With numerous custom designs, the fits her style. With our unique bath tub over tub installation in as little as one day, that fits your schedule. With high quality that’s guarantee for life, that fits your high standards. It just Fits.

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812D0486-46AD-4335-A093-108F525EC467Created v sketchtool.One job Installation

End the day v a far better bathroom 보다 the one you woke up with. In as little as 24 hours, we'll download a new bathtub or shower liner because that a watch you'll love. Your dream toilet is closer than you think.

812D0486-46AD-4335-A093-108F525EC467Created through sketchtool.No Demolition, No Mess

We believe in structure up, no tearing down. Our sleek acrylic baths are custom made come fit ideal over her existing tub, therefore there's no demolition and also no mess. It's a restroom refresh, there is no the renovation headaches.

812D0486-46AD-4335-A093-108F525EC467Created v sketchtool.Lifetime Guarantee

Your new bathroom will certainly stand the check of time. That's why every Bath Fitter assets come with a life time warranty.

812D0486-46AD-4335-A093-108F525EC467Created with sketchtool.Design A tradition Bath

Use ours interactive architecture tool to develop your dream bathroom. Customize your remodel by choosing your tub style, color, wall surface type, shower head head, and also so lot more. Try out hundreds of distinctive combinations to discover the look and feel friend want.

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812D0486-46AD-4335-A093-108F525EC467Created v sketchtool.Millions that Happy Customers

We've to be transforming dwellings for over 35 years, with millions of installations under our belt. You deserve to remodel v confidence, learning we've perfected our process to bring you the ideal bathroom renovation possible.