The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 8 Review: Meet the Nanny

Corinne, Rachel, Vanessa and Raven are worried about if tbelow is going to be a increased ceremony after Kristina randomly acquired sent out home. And I"m worried about Nick transforming the rules of the show eexceptionally week.

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Seriously, I"m so over there not being a increased ceremony at the finish of each episode. It"s one point to cancel a cocktail party for a pool party eexceptionally as soon as in a while, but the rose ceremony is sacred.

Plus, a rose ceremony suggests we acquire to see Chris Harrichild, and also he"s one of the optimal five factors everyone watches this present.

Corinne, I might not be more excited to accomplish Raquel.


The alternative to a climbed ceremony in this episode is Nick just handing out roses to everyone (consisting of Raven, that currently acquired the team date rose).

It reminded me of elementary institution when you had to bring everyone a valentine in your class, and honestly, it was super lame. I covertly wanted him to not provide one of them a climbed, yell "and none for Gretchen Weiners, bye!" and also leave.

Raven"s hometown is up first. And she states it would be the finest thing ever to fall in love in Hoxie, Arkansas, yet I respectcompletely disagree. 

She takes Nick on an four-wheeler and also this date conveniently turned into Grease 2, but rather of motorcycles, it"s ATVs. And let me tell you, Nick is no cool rider.

A cop pulls up and scares Nick half to death bereason he doesn"t have actually an ID on him once he asks. You deserve to tell he wanted to pull a Reese Witherspoon and also say "execute you understand my name?" but he resisted. Probably because he realized civilization in Arkansas can not watch Bachelor in Paradise.

It ends up being Raven"s brother, and they"re playing a joke on Nick. It might have been funny if the cop wasn"t wearing a mic.

The duo ends up frolicking in muddy water, and honestly, I"m worried they might contract a condition. I would also be pissed that my clothing were ruined and also can sue ABC for brand-new converse.

Raven: I was worried that he was going to be a little arrogant.Raven"s mom: That"s what I believed.

Raven"s dad tells her that he is cancer free, and while it"s a wonderful minute for her family members, it"s so awkward to watch on electronic camera. And it"s going to be so weird to think ago to a critical moment choose this one and remember that Nick from The Bachelor was tbelow.

It"s prefer once you invite your significant other to be in the household Christmas card and then they dump you after the holidays.

Raven stops herself from telling Nick that she loves him, and is worried that she"s the just one who hasn"t sassist it to him yet. She have to be worried around wanting to marry someone who is dating three various other people, but that isn"t a issue.

Rachel"s hometvery own, Dallas, Texas, is next up. Even though we recognize Nick does not finish up through her, it"s amazing to see her family since we are going to acquire a full seakid of her in a couple of months.

Watching Nick go to church via Rachel is favor seeing a teacher outside of college or a dog walk on its hind legs. 

I"m incredibly comfortable in a location of worship... aguys is amales, you know?


Rachel"s dad isn"t there to accomplish Nick because of "job-related responsibilities." I have actually a feeling if I was ever before on The Bachelor, my dad would certainly additionally conveniently be on a company pilgrimage.

All of Rachel"s household members ask Nick if he has ever before dated a babsence womale prior to. He claims he doesn"t watch color and also sees Rachel for that she is, so basically The Bachelor is attempting to end racism after not having a babsence lead for 33 seasons.

After deep conversations via Rachel"s family around being an interracial couple, Nick heads to Miami to go shopping through Corinne. #GetInLoserWereGoingShopping

Eextremely time Corinne walks right into a store, it"s prefer Christmas morning for the world that are functioning at this store.


They spend a casual $4,000 in one save. I hope Nick realizes that tbelow isn"t sufficient teeth whitening or FitTea in the people that might assistance Corinne"s shopping habits.

I"m also shocked that Corinne uncovered pants for Nick that are even tighter than the ones he usually wears, but I have to have never questioned her skills.

Tright here is 100% possibility that Corinne is going to obtain a book deal after this episode referred to as "Corinne"s Shopping Tips," and I can buy it. I"m just half-kidding.


Corinne tells Nick that she loves him, and Nick tells Corinne that he loves his new sweater.

We ultimately fulfill Raquel, and also she asks Nick what his "intentions" are via Corinne. I think this is her way of asking if he will certainly take over cutting her cucumbers slices.

Corinne"s dad is also pertained to around Nick. He"s worried around his financial case, however Corinne says she is fine via being the "breadwinner," which I actually respect.

However before, I"m mad that they didn"t tell us what Corinne"s family service is. I assume they offer oresides since her dad was obsessed with Nick trying his "distinct oresides," but after all of the hype we must have actually gained some even more answers.

Nick"s last trip is to Canada to check out Vanessa. Here"s hoping that Nick gets a cameo on Degrassi while he"s in town.


Instead of meeting a nanny, he meets her students... and also you can tell he was even more excited to accomplish the nanny. You can likewise tell Vanessa"s students really love her though.

Nick"s next soptimal is meeting 29572975 of Vanessa"s family members. You would think that Nick would certainly be intimated, but then you remember that he has actually like twenty five siblings and he probably feels at house.

Vanessa"s sister renders a really valid allude when she asks them wbelow they setup to live (Canada vs America), and neither of them have actually an answer. Nick ended up crying, and I think it"s because he realized it could be difficult to convince Vanessa to move to LA so he deserve to be on Dancing With The Stars.

Nick additionally meets Vanessa"s father, and asks him for permission to propose. He says no, and Nick is shocked.


I think it"s much less about the reality that tright here is 3 other women left, and even more about exactly how ugly his sweater is. Nick must have actually worn the apparel that Corinne bought him if he wanted to impress Vanessa"s household.

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The episode ends through a "to be continued..." (SHOCKER!) after Andi Dorfguy confirmed up at Nick"s hotel room. In instance you didn"t recognize, Andi was the initially Bachelorette that Nick dropped in love through, yet it"s unclear why she"s tbelow.

Based on what she sassist in her memoir, she has no interemainder in being via Nick, however that isn"t going to sheight ABC from trying to convince us that she is.