The very first decades of the 21st century experienced dramatic transforms in the music market as modern technology transformed creation, communication, and also consumption. Amid this turmoil one readjust occurred fairly quietly, nearly naturally: so-called bedroom producers, music makers raised ~ above hip-hop and electronic music, go from anonymous, often unseen creators to artist in their own right. In Bedroom Beats and B-sides, journalist Laurent Fintoni details the climb of a brand-new generation that bedroom producer at the revolve of the century v the story of various important hip-hop and electronic music scenes. Native trip-hop, downtempo, and IDM come leftfield hip-hop, glitch, and also beats, the book explores how these scenes acted together incubators for brand-new ideas about composition and performance the are now taken for granted. combining social, cultural, and musical background with substantial research and also over 100 interviews, the book tells the B-side story of hip-hop and electronic music from the 1990s to the 2010s. Utilizing the format of a beat tape, that explores the evolution of a modern-day beat culture from local scenes to an international community via the varied groups of idealists ~ above the fringes who made it happen and the exterior forces the shaped your efforts. prior to the power of streaming services, always-on social media, and online tutorials because that everything, this is a portrait of independence and also experimentation amid historical change. It"s a story the obsession and dedication and how the edge brought around a quiet music revolution.

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Laurent Fintoni has written about music and society since the at an early stage 2000s. He began his job in London, writing around the turntablist, hip-hop, and drum & base scenes for miscellaneous UK and international magazines and websites that have actually long since disappeared into the cracks of history. Transparent the 2010s he to be a continual contributor to fact Magazine, The FADER, Bandcamp, and also the Red Bull Music Academy Daily. He has additionally worked as a tour manager, brand manager, and also A&R for assorted independent labels and also artists worldwide.

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Table the Contents

Preface A word From ours Sponsors 1

Tape 1 A mixed Up joint 7

Tape 2 Headz 23

Tape 3 artificial Intelligence 43

Tape 4 devastation of Syntax 61

Tape 5 Dancehall break down 75

Tape 6 great Damage 87

Tape 7 The Unseen 109

Tape 8 Welcome 2 Detroit 131

Tape 9 Instrmntl 143

Tape 10 Vocal research studies + Uprock Narratives 155

Tape 11 Ghetto Blaster 173

Tape 12 Black totality Styles 185

Tape 13 Bâtards Sensibles 203

Tape 14 to win As politics 217

Tape 15 Freeways 231

Tape 16 The Sound the L.A. 249

Tape 17 1983 263

Tape 18 Beat size 281

Tape 19 memories Of The Future 297

Tape 20 Ooops! 313

Tape 21 life Fruit 331

Outra One for G 349

Sample bank 355

Acknowledgements 385

Special thanks 387

Editorial Reviews

“ epos tome of details connecting the dots between many facets of digital music. The writes comparable to a DJ seamlessly transitioning indigenous one point to the other, through visual vigor." — King Britt, Professor UCSD, music producer “Finally a deep dive into one the the much more interesting new musical trajectories that the contemporary era.” — Sam Valenti IV, Founder the Ghostly document Label “The music market was recorded looking the other way, head in the sand, handing out gold parachutes. In the provided bins we would certainly marvel at their trash, what castle couldn"t sink their this into, upcycling the in our way.” — Daedelus, producer, Brainfeeder