The Basset Hound dog is a breed that has a little stature and a lengthy torso. They are a short-legged dog breed and also watching castle run never gets old. They include joy in your owners’ lives and are an excellent companions. Discover much more about our Basset Hound puppies for sale below!

This dog was initially bred come hunt and retrieve smaller video game like rabbits and is still offer the same objective in some people countries. They are scent hounds and also can monitor a the majority of items based upon their scent. 

They are really cute dogs and are friendly with all they come across. This dog each other is an extremely warm and also cuddly roughly children and they make good house pet too. 


The Basset Hound is mostly recognized as the Hush Puppy dog, however, this breed offers method more than simply advertisements. This breed originated from the French as Basset is a French word because that ‘low’, i m sorry suffices considering the petite elevation of the Basset Hound. 

It is believed that the Basset Hound is a descendant of the St hubert Hound which simply so wake up to be concerned the Bloodhounds of today. The is likewise believed the the Basset Hound breed is a mutation that the Norman Staghounds, additionally a St hubert Hound descendant. 

Also, during 1789, much after the French Revolution, horseback hunting was reserved for kings and members the the elite, thus hunting top top foot became really popular and also alongside it, the demand for Basset Hounds.

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This dog each other is also calm to ever display screen any kind of aggression. This is one breed that nearly gets along with everyone in spite of their species. From adult to children and other pets too, they’re very laid ago and good companions too. 

This dog may be small but they’re really helpful and also resourceful in ~ home. Lock are always alert and for this, they have the right to be offered as watchdogs, yet their stature diminishes their security abilities. The blood the the hound flows v the Basset Hound and just choose its relatives, it is reluctant with training. 

Also, together scent dogs they can be very trail hungry thus they’re likely to go wandering whilst being led by scent. They room dogs that are largely on their good behavior and they are an excellent companions for kids. 


This dog each other adapts yes, really well come apartment settings. Castle are more sensitive to weather problems than various other breeds since of their little stature. Getting your Basset Hound a blanket throughout the winter and also enough waiting conditioning during the hot summers will certainly make lock feel an ext comfortable.

Just favor its ancestors, the Basset Hound is a scent tracker and they’re likely to monitor scents and also may end up acquiring lost therefore it’s important to save them ~ above a leash once outdoors. Girlfriend may additionally want to acquire a fence approximately your garden too. 


Their pocket-friendly size, small legs, and also feet do them really slow-moving on the ground for this reason their exercise requirements aren’t in any way demanding. The Basset Hound is fun and as vivid as have the right to be yet they perform not have a high energy level and as together high-intensity exercise tasks aren’t because that this breed. 

They space usually calm but can carry out with playfulness too. You might need to go to the park 2-3 times a mainly and shot routines prefer fetch. Castle love sniffing arbitrarily objects so they might stop a while prior to they retrieve the object. 

However, if she a working parent with tiny or no time for dog wade or any kind of other dog exercises, this breed may simply be the perfect fit.


Their smooth but brief hair has actually a method of pushing back dirt and water. Their grooming is quite simple. If cleaning their ears occasionally, clean everything the drool they leave, and cleaning their facial wrinkles no sound like too much work, then you may simply groom the Basset Hound yourself. 

With respect to baths, this breed hardly requirements those except for rarely occasions choose wandering into something smelly. Also, their coats must be brushed through a an excellent brush. This each other sheds all year round however regular brushing avoids too much shedding. Consistent ear clean is likewise advised since their ear reach the ground as soon as they’re sniffing.

Our Basset Hound puppies because that sale come from either USDA licensed commercial breeders or understand breeders with no much more than 5 breeding mothers. USDA license is granted commercial breeders account for much less than 20% of all breeders in the country. 

The unregulated breeders who room selling outside of the USDA regulations and also without a license are what we take into consideration to it is in “Puppy Mills.” We room committed to giving Basset Hound puppies who will thrive up to become important members of her family. We just purchase puppies from the an extremely best sources, and also we was standing behind every puppy we sell.

Contact us this particular day to learn an ext about the availability of ours Basset Hound puppies because that sale. Us look forward to help you uncover your next family members member. Our pets counselors have the right to answer any questions girlfriend have about our Basset Hound puppies. 

10 typically Asked Questions around Basset Hounds

How tall or brief are Basset Hounds really?

The Basset Hound totally matures at around 11-15 inches.

What is the Basset Hounds median life expectancy?

A healthy Basset Hound lives for 10-12 years.

How much do Basset Hounds weigh?

Anywhere native 50-65 pounds.

What colors execute Basset Hounds come in?

Most dog in this each other come in two or much more colors. They can be brown and white, grey, black and white, red and also white, or tan, black and also white. Back this is a rarity they could come in lemon and also white colors.

Are Basset Hounds straightforward to train?

They aren’t an especially hard to train either. They simply need a certain owner.

Do Basset Hounds bark or howl often?

This is a top quality that provides them an excellent watchdogs. Lock bark or howl to alert their owner of brewing danger or just for fun.

Do Basset Hounds burned a lot?

They might if they’re not brushed regularly.

Are Basset Hounds easy to treatment for?

Basset Hounds are easy to groom and they execute not call for a the majority of attention, they’re an excellent with remaining in their very own company.

Which period bracket suits Basset Hounds more?

To it is in fair this each other is largely in the agency of the elderly. However, lock are great companies for kids too.

What’s Basset Hounds best feature?

Their cute little stature.

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Basset Hounds are good dog selections especially because that first-time dog parents as they are fairly submissive and do no require numerous exercise.