Can you think Bella Thorne has been in the spotlight since the at an early stage 2000s? After acquiring her begin in Hollywood at just 5 years old, the Florida native has gone ~ above to build quite a career for herself.

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However, cultivation up in former of the camera walk come with a certain set of challenges. Over the years, Bella has faced a the majority of plastic surgical treatment rumors, including speculation that she obtained a boob job and also nose job. Come date, the previous Disney Channel star has actually never debated going under the knife.

That said, Bella has always been open about her battles with body image. “This was taken in ~ the end of 2016? 2017? 2018 was around getting my health and wellness back. This is what i look like as soon as I’m stressed. When I’m emphasize it’s hard for me to job-related up an appetite,” the Midnight Sun actress captioned numerous bikini picture of herself via Instagram in January 2019.

“I’m all about being yourself, loving her body, yada yada, but these photos make me not love anything about it. Looking ago on these times and what this biz and also movies and life have the right to do come you and also everything along with that. However you know, ns look in ~ this picture and I’m additionally proud,” Bella continued.


“I’m so f–king proud due to the fact that this year I gained all mine weight ago and more!!!! and also I feeling good, however I do feel choose I have to get ago in the gym so I can be healthy in general. Eating the best things (double quarter pounders no included) so my body has actually the power it requirements to keep relocating forward,” she concluded.

Moreover, Bella is completely against photo retouching. “I’m no F–KING PERFECT. I’m A person BEING and IM REAL,” she captioned a 2017 newspaper cover of it s her after questioning the publication not to Photoshop the image. Later, in 2018, she referred to as out A-listers who usage apps choose FaceTune.

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“It’s so upsetting when you take a picture of yourself and also then you try and think that every single means that you might be better,” Bella said during an interview v Barstool’s “Chicks in the Office” podcast. “That’s a really, really depressing mindset.”

Bella has also talked a lot about her acne journey, and also the intense treatments she’s gone through to clear she skin. “My skin has actually been a lengthy time in the works,” the “SFB” singer explained during a June 2019 YouTube segment v Vogue.

“I don’t even know how many years I’ve had cystic acne, but it began off together dermatitis, and also then i tried everything you deserve to think of,” Bella recalled. “Tearing off parts of your face, favor burning that off, the vampire facials, the microneedling, the lasers — every laser you have the right to name, I’ve excellent it. And literally nothing functioned — not one thing.”

Scroll v the gallery below to view photos the Bella Thorne’s total transformation. 



Nowadays, Bella is known for constantly switching up she hair color. However, as soon as she began off in Hollywood, she was strawberry blonde.