Recently, my friend asked what must"ve seemed an unauthorized question: "What videotapes did you watch as a kid?"

After running through a couple old-school faves—the creepy "toys come alive" Babes in Toyland; the creepier quiet "stuffed pets come alive" The an ext We song Together—I was struck through a memory that had actually been comfortably hibernating in the bowels that the deepest recesses of mine mind.

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Oh my god, I used to it is in obsessed v a Barbie workout video.

That"s right-back in the low-fi "90s, there was a video called Dance! Workout v Barbie certification the "perfect"—body diva herself. The graphics, together you have the right to imagine, were less than dazzling—bent limbs in specific posed a difficulty for animatronic Barbie, so she signature move involved her swaying her straight-locked arms ago and forth behind she back.

Then there to be the, shall we say, the style element. The bubbly blond adult instructor—who I currently remember vividly was called "Kim"—was outfitted to match a gaggle of small girls and Barbie it s her in a skin-tight leotard v scrunch socks, a equivalent head band and high top (naturally, Barbie"s leotard had stars, because she"s the boss). And also yes, together a kid, I thought this to be the pinnacle of take-no-prisoners-fashion.

As a grown-ass mrs looking ago on this bizarro-world film, it"s difficult not to feeling conflicted. Top top the one hand, promoting fitness and also health in kids is entirely commendable (step aside, Michelle Obama; Barbie was the Let"s Move! OG). And I need to admit, the dance moves to be ridiculously fun. Three measures to the left! eight pump! Kick! Three procedures to the right! eight pump! Kick! mine mom additionally used to execute the video clip with me, which made for a sweet—if, in retrospect, utterly odd—mother-daughter bonding event.

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Then again, it"s tough to support a video clip that tells little girls they need to work out to look choose Barbie—the comically thin, buxom symbol is hardly a body positivity role model. I could arm pump! kick! and also step! myself right into sweaty oblivion, however I never ever did, and never will, boast Barb"s proportions (nor would I desire to. In she to be real, the woman would certainly be wade on all fours and have trouble maintaining her head upright). I wonder exactly how many tiny girls were set on a course of perpetual body picture disappointment together a result of this video?

Mostly though, I"m simply thankful for YouTube, which magically uses up clips the this so late 80s/early 90s fever dream. Job-related it, Barbie. occupational it.

Oh and also . . . Bonus fun fact! One if the tiny girls smiling generally as she sashays with Barbie is none other than a prepubescent Jennifer Love Hewitt. She"s the one in a white leotard—with hearts on the legs. Serious folks, friend can"t make this shit up.