So this need to be fun....Lately i"ve been bitten by the DA/SA itch and also am looking at the new Langdon Beretta PX4 Compact. I bring AIWB so hammer is constantly better IMO for me. However i"ve been using and owning glock 19"s for about 8 years and also owned probably 15 of them over that time. Only have one left. LOLI"ve swarm a full dimension PX4 and was exceptionally pleased through accuracy however never before swarm the G19 sized ones. Any experiences initially hand with these?I"ve been contemplating marketing my G19 for among these ($525):


The rotating barrel apparently provides them exceptionally smooth shooters.And freaking impossible to suppush. I"ve been complying with the threads on p-f about them...they"re exceptionally intriguing pistols, I"ll give them that...and Earswarm Langdon is one hell of a Beretta salesguy He made me want to buy one, and I don"t also choose Berettas
Quoted:The rotating barrel supposedly provides them exceptionally smooth shooters.And freaking difficult to suppress. I"ve been following the threads on p-f around them...they"re incredibly intriguing pistols, I"ll provide them that...and Earswarm Langdon is one hell of a Beretta salesman He made me want to buy one, and I do not even favor Berettas
Same. I know they have actually a poor rep. But his write-ups and vids have actually got me reasoning. It"s that or trade my G19 for a Beretta M9 + $100 cash.

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this must be fun...that shelp, lug what you choose and want, i"d store the G19 if it"s your last one and just buy a brand-new carry piece.
I wouldn"t also say PX4s have a bad rep...I"d say they have actually no rep, at all. I don"t also recognize if they take the very same mags as the 92/M9 guns. I"ve heard they"re incredibly smooth shooting guns, but past that it"s a solid "meh" in a sea of me, anyway. There"s nothing unique around it for me.
I lug AIWB. I favor hammer-fired guns tbelow as well. Have you offered any type of thshould a P229 or a P2000? I ask because the dust cover on the PX4c does not look lengthy enough to accommoday an XC1 if you desire a WML.
This really shouldn"t be a "G19 vs." thcheck out. If you want a DA/SA 9mm look at or begin a threview about the finest DA/SA 9mms out tright here. A PX4 most likely will not be among them.
I had the 9mm compact version. Mags were kinda spendy. Slide with rotational barrel was smooth as butter. Cool gun but got rid of it because it was a fat pig. Would never carry one bereason of that.
My wife likes the PX4 compact.Small grip for double column mag.Low recoil.Slide mounted safety adds leverage to rack slide.Being thick is not a hindrance in gun purse.
I hate the 40. I hate it also even more in this pistol. A few guys at work have actually them and also by the absence of gloating I think they regret them slightly. They additionally have some tiny spring that have the right to go airborn on disaasembly of the slide. I perform like the feel of the pistol yet think that its pretty much a loser compared to the 92 
I have a complete dimension in .40 version and really choose it. I feel that the barrel rotation takes the snap out of .40. I do not think the smaller sized version have actually the rotating barrel point, but can be wrong. I would also look at the CZ PCR.
I very own a full dimension PX4 on 9mmRecoil wise it"s around on par through the Glock 17.I"d basically describe my full size as a DA/SA Glock 17.My two gripes are the safety and security lever which they could have designed in a method that wouldn"t damn near hurt though to use if you slingshot the slide, and also the trigger which has a rather hefty release in Single Action. Beretta does make replacement safety levers and also additionally makes a targain hammer and also hammer release for the pistol, so these points can be fixed. I"m presently planning on placing the low profile security levers, slide release, and also target hammer on mine.However via all that being sassist, it"s not a poor pistol at all. Damn if the point ain"t precise and also basic to use.
One thing you might or may not alert is exactly how much much less the slide prints due to the curved rear profile as soon as compared to the squared off Glock slide. It will certainly particularly depend on wright here you bring forward of your hip, just how much of an overhang you have actually (chest or stomach), and how high the holster rides.
I"ve owned both. Glock wins by mile or two. The Beretta is a huge chunk of a gun. Levers and shit hanging off almost everywhere. Plus if you want a rotating barrel design, Grand Power does it WAAAAAY much better and lighter to boot. A lot of nut-huggers started looking right into the PX4 because of Langdon, yet covertly I think he was angling for an endorsement deal, which he obtained. It is not on the level of Glock in any type of means. Mags cost a fortune, sights blow, grip is slick, and so on and so on.
Had both.I"m going to tell you best now; DON"T.The PX4 wasn"t worth it. Nowright here close to as great as my G19.
Between the p-07 and also px4 for me. I do not mind the weight of my m9a1 compact but I would certainly like a da/SA polymer gun to take care of sweat and also salt water better.Let us understand what you think. I"ve heard great things around them
Quoted:I"ve owned both. Glock wins by mile or two. The Beretta is a enormous chunk of a gun. Levers and shit hanging off anywhere. Plus if you want a rotating barrel style, Grand Power does it WAAAAAY better and lighter to boot. A lot of nut-huggers started looking into the PX4 because of Langdon, however secretly I think he was angling for an endorsement deal, which he gained. It is not on the level of Glock in any means. Mags price a fortune, sights blow, grip is slick, etc etc.
I agree via the bolded statements. I have actually no experience through the Grand also Power pistols, but if I wanted a compact DA/SA 9mm hammer fired pistol a CZ RAMI would certainly be at the optimal of my list. Beretta PX4 would certainly be pretty far dvery own my list.
If you desire a G-19 sized DA/SA look at a CZ P-01.It"s a fantastic pistol and also I would certainly suppose mag prices and also aftermarket support to be better, although in all fairness I"ve never before looked at PX-4 equipment. Obviously, the Glock will certainly crush both in terms of cost and also availability of supporting equipment.

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I"ve got one. It is a tiny wide, especially with the de-cockers which stick out each side. However before, it is not nearly as poor as this thread renders it out to be. The activity is SMOOTH, the fit is super tight. The sights are not the greatest well-known to male but they are miles ahead of the crappy plastic glock "U" sights. The actual selling suggest for me is that it shoots pretty damn accurately for a compact pistol. If you choose DA/SA pistols you would certainly most likely prefer this one. That price appears really high though. If I recontact I phelp about $350 for mine, it was not the SS version though.
So you setup on getting rid of a G19 that has extensively accessible parts adaptability of mags and highly reliable and also tested for an unwell-known pistol via tough to discover components and non compatible mags?
I carried a PX4 Compact for awhile. Good gun, smooth/light shooter, however a number of minor points gained to me: Size of safety/slide release levers, slick grips, wasn"t G-style decock-just, rail wasn"t long enough to accept std-size WML"s.Good news is I just got an email from Beretta about their brand-new PX4 Storm Compact Carry which fixes all my minor complaints above (other than rail length) plus adds factory night sights.If this had been accessible when I first investigated the PX4, I could still be delivering one...Tomac