Welcome! together the main Georgia tech Bookstore, we space yourone-stop shop because that all her campus life needs. More than simply a bookstore, we sell not only your textbooks, food materials, and supplies for success at Tech, but also your main GT swag, gifts, and apparel follow me with technology and electronic accessories to meet your just arrived laptop requirement. We also offer a large general analysis section and also drinks, snacks, and more from our marketplace and licensed Starbucks.

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TEXTBOOKS |Looking to save on textbooks? We have options! In addition to brand-new and provided textbooks, we additionally offer textbook rentals as well together digital textbooks for purchase or rent. We’ll likewise price match amazon.com and also bn.com for like materials. Come find publications for your classes now, just use our textbook locator.

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Want to acquire the best price? Shop early! You’ll get first dibs on provided textbooks and rentals, and also you’ll have actually peace the mind learning you’ve got the right publication for the very first day of class. Readjust classes? not a problem. We offer easy returns and also exchanges with a receipt during the very first week that classes.

BURSAR BILLING |Shopping early additionally lets friend defer select costs on her supplies and also course products with Bursar Billing. Easily accessible on textbooks, school supplies, and electronics, you deserve to charge up to $1600 directly to her bursar account up through the an initial 4 job of classes. For much more information on how to opt in, visit bursar.carolannpeacock.com.edu/content/bookstore

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BARTLEBY HOMEWORK assist |We’re here for you not simply at the start of school, yet allthrough the semester in partnership with BartlebyLearn, our online homework help and textbooks solution service. At your fingertips, find detailed, step-by-step accuse to assist solve millions of problems from your textbook, or search through a huge library the answers come existing homework questions. If you need an individual attention on a question, you can submit difficulties online come subject experts 24/7 and also get a response back within 24 hours—most within a few hours.

Need assist on a document or essay? Bartleby create is also accessible that helps through essay and file writing by providing suggestions on structure, content and style. Together you write, the tool provides modify suggestions to grammar, spelling and also punctuation, and additionally checks the writing versus plagiarism sites when helping v citations.

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TECHNOLOGY keep |Our devoted Technology save is your main Apple Authorized Campus Store, wherein we not only sell Mac, iPad, and accessories at educational pricing, we likewise service Mac notebooks onsite together an authorized company provider. For pc brands, we additionally carry Dell, Lenovo, and also Microsoft surface with to exclude, discounts. All models meet, and also most exceed, the Institute's minimum laptop requirement

Technology Webstore

GENERAL reading |Our general publication section is more than just books. We’re proud to sponsor campus and also community authors, and regularly hold publication events throughout the year.

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SPIRIT gear |As her official source for Georgia technology gear, we have whatever you require to present your Georgia technology pride indigenous head come toe.Spirit equipment sales directly support student and campus life programs, and also we also regularly market promotions transparent the semester because that extra savings. Desire to store in the know? Follow united state on ours Facebook and also Instagram pages, or download the official Georgia tech Bookstore app!

STUDENT tasks |We likewise support college student employment! desire to job-related for us? apply online atwww.bncollegejobs.com

STARBUCKS |Our license is granted Starbucks is generally opens an hour beforethe main store, and closes at the same time. We accept BuzzCard funds, and also are ~ above the GT Mobile notified app, whick makes gaining your drink top top the paris a snap!