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a video game by Eidos Studios Hungary
Platforms: XBox 360, pc
User Rating: 7.8/10 - 8 votes
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Due to The arcade nature the its combat and presentation, Battlestations: Pacific screams "average!" at you indigenous the off. If it"s tempting come dismiss it together a bland arcade fly-fly bang-bang game, this would certainly be doing that a good disservice. The falls in between that certain stool and also the one significant "Incomprehensible computer simulation". So, while it does appeal come adrenaline whores, it additionally has a transaction of depth come it that will surprise many.

Set in the Pacific theatre of civilization War II, the video game is naught if not ambitious. It permits you to manage planes, boats, short-mounted artillery and flak cannons and submarines.You can dive straight into the activity yourself, dive-bombing dreadnoughts and also carriers, or take a step ago and issue commands either in-cockpit or making use of a reasonably clumsy tactical map. Through over 100 air, sea and undersea systems to unlock there"s plenty because that the obsessive to aim for.

The meat of the offline game is in the two campaigns, one featuring the usual us post-Midway missions, and the other allowing you to fight because that the Japanese forces, maybe screaming "For the Emperor!" and also "You build bridge now!" at the top of her lungs.

Each campaign is collection up through a specifically rousing (and long) cinematic, prior to you head right into each mission, which can involve battle the united state troops in ~ Pearl Harbour or eliminating tide of Japanese Zeroes as they strike your bombers.

However, possibly the most intriguing thing about the video game is the an excellent potential the multiplayer has. Eidos Hungary have listed numerous various modes that cover all the product within the game, consisting of Island Capture, Domination and Escort. Every one of this sounds like an excellent fun, yet the arcade nature that many facets of the gameplay, and the really fact that there are so plenty of different facets come it all, makes the whole slightly less than the sum of that is parts. While each individual facet is fun, there"s almost too much to take into consideration at any one time, specifically on the Island capture multiplayer mode.

Naval Confusion

Controlling the battleships is perhaps the weakest of every these modes, v not enough feedback comes from your broadsides to recognize whether you"ve done any damage or not. This is in reality a problem in other areas too, wherein there"s so much going top top it have the right to be challenging to accurately determine what you space doing, in to compare to her squad mates. Over there were even a pair of occasions wherein my swine allies stole my kills, which just isn"t cricket, lads!

There"s also the issue of in-game help being slightly confusing and badly presented. I don"t know if it is just me, but I uncover it vital nowadays (due to a new-found laziness) because that a relatively complex game to have a spoken tutorial or help section. While Battlestations does have ample help prompts (some that can be intrusively annoying, in fact) and training videos, they don"t aid the info stick fine enough. Trial and also error seems to it is in the best means to progress.

Not every Fixed

This leads me top top one last major point: when this is definitely better than the original game Battlestations: Midway it has actually some of the same problems plaguing it.

As stated above, an apparent easy-to-use console interface segues into "what the...?" manage schemes, not assisted by the negative tutorial elements. Thankfully, ships have the right to now it is in repaired during battle, therefore that"s one old difficulty that has been fixed. This sequel"s architecture seems to it is in a mix - some poor things remain, if others have been scrubbed away.

Still, because that those looking for a flying game (primarily) that"s just about fun, but that also has much more depth than, say, H.A.W.X., Battlestations: Pacific is a kind bet. If it might have part problems, there"s many of interesting facets to acquire stuck into, and, if the multiplayer have the right to take turn off (no pun intended) Eidos might be onto a winner, despite one that can be an ext likely to success on the dreaded consoles. It has actually nice fluffy clouds too.

World at War

Battlestations: Pacific"s cutscenes do a large impression

One thing we were struck by throughout our time on Battlestations: Pacific to be the epic nature the the cutscenes, not just in terms of their content, but likewise because they were long. No Metal equipment Solid 4 long, yet still, for an arcade-style battle game, reasonably lengthy.

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What they succeed in doing is stirring her loins for the hit ahead, filling the display with images of dogfighting planes, exploding battleships, herded POW"s and, finally, a fluttering flag.Similar clips intersperse the campaign missions, however aren"t almost everywhere near together long. You"ll probably finish up skipping these, together they aren"t as good.