Discus and also support my xbox live account was banned till 9999 for no reason in XBoX Accessibility to settle the problem; hello born in 2013 mine account to be banned for no reason as soon as I walk to see the reasons on my profile over there is none and I have a the majority of content paid on...Discussion in "XBoX Accessibility" started by Gianniloup, Aug 31, 2018.

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Any Xbox Live member v anactive enforcement activity may send a case for review through the account'sEnforcement History, provided the enforcement meets the following requirements:The enforcement's duration is higher than 24 hours in length

HiThese are ar forums and the Microsoft/Xbox staff room not on, so over there isn't a manager for you come speak with.If you have received a suspension until 9999 that must have been for a severe infraction of the rules and also they don't commonly reverse those.You haven't stated why you gained suspended but a irreversible suspension is usually just that. Sorry.

any Xbox Live member v anactive
enforcement activity may send a situation for review through the account'sEnforcement History, detailed the enforcement meets the complying with requirements:The enforcement's expression is greater than 24 hours in lengthThe enforcement was issued in the critical 12 months

earlier when the half was approve the only method to contact the enforcement team was v the forums.Since approximately 2016 the enforcement team gained a new website and also a new process to perform a situation review.The rule have always been the you required to have a present suspension on one account and the suspension would have had to of occurred within the critical year. Since your suspension was over a year ago it is not eligible because that a case review and unfortunately there is nothing that can be done around it at this allude in time.
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