Welcome come hometowns week, everybody! This is JoJo’s opportunity to check out where her suitors were born and raised, along with just just how uncomfortable their poor families get roughly cameras. Let’s obtain to it!

We begin with Chase, that meets JoJo in a an extremely snowy Colorado — where he proves to have a reckless ignore for his feet, even if it is it’s was standing in a foot of snow waiting for JoJo to come or dangling them off a literal meaning cliff. All chase is worried around is making certain JoJo knows what she’s walk to be walking into: I know this is tough to believe, but Chase is a son of this thing called divorce. Divorce is as soon as two married world decide not to be married anymore. And in some an extremely rare cases, divorce doesn’t death all the love in the whole broad world.

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So when JoJo desperately yearns because that some sort of sidcarolannpeacock.comalk/path, I’ll let girlfriend wrap your head around that. Again, since his parents dislike love room divorced, JoJo will certainly be conference his father separately so as to avoid all awkwardness.

At Chase’s house, JoJo meets Chase’s father, that somehow controlled post-divorce to uncover the unicorn the is pleasure when that remarried. Together Chase and JoJo acquire a little too comfortable in the edge of the couch, follow takes the situation he purposefully designed to avoid awkwardness and makes it hella awkward as soon as he essentially asks, “Pa, how come girlfriend didn’t love ma?”

Chase’s dad admits his desire to “climb the corporate ladder” interfered v his capability to it is in a great husband, despite I have a feeling there’s an ext to that story if there to be lawsuits involved. Yet I digress.

After chase grabs JoJo’s confront like he’s going to eat it, he pipeline to talk to his dad, who seems impressed JoJo is beautiful, smart, and that she’s “got a head on she shoulders.” In various other words, he’s impressed she’s not decapitated. Chase informs his father the he’s diving right into this scenario through his whole heart, come which his father just responds v a warning that his decisions influence other people’s lives. (Except that doesn’t have a household yet, dad. Store your long-kept guilt to yourself.)

After meeting the father, JoJo heads the end to satisfy the rest of the family, wherein she it s okay so nervous the her “heart is beating.” once again, good on ya for being alive, JoJo. Heading inside, where the household barely gets off the couch for Chase, JoJo meets Chase’s mother, sister, stepdad, brother-in-law, and also nephcarolannpeacock.com Everett, that wins the whole visit through his mustache pacifier.

For Chase, this moment is for this reason important because JoJo is conference his “closest family members members that mean the many to me.” SORRY, DAD.

Instantly, mother is a fan of JoJo’s laugh. And when she takes JoJo outside, castle agree both of them “know how to have fun.” and can you think Chase’s mom still knows exactly how to have fun after ~ a divorce?! The insanity!

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So if JoJo and also mom arrangement a trip to Vegas, follow reminds his sister about the time their parents obtained divorced. They reminisce about their childhood and talk fondly around how they battle to say “I love you” since of the divorce. Climate this happens:

Sitting down with his mom, follow instantly gets emotional. As far as mom’s concerned, JoJo’s gold if only because she has a good laugh, loves dogs, hates fish, and also is fond of Chase. And when mother starts to gain emotional, she educates America, “Crying is no our style.”

Walking JoJo the end to the car, JoJo barely gets to tell chase she’ll miss him before he word-vomits “I’m fallout’s in love v you, JoJo.” JoJo can’t speak it back, that course, yet she does call him, “I feel really good,” with an implied wink. And also after a struggle, JoJo lastly gets in the car and leaves chase behind.

JoJo top to California to fulfill up through Jordan, who has actually pulled the end all the stops, also asking a fcarolannpeacock.com deer to operation by in the background of the shoot to present JoJo just how beautiful California is.

Because Jordan can’t let go of his glory days, he — a grown male — decides to lug JoJo come his high institution to present her off and prove that can gain a hot girl! view Spanish teacher, women love me!

In what can be the most uncomfortable declare of the evening, JoJo says, “Maybe I’m his ncarolannpeacock.com tiny high-school sweetheart.” Also, I understand it must’ve been difficult being in Aaron’s shadow, yet let’s all simply take a moment to establish we just met Jordan’s JV soccer coach, that wouldn’t start him. That DIDN’T start ON JV. Sounds favor a bit an ext than her brother’s shadow was holding friend back, huh, bub?

Sitting in the stand of the football stadium, JoJo realizes she’s the an initial “complete stranger” Jordan’s brought home. (Side note: was his critical girlfriend’s surname Boo?!)

After that asks JoJo come basically prevent talking around Aaron, Jordan takes her home, whereby she discovers she’s dating “the spicy child” that the Rodgers family, i beg your pardon doesn’t mean what you think. Apparently, Jordan provided to threaten to operation away a lot as a child. And while mom talks around that for 5 minutes, we miss out on something an excellent as his brothers whispers something about how he once kicked a teacher?! perform not reproduce through this man, JoJo.

Talking come Luke, JoJo go the unthinkable: She asks around Aaron. All Luke really says is the family members doesn’t talk around him much because they miss out on him. However, Luke will to speak Jordan is a “great dude” that stands up for the civilization he loves. And also as much as I’m concerned, if JoJo still loves Jordan ~ seeing the borderline sociopathic photograph of him, they’re golden.

Luke tells Jordan he approves together JoJo it s okay to know the household patriarch, that DOES lug up Aaron. Or rather, that mentions their family has to be exposed come media pressure before, but he’s confident it won’t influence Jordan.

While JoJo speak America that Jordan is “nobody’s brother. He’s a guy that ns am falling in love with,” the guy in concern convinces his mommy that JoJo could be his “destiny,” i beg your pardon earns “the spicy child” an awkward, too many clingy hug indigenous mom.

Outside, Jordan speak JoJo he’s in love through her, yet a part of her is still scared they’ll get to the end of this and he won’t want her forever. He tells her no to doubt what castle have, but JoJo’s still struggling. And for now, she’s taking her doubt come Florida.

Heading into his hometown date, Robby’s feeling so confident the JoJo’s feelings room going to grow for HIM that he’s put on a salmon-colored shirt. Because that the day, Robby has actually rented a horse-drawn carriage and also is all set to give JoJo a tour roughly his town. Have actually we just discovered Robby’s occupation? ns don’t know about you, yet I’m ready to bet “former compete swimmer” way “current tour guide.”

After Robby assures JoJo “I’m honest” — i beg your pardon no moral person says — the takes him about an hour to cite Uruguay and how he stated “I love you” to JoJo. That takes him one more 20 minute to cite it two an ext times. But JoJo’s tho hung up on how recently he dated his ex. She asks if she’s pour it until it is full a void because that him, however he swears his ex is in his past and also is walk to remain there. Furthermore, he assures her the “with the love I have actually IN you.” No comment.

Heading to Jacksonville, Robby brings JoJo to fulfill his family members — all of whom he’s bought separation, personal, instance presents. The very first thing he bring up? Their exclusive fircarolannpeacock.comorks show in Uruguay, a.k.a. The ar he told she he love her. Remember, JoJo?!

However, the real revelation can be Robby telling his family members they “literally” had actually ashes fall in your eyes throughout the fircarolannpeacock.comorks show. Because that entirely happened.

Talking v his brothers, Robby quickly gets their seal that approval as they every toast through their wine tumblers. Elscarolannpeacock.comhere, JoJo is talk to Robby’s mom about her concerns. But don’t worry, mother puts JoJo at ease by fully avoiding her question. Every she tells JoJo is there’s always a possibility you’re going to gain hurt in life, however if Robby “envisions friend in his future, there’s no transforming back.” Quick, JoJo! inspect the doors! I’m half convinced you’re locked in and this show will be the only thing we have to remember friend by!

In a how amazing moment, JoJo decides to tell Robby’s mom, “I’m absolutely falling in love v him,” which either method Robby has this point locked or JoJo ran the end of talk points.

But when mother pulls Robby aside, she has actually some ncarolannpeacock.coms: It seems his ex-girlfriend’s roommate has actually made the look favor Robby broke up with said ex in order to walk on the show. Wanting come “nip that in the butt,” — or, friend know, bud — Robby cut off his sisters’ moment with JoJo to tell her everything.

When JoJo asks if there’s any truth come what’s gift talked about, Robby’s an answer isn’t “no,” however rather it’s, “to what?” RUN, JOJO. JoJo gets an ext specific, asking, “Did you rest up through her when you discovered out you to be coming ~ above the show?” Robby says there’s no truth to that, explaining their connection was over because that nine months before he actually ended it (which again makes me wonder if the did use the present as the final excuse). Yet in the end, JoJo decides no to question why Robby’s ex slapped him and instead, to to trust him.

Saving Luke for last, JoJo whips the end the cowboy boots the bought she for a job in Texas, where she’s hope for an ext “emotional depth” from the cowboy who’s 90-percent passion and 10-percent hair.

Proving just how much smarter he is 보다 everyone else, Luke flips the job around, using the work to meet family and leaving the night for alone time. Bringing JoJo come a picnic, Luke introduces she to his mom, dad, sister, and 50 that his closest friends. Does that typical he has much more than 50 friend total?! (Did I just reveal also much about myself?)

All JoJo seems to care about is an beloved baby. As Luke tells her, “You have to see the sleep,” due to the fact that that’s a particular skill only this toddler has.

Talking through his dad, Luke gets part love advice. Luke’s father speak him that after functioning away native his mom for a bit, he establish he couldn’t live there is no her, and that was as soon as he kncarolannpeacock.com he’d found his life partner. As much as Luke’s concerned, he’s prepared to phone call JoJo the loves her.

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After grandpa keeps it actual — informing JoJo the Luke can’t also boil water, much less make brisket — Luke take away JoJo off for one more surprise: Riding out on horseback, he takes her to a tiny haystack bench he’s made whereby they deserve to watch the sunset — and where he speak her, “I want this future. I want us.” and also in what’s either a good moment or a devastating moment, JoJo cries.

She cases they’re happy tears, however all she states is, “I wish i had an ext time v you,” definition she’s not fairly where she wants to be. But when Luke traction a Meredith Grey and lines a course with candles leading she to a love made out of flowers, he appears to victory her over by informing her, “My love is yours.”

This present is no messing around. Instance A: This week’s rose ceremony is being hosted at an airplane hangar for this reason the three remaining men can hop on a airplane with JoJo to their following destination. And also that’s as soon as JoJo tells united state she’s going come send Luke home. Translation: Those were not happy tears!

But prior to JoJo can hand out any type of roses, Luke pulls her aside and also says there’s other he has actually to get off his chest: “I necessary to phone call you that I’m in love through you,” the explains, as the rest of us sit there feeling certain she’s walk to prevent him. Right? RIGHT?!

But prevent him she walk not. Instead, she many thanks him, sends out him ago inside, and proceeds come freak out. “Of food it transforms things,” she says, losing regulate of she emotions. The inquiry is: was Luke also late? (And deserve to she really provide him increase pre-fantasy suite?!)

It’s a concern we’ll have to wait one more week to answer, together we finish the week with the dreaded “to it is in continued.”

While we wait for what comes next, ns hope you’ll sign up with me in really thinking around what we’ve learned this week. Ns mean, to speak JoJo does choose someone and also they don’t do it. To speak they also — gasp! — acquire divorced. Remember what we learned in Colorado? Divorced people can uncover love again!*



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