The list of what the December spot is bringing to Battlefield 1 is rather a list.

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The second large patch because that Battlefield 1 has been rolling out this particular day on all platforms. Lot like the November patch, this one is not quick on new features, fixes, balance changes, and also everything in between.

The job of course added a complimentary map, Giant"s Shadow. Pre-order customers and also Premium members have the right to play it beginning today, whereas anyone else deserve to join ~ above December 20. External of the new map, the patch included the lengthy awaited Spectator Mode, finish with the ability to join servers as a spectator.

A brand-new custom video game mode referred to as Standard worry Rifles has additionally been added, because of go live later today.

As for the changes, they"re quite massive, but we"ll walk over few of the headline changes below. First, soldier movement has actually been improved, and you"ll now have the ability to sprint the end of crouch and also prone. Soldier controls have to feel more responsive now, according to DICE.

Aim help is one more mechanic that"s watched some tweaks. Aim help will now only kick in if the player is proactively giving aim input. This prevents instances where your crosshairs would track a target you were strafing around. If friend want, you can now tweak separation, personal, instance aim details such together the dead zone.

The update has introduced a resolve for an concern that would occasionally spawn you together a Tanker, Pilot, or mounties without the proper vehicle. This should likewise prevent spawning into vehicles with incorrect kits.

As because that tanks themselves, it was previously feasible to shoot over missions your tank turret can"t go over through going right into third-person view, otherwise understand as "head-glitching". This has actually now been fixed, and both viewpoints should now report the very same angle.

The Landship tank has actually seen a significant buff in the update. That now has actually the same wellness as the heavy Tank, and also you"ll be able to spawn on teammates in the Landship the same method you can with a heavy Tank.

Detailed vehicle changes:

TankGewehr currently does increased damage, from 120-150 come 160-180. Readjust is ~ above both the Landship and Tank Hunter. Damage versus planes is basically unchangedLandship mortars have had their range increased slightlyThe Mortar sample of the Landship now has 5 seats, including two added side LMG seat to the packageThe Squad assistance Pattern the the Landship now attributes a former firing 20mm cannon like the irradiate Tank Flanker Pattern, rather of one LMGThe Landship now takes the same damage as the hefty TankDecreased amount of health revitalized by emergency repairs on the heavy Tank indigenous 30% to 20%Increased the amount of health restored by track repairs top top the Landship from 15% to 20%Decreased lot of health revitalized by emergency repairs on the Landship from 30% come 25%Decreased damage of situation shells versus planes by 50%Reduced stationary AA variety from 400 m to 334 mFixed inconsistent damages of airplane rockets against other planesReduced airplane rocket impact damage native 120 to 100Increased aircraft rocket initial speed and reduced time to liveReduced Ranken Dart damage versus planesMade bombers take 20% much more damage native bulletsIncreased Dogfighter and also Trench Fighter MG damages by 4% and also slowed under the overheatIncreased Bomber Killer MG damages by 3%Decreased Airship Killer MG damages by 18%Decrease airplane tail gunner damage by 23% (far) come 42% (close) and sped up damage drop-off slightlyReduced watercraft torpedo range to roughly 400 m, matching the behemoth AA range

As for weapon balance, shotguns have seen a basic nerf, despite some have actually been buffed. The biggest change affects the model 10-A Hunter and Factory, M97 Trench, and also the Sawed turn off Shotgun, reducing their maximum range. The M97 currently shoots one extra pellet nevertheless of variant. Effective range of the Backbored variants have been improved.

The accuracy that the 12g Automatic has actually been raised as well. This also comes through a tweak to the shotgun crosshairs to make landing shots much more consistent. Because that LMGs, DICE tweaked the quantity of inaccuracy you acquire when firing an aimed LMG to avoid variants through optics from having a disadvantage uneven a bipod to be used. Now, the 2nd shot has the very same accuracy for all variants of any kind of one LMG.

As because that Bayonets, you"ll now have the ability to initiate a bayonet fee while reloading or once out the ammo.

Detailed weapon changes:

Reduced reload time because that the Lewis MG indigenous 3 to 2.85 s and 4.5 to 4.2 s for fast and also slow reload to far better match the animationsSlowed down Lewis MG overheat from 35 come 50 bulletsIncreased Madsen MG fast reload indigenous 2.45 to 2.65 s to better match the animationsReduced tactical quick time because that the BAR native 2.9 to 2.8 s to much better match the animationsIncreased MG15 reload time native 4.3 to 4.45 s to far better match the animationsCorrected one error wherein LMGs and also rifles zoomed in too quick when offered with steel sights and 2.00x magnificationIncreased the throw velocity of the irradiate AT Grenade to the exact same value as provided by the Frag GrenadeImproved accuracy and recoil the M1903 ExperimentalMade revolvers and the Howdah Pistol recover faster from dispersionFlares no longer collection the player top top fire automatically after firing castle while spring downReduced the damage of mortar shells as soon as hitting an item immediately ~ firingFixed Martini-Henry dealing as well much damages to most body parts. The is now influenced by a 0.9 multiplier come the lower torso and upper arms and also a 0.75 multiplier come the legs and forearms, choose the other rifles v sweet-spot mechanicsMartini-Henry now resupplies 5 bullets at a timeReduced No.3 revolver reload time from 2.666 s come 2.3 sIncreased No.3 price of fire indigenous 150 rpm to 164 rpmReduced Repetierpistole M1912 aimed stationary dispersion native 0.4 to 0.3Reduced Repetierpistole M1912 horizontal recoil from 0.8 come 0.5Increased Hellriegel very first shot recoil multiplier from 1.8 to 2.0Increased Hellriegel horizontal recoil native 0.76 to 0.8Reduced MP18 an initial shot recoil multiplier from 2.1 come 1.8Improved shotgun crosshair size and scalingSawed-Off shotgun now resupplies 4 rounds at a timeReduced 12g automatic dispersion boost per shot native 0.3 come 0.15Fix because that dispersion of model 10-A Hunter decreasing also quicklyFix for dispersion of version 10-A factory decreasing as well slowlyMoved up damage drop-off native M97 Trench total Hunter, model 10-A Factory and also Hunter by 1Reduced 12g Automatic post reload delay from 0.5 to 0.3Improved i know good fire of M1903 ExperimentalChanged SMGs and LMGs to use damages curvesHuot, Lewis, M1909 and BAR minimum damages increased indigenous 21 come 23LMG damages drop-off wake up at aside from that distancesReduced result of suppression top top LMG upright recoilChanged LMG basic ADS dispersion increase per shot native -0.12 come -0.085 so they room slightly an ext accurate top top the first shotsReduced Lewis horizontal recoil indigenous 0.36 to 0.34Reduced Huot horizontal recoil indigenous 0.32 come 0.16Reduced M1909 horizontal recoil from 0.3 to 0.24Changed article reload delays top top Gewehr 98 native 0.4 come 0.8 to far better match animationsChanged article reload delays ~ above SMLE native 0.8 come 0.6333 to better match animationsChanged post reload delays ~ above M1903 native 0.8 to 0.7 to far better match animations

The revive Syringe is an additional gadget that received some tweaks in the patch. There"s currently a short cooldown in between uses, despite that deserve to be negate if near an ammo crate. This should prevent "revive trains" yet will have actually no effect on single soldier revives, according to DICE.

In other gadget changes, the ammo and medical crates need to now be less complicated to deploy. Their effectiveness has additionally been increased. Mortars are currently slightly an ext accurate when placed, and similarly during continual fire. The damages output is the same, however.

If you"ve observed teammates destroy your tripwires thinking they belong to the enemy, you"ll it is in happy to recognize that the explosive icons should currently reflect the team that placed them.

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Hardcore mode was additionally the receiver of plenty of changes. The big map is currently available, but it"ll not present the place of objectives, players, etc. Similarly, you"ll now have the ability to see how many grenades you have actually left, yet not how many bullets left in the magazine. You"ll now also be gaining confirmations as soon as killing teammates.

Bullet damages in Hardcore has lessened from 200 percent to 125 percent. This need to prevent bolt activity rifles for having actually one-hit kill potential at all ranges.

Stability and also performance

Fixed an problem that led to a hang as soon as pressing J/K/L ~ above console keyboardAdded a new Framerate Limiter option that boundaries the best framerate the game will run at to a certain amount. Limiting her framerate come a lower number can assist improve performance if you room experiencing high CPU usageCPU optimization to enhance high framerate procedure on high end video clip cards where there is no VRAM pressureFixed an concern where the video game would periodically crash once loading levelsFixed an concern where the video game would occasionally crash once dying in a vehicleFixed a server crash related to pilgrimage wiresFixed an worry where outdated video game clients can still connect to EA servers there is no receiving one errorPC: required v-sync to on during loading movie on computer to prevent display tearing and stuttersPC: solved some problems that can lead come GPU cave on DX11PC: resolved ghosting issuesPC: Borderless full screen now functions as intendedPC: solved an issue with full screen causing various other windows to it is in resized and/or moved aroundXbox One: resolved a rarely VOIP related crashConsole: Tweaked dynamic resolution min cap scaling to improve GPU power over loss of resolution


Monte Grappa, Suez, Ballroom Blitz & Argonne forest - do tweaks to certain areas that the map where attackers had actually a very an overwhelming time capturing certain sectorsFixed an problem where players could get team kills when killing an adversary who has joined ~ above a girlfriend in your teamNetcode renovations to use pose transforms faster. Before it to be only applied when standing and going from was standing to crouch. Currently it is applied for every pose transitions and while walking together wellWrecked Airship components left behind through a destroyed airship must no much longer occasionally kill soldiersFixed rubber banding issues and also non-smooth activity of plane in MPSlightly readjusted the matchmaking ruleset because that Operations to minimize the possibility of start an procedure that is around to endRe-worked just how the behemoth start the map in Operations game mode. The Behemoth will certainly no longer show up if a team is in a far-reaching lead. This affects both attackers and also defenders in OperationsDefenders will no longer gain a behemoth ~ above a brand-new level if attackers are on your last battalionReduced attacker behemoths to protect against them from getting one on each retry on second and third mapsIncreased score difference between teams essential for behemoth come appearFixed camera jitter during deploy transition to airborne vehiclesBinoculars in solitary Player are currently working if click-to-zoom option is selected. In multiplayer if click-to-zoom is selected, the zoom clicks space not lost anymore if happening throughout weapon move or reload transitionsAdded kick of player if spawning with limited weapons come prevent consumption of weapons not allowed in custom GamesSplit the click/hold-to-zoom weapon option right into separate ones because that vehicles and also soldiersFixed an issue where the player was not being awarded score for catching a conquest suggest after exiting and also reentering the capture areaReduced mortar dispersion increase per shot indigenous 3 to 2.75Prevented the possibility to generate with the wrong course when switching class at the moment of deployFixed an issue where grenades didn"t rotate correctly or at all when thrown indigenous the playerFixed an issue with camera transitions when dyingFixed an issue with steed twitching indigenous explosivesFixed an concern where make the efforts to place a limpet fee on a door brought about a crooked, floating fee insteadFixed an concern where susceptible aiming constraints were not properly applied after respawnFixed an problem where football player sometimes became invisible once exiting details vehiclesFixed an worry where soldiers would get stuck on top of vehiclesFixed an problem where captured flags can be extended by shooting them with shell projectilesFixed 3p stuttering that Behemoth as soon as viewed from the groundFixed an worry with the placed collision top top the tunnel ceiling top top Monte GrappaFixed an worry where the rifle on mounties would appear with the sabre animationFixed an worry where ruining turrets top top behemoths through explosives would sometimes disable the dorn turretsFixed an issue which caused component destruction top top airships come not occupational as intendedFixed an worry where upstream Classes in vehicles or stationary turrets took the exact same amount of damage as common soldiersFor players using the click-to-zoom option, sprint is currently properly interrupted on zoom and re-engaged top top un-zoomFortress turret wrecks now stay forever, or till a new turret respawns to prevent concerns with vehicle and also soldier collisionMinor adjustments come Ballroom Blitz battlement gate damages behaviorDestruction tuning to prevent floating lampsAdjusted Sinai desert rock bridge debris damage and health because that consistencyFixed object on Ballroom Blitz that improperly led to collision damage to tanksFixed strange looking enter computer animation on QF1 AA Stationary WeaponAdded more spawn variations come the C flag in occupation on Empire"s EdgeSoldiers have the right to no longer get in the tower ~ above Ballroom Blitz after ~ it has actually been destroyedGrenade throws will certainly no longer be canceled by pushing Zoom when holding the grenade button. Rather they deserve to be canceled through ReloadFixed flare projectiles penetrating aircraftFlare projectile currently breaks glassSoldiers can no much longer switch come rifle grenades when they space out the ammo. The C96 Carbine now instantly switches to second when the end of ammoFixed the beam reticle for the Cei-Rigotti reflecting the cross reticle insteadCorrected occlusion and collision problems on Ballroom BlitzResized the Ring Reticle for enhanced shooting experienceThe mortar can no much longer be deployed top top bushesFixed an problem where sometimes matchmaking from reference did not display the loading screenFixed an problem where players would sometimes be taken to an earlier check suggest when rebooting the console while playing the campaign


Improved as whole UI performance and stabilityFixed an problem of Medics not seeing 3D revive/minimap death icons that team mates who died behind them until they look in ~ the bodyHardcore now shows team death in the score logMade it simpler to report offensive emblems by including reporting functionality in the EoR scoreboardImproved latency in end of Round once scrolling through the scoreboardFixed an problem where auto crosshairs would certainly disappear in Hardcore when using the Armored Train or DreadnaughtGadgets now take priority if pushing dpad up and also dpad left or appropriate at the same timeFixed an issue with the operation Outcome screen that caused it to display the dorn information about the an outcome of the OperationCrosshair visibility can now be adjusted in the gameplay optionsFixed an make use of where a player might steal squad Leader status from an energetic squad leaderFixed an concern with the number of service stars constantly showing as zero in the customize screena gas mask in stationary weapons and also other automobile seats where it was formerly hardcodedFixed an concern where customization submenus would immediately close while selecting equipmentFixed an concern with the current soldier not displaying in the squad display screen in Team DeathmatchSquads v players in a party currently stay unlocked if over there are only two players in the partyPrevent squads having too many players when running map rotations through mixed game modesJoystick now works without setup the controller layout to CustomFixed an problem causing delays in video game chatFixed an worry where hints would get stuck top top the screenSkins unlocked from Battlepacks now properly show they are for all patterns of a particular weaponFixed an worry where trusted mortars would sometimes appear as deploy pointsPlayer have the right to now choose squad generate points v the dpadFixed an worry where a technology hang was led to by authorized an Operation"s session while in progressive installationFixed an issue where no error messages were presented when agree a Multiplayer invite during progressive installation if playingSingleplayer.Fixed an problem where involvement a multiplayer video game invite brought about a black backgroundFixed an problem where no queue information was listed after agree an invite come a complete server, while on an additional server v the option menu openFixed an worry where the ring bonus score bar in EoR an individual tab to be counting up and then disappearingFixed an concern where spamming the choices button in EoR bring about a technological hang in the following roundFixed an problem with model 10-A Slug the was tracked as pho kills in the EOR screenFixed an problem where the EoR countdown stopped when quickly navigating v tabsFixed an concern where a tech-hang was led to after choosing the shovel and also bayonet in Weapons and also gadgetsPC: included server details in the "..." menuPC: pressing "ESC" when in customize currently properly bring away you earlier to the deploy screenPC: Exposed Gas Mask vital bind in auto section. This permits you to rebind the button to put onPS4: addressed an worry where User developed Media limited users to be able to view server names developed by other usersXbox One: fixed an concern where the LB/RB buttons had no usability in the news menu


Fixed so the master and music volume fades nicely to the saved settings when starting the gameFixed an worry with in-world sound heard briefly when going right into the Deploy display