We"re back with our threepeat guest Ken Novotny on Below Deck Mediterranean, I"m worried coz that looks choose Chief Stewardess Hannah Ferrier is in truuuubbbble. Roll S3:E10 after the break!

First we"re ago with the Novotnys and guest Desmond Mason questioning for one impromptu coast picnic instead of your planned lunch and also hold up.

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We saw third Stewardess Kasey Kohen setting the table together they questioned the picnic, yet she was setting the wee table, no the large sucker the everyone actually eats at outside. I contact shenanigans!

Second Stewardess Brooke Laughton tells us it bring away 2 or 3 hours to set up a beach picnic however chef Adam Glick is READY. "Highway to the Dangerzone" plays together he start reworking his onion-free platters. (jk)

Hannah"s remained in her bunk all afternoon handling a scare attack, which are no joke. She"s beginning to think there is an ext to the than just that she"s fall in love v Bosun Conrad Empson: she"s emotion the warmth from the remainder of the crew too. Captain Sandy Yawn has actually been almost everywhere her (Hannah"s work-related ethic has been a small Hannah-ish) and also her roommate is date someone she hates.



You think her anxiety comes from your roommate date someone she never ever brings ago to she cabin, unlike girlfriend who has someone barging in and also sleeping dual every night? Or is it the Brooke makes up her own mind around who she likes and also does a an excellent job so you can"t fault her for that? i m sorry one?

Anxiety is no joke. I can"t number Hannah out and also just realised that ns don"t care. Cheers!

Everyone else gets the picnic ready, Conrad working hard.


The guests room pretty chill, they seem to know the beach party is a big ask and also are to chat themselves through bevvies and also dreams that topless bartenders. ~ the first charter i am supervisor surprised to say: ns bet this gang would be fun to party with.

Kasey take away a shot in ~ Hannah: is she hungover or does she have actually bronchitis like deckhand Jamie Jason who is likewise out? Kasey is loving working difficult with Brooke, who pulled off the fastest beach picnic in history.

It did overcome my mind to wonder if Hannah was hungover after she almost-birthday-party, the overemotional solution to everything and also puking.

You recognize why Brooke is faster? She just does what the client asks for. She doesn"t obtain emotional around it, she doesn"t think around how it inconveniences her, she"s top top charter and she"s being paid to perform a job so she does it. Fin

I was AWESOME at customer company jobs.

Captain Sandy certain noticed how good Conrad is doing, whatever could be different?

See? this guests look at FUN!


They head ago to the yacht to usage the slide, that looks choose a blast. Conrad mister in to check out Hannah, who"s also been tended to by Adam, he doesn"t want her to feeling abandoned.

See. Let me try to explain. In my critical recap BDM S3:E09 panic at the Deck-O, Hannah was in the middle of a shittalking marathon rant around lead deckhand João Franco for this reason Conrad dubbed a T. Hannah didn"t favor that, suggesting Conrad wasn"t being supportive and somehow linked this being comparable to every one of her male duty models abandoning her once she was really young.

Abandonment worries would be precisely something Conrad would care about, he was left as a boy by his bio-dad (SOMETIMES PARENTS room PEOPLE and also HAVE to MAKE tough CHOICES. And sometimes just arseholes) and he doesn"t want to make Hannah feel together though he"s not there because that her.

It would certainly all make sense if she to be pounding vodka in the scenes we couldn"t view her silently stewing in the corner.

Back in the present, Conrad is reassuring Hannah that he"ll be earlier to view her once he it s okay a rest in two hours, she goes earlier to sleep when Captain Sandy yawning washes dishes in the galley.

I"m a large fan that Captain Sandy"s hands-on approach, she"s a great mentor and also willing to key in as soon as needed. HOWEVER. The truth is: they"re behind due to the fact that they have actually two crew members down, they both better be sick, knowwhatimsaying?

The guests hop in the hot bath tub to try different wines if Conrad and also João get into yet one more fight over the damn slide. Conrad doesn"t have any experience with the slide, so as soon as Captain Sandy speak him she"s relocating the boat to roughly the corner, he figures he"ll tow it v the tender while totally inflated. João has more experience through slides, for this reason he closely offers a tip of leaving that in place, however deflating and pulling it up onto the deck, maybe so that doesn"t gain stuck top top anything.

This blows right into a huge argument, many chest thumping native Conrad and also that"s exactly how you can tell he"s an inexperienced manager. An skilled manager takes and also uses expertise from the crew, secure the she is the leader. A more inexperienced leader bring away all suggestions as attacks on his knowledge and violently defends one uninformed position. Like Conrad.

João can have stood under at any type of time, though, correctly you provided your opinion and also your boss didn"t agree, dunzo. He"s the boss. Yet telling her underling come "shut your mouth" is never great management.

Conrad tows the fully inflated slide with the tender, Captain Sandy is impressed but I think that"s due to the fact that he"s act something other than gift manipulated by Hannah. I"m through João, his arrangement seemed to make much much more sense. It gets dark, there"s Conrad the end on the water towing the slide.

Kasey and also Brooke space doing yes, really well, they"re both professional and also hardworking which only seems strange because we"re comparing it to everyone else.

The guests are still enjoy it themselves!

Adam is figured out to redeem self after the critical charter with the Novotnys, currently that he"s no "distracted." See, even a year later, he"s still blaming his absence of professionalism and focus top top Malia White.

Conrad and deckhand Colin Macy-O"Toole re-attach the slide they"ve been the end on the water v this whole time, Captain Sandy is impressed! over there are plenty of ways to settle a problem, it seems one of them involves sitting in a dinghy for hrs in the dark.

The guest asked for supper in ~ 9:30, for this reason of food we"re waiting for lock to show up after ~ 10:00 pm. Adam"s just chilling, whatever has been prepped come the point just before completion since he knows how it go asea with Richie Riches.

Desmond Mason mirrors up in the salon, he"s hungry. The gummi bears are at risk, therefore Brooke heads down to the understand bedroom to wake up Kenny and also Amber.

Wouldn"t their FRIENDS do that?? Why would the stewardess wake up up guests? Shenanigans!

Brooke doesn"t get any kind of answer indigenous the guest so she starts calling them on the phone if Desmond contemplates eating the table. He"s HONGRAY. He"s not getting any type of bread or crackers due to the fact that Kasey is doing turndown service and Brooke is do espressos because that Kenny and Amber, the last of which has actually a bad belly.

Kenny strolls in at 11:01 pm, only 91 minutes after the supper time castle requested! That"s okay, this guests are fun.

Captain Sandy bring away matters into her very own hands, literally, help to serve supper come the guests who think she"s probably coming to eat through them. She wakes increase Colin too, he looks great in his serving uniform, don"t he? Hm

Dinner service goes an extremely well without Hannah, it"s lot smoother without her and you never ever want world to realise that about you.

Colin sings display tunes while help to clean up, ns was therefore wrong around him.

Adam come up because that kudos because that his meal, the guests love it! even Amber"s belly got far better and she was able to come say hi.

We"re top top our second day the charter, woooo and also it starts with Adam getting an onion delivery and also Hannah stumbling the end of she bunk. The an initial thing we check out her perform with an additional person is stir up shite: asking Kasey if whatever is "okay with João." You recognize why nobody had actually a negative day yesterday when they to be understaffed and overworked? they didn"t have some yahoo stirring up poor feelings all day and creating camps of us vs. Them.

Kasey takes the bait and chitchats about Brooke, but she"s not as dumb as world think she is. She"s fully aware the Hannah is only going mean cheerleader v her due to the fact that she"s trying to get much more numbers on she side. It"s just ludicrous because Hannah to be doing whatever she might to have actually Kasey fired 2 charters ago. Also if Hannah doesn"t psychic that, KASEY does.

Adam"s come up with a video game idea for the Novotnys, a scavenger hunt in search of onions anywhere the boat.

1) onions room messy, Adam, onion skin everywhere

2) to be this stupid #noonions three-part saga planned native the beginning?

Hannah makes it plank to aid the hungover guests, she wishes they weren"t too difficult on "her girls." She and Brooke chat a little in the galley that"s suddenly tense, walk she think she and also Brooke space different?

Nawr, she thinks everything will be fine ~ João f*cks Brooke over and she come running back to Hannah.

In situation you were wondering what a Shit girlfriend looks like, everyone: exhibition A.

Because when João may undoubtedly mess Brooke about, it"s pretty clear Hannah is just Brooke"s friend as soon as she does points that Hannah agrees with. Prefer a 12 year old.

Primary Kenny bring away Hannah aside to offer praise come the two great helpers yesterday, castle were yes, really impressed with Brooke and also João, who they contact Ice, together in IceMan from optimal Gun.


Hannah is ecstatic come hear confident feedback on the male she hates, murmuring that she hasn"t seen peak Gun. I simply spent an enjoyable 10 minutes looking in ~ Val Kilmer gifs indigenous the 80s, so many thanks Kenny!

Kenny speak her around trying to move Brooke and also Ice closer together, did they execute that through Kasey? No, and also not Hannah either, she appears too old because that everyone.


Adam offer breakfast, he"s happy v his performance!

Jamie"s tho coughing yet she"s increase on deck working, she doesn"t want to miss the totality charter resting in she bunk. Captain Sandy is skeptical but as she says: these civilization are *technically* adults.

Hannah has an idea for the guests, a floating bar lock can check out from. Major Kenny thinks that sounds fun, can Brooke and also Ice take it them?


It"s prefer Hannah can"t believe that hard work and also a great attitude have the right to pay off!

Conrad is trying to collection everything up because that Hannah"s idea, however Captain Sandy asked the to set up a bunch of various other things, therefore he"s running. Captain Sandy stop him for a tough chat: what the feck does the think he"s doing? he tries very carefully to keep Hannah"s name the end of it but Captain Sandy has actually noticed the difference and brings she up.

However shit Conrad walk his job once Hannah about is not Hannah"s fault, he demands to straighten his own work-related out, nobody of this is Hannah"s fault. Yes, she"s questioning for stuff, however it"s ~ above the radio so everyone have the right to hear, she"s not slipping that kites via a biggieslow.

On the other hand, Conrad flat out lies when he says he hasn"t also talked one word to Hannah, everyone has radios, dude.

The guests get ready to go drunk-tendering, Hannah stops by the leg for permission. An initial she lies and also says the guests space "insisting" she goes (they asked for Brooke and also Ice, let"s roll tape!) and also then swears she will just be having a Coke and also it won"t take it hours.

I"m so glad I created that down!

Instead of Brooke and Ice, major Kenny gained Hannah and Conrad, who set them up on chairs through drinks climate bail come sit separately and talk around their feelings. Two hrs later, the guests wanna go for a drive on the water and finishing off the bevvies while everyone on ship works.

Captain Sandy starts trying to find Hannah roughly 6:30, finding out at 7:30 (3.5 hours after lock left the ship) that nobody is back from the excursion yet, including Hannah and Conrad. Well. It"s not favor Hannah could leave the guests and come ago alone, Captain, what would you have her do?

Maybe permit Brooke and Ice have gone instead, favor the guests want in the very first place? That?

Captain Sandy is furious, Hannah was under the entirety day before and also Brooke had to work 21 hours in a heat to cover and is still working while Hannah tells Conrad to move the tender a little so they deserve to all see the sunset. Captain Sandy call Conrad and also tries come breathe.

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Brooke and João watch Captain Sandy pace the bridge and also shout around how much she desires to "fire Hannah"s ass", better them than us, lock decide. True story. João offers Brooke a tiny hand squeeze and heads back to work, girlfriend know, due to the fact that he"s on shift. *writing down for Conrad*

Hannah is alarmed, obviously, for this reason comes right to view Captain Sandy as quickly as castle get back on ship. Captain Sandy is not all set to speak come Hannah, she"s too angry for this reason Hannah will need to wait in she bunk. Hannah doesn"t understand and also tries to argue her case, but Captain Sandy knows herself: not currently or she"ll just fire Hannah ~ above the spot. And also we"re out.

Well. That was an emotionally fee episode, i think that must have actually been a communication error in between Captain Sandy and also Hannah. The Captain thought Hannah to be going to have one Coke at the bar then head earlier to work, not expertise that Hannah had arranged for a booze cruise all afternoon. I mean, the guests had actually a good time and also Hannah to be doing her job yet Captain Sandy doesn"t also know that Hannah stole that expedition which ns think is the actual problem. Brooke and also João were stuck top top the watercraft like an adorable Cinderella and also Cinderfella, working hard while Hannah take it the basic shift. That"s kinda what bosses do...Until next time!