionally included here. This app does assistance the undertake OS platform, it has complete integration through Wear OS devices, and also it will also track her sleep habits, in a way. There’s much more to find here. Install the app if you’re interested.

Download alert Clock for hefty Sleepers

Best Clock Android app For Nightstand Mode


Alarm Clock because that Me

Price: free to downloadIn-app purchases: YesAndroid version: 6.0+

Alarm Clock for Me is actually a rather popular app, and a well-rated one. That has great nightstand mode, and also it’s a an excellent alarm clock application overall, with fairly a little bit of customizability. You deserve to use your favorite music in order for this alarm to usage it to wake up you up. You deserve to also collection as countless alarms as you want. The app even permits you to collection a means to turn the alarm off. For example, you may want to fix a math problem, just to wake up a bit more once the alarm walk off.

The app can make your phone vibrate, if you can also collection a shaking motion to turn off the alarm. The application can additionally show friend the temperature outside, and also you can choose between vertical and horizontal modes. There room some extr features contained here, install the app and also check out whatever it needs to offer.

Download alert Clock for Me

Best Digital Clock Android App


Digital Clock by Panagola

Price: free to downloadIn-app purchases: NoAndroid version: 4.0+

Digital Clock by Panagola is just one of the finest digital clock apps in the pat Store. This application doesn’t complicate things, and also yet delivers useful features. The app is yes, really tiny, it weighs only 0.1MB, and it’s perfect because that low-storage phones, and also those of girlfriend who prefer minimalistic apps. There room a number of different clock deals with that you can choose from here. This application is supposed to be supplied either in the office, if you’re at the desk, or to it is in at her bedside.

You can set the clock confront brightness in the settings, and set its state during the night. Switching between several time / day formats, colors, and clock encounters is quite simple. This is also an application that can serve perfectly on a call you’re not using anymore. You can essentially produce a really great bedside alarm clock by pairing the two. There are no in-app to buy here, by the way.

Download Digital Clock by Panagola

Best Clock Android app For Simplicity


Zen upper and lower reversal Clock

Price: cost-free to downloadIn-app purchases: YesAndroid version: 5.0+

If you’re searching for a important minimalistic clock that is really basic to use, the Zen flip Clock might be because that you. This application will cover your whole display, and show you just the most essential information. You have the right to choose between AM/PM or 24-hour time formats. Friend can likewise select a weekday as soon as you want your week to start. Tapping top top the seconds label will toggle seconds options, and also the same action will change up the rest of this clock face… well, most of it.

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If friend swipe up, you’ll have the ability to reach the settings. If you swipe left, you’ll move to pomodoro. That is more or less it. As seconds, minutes, and also hours change, the watch will flip the numbers… therefore the name ‘flip clock’. This app is important simple, and also can be a yes, really nice addition to your office, house, or wherever else you arrangement on using it. This is also one that those apps that would fit finest a maker that you don’t use any longer.