Avakin Life: A Beginner’s Guide

How to play the game? You have finish liberty to enjoy the game the method you desire. Avakin Life can offer you:

A expensive selection of fashionable clothes for your character;Communication via players from anywhere the world;Thematic and also seasonal public locations where you have the right to make friends;The ability to make your apartment accessible to all players, just to friends or completely closed;Tools for the decoration of the apartment;Cafe and also bar to earn Avacoins.

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Developers are constantly working on updays in the game. To store abreastern of occasions, sign up with the main area game on social netfunctions VKontakte.

How to include a friend? To send an add request while in a location:

Click on the character you want to add;The name of the character will certainly be shown listed below, click it;Select "Add Frifinish."

To sfinish a research with the search menu:

Click the "Profile" switch in the top food selection bar;Select the "Friends" tab;Click the "Search" button;Enter the player’s username;Click "Add as friend."

Being in the player profile:

Click on the character while in the exact same place or usage the search menu;Click the "Profile" button;Click "Submit" in the "Frifinish Request" window on the best menu.


How to buy products and homes? All goods and apartments have the right to be discovered in the store. To go to the keep, click the corresponding symbol in the height menu. Clopoint, animations and also poses for your character, furniture and Petkins to decorate your apartments. The apartments for sale can be found in the "Apartments" section of the keep.

"Kits" are a collection of discounted items built up for you specifically. Some kits appear for a restricted time or encompass exclusive assets, do not forobtain to inspect them. The expense of goods purchased individually, but contained in the kit, will certainly not be deducted upon purchase. Some products in Avakin Life are represented by real brands. Avakin Life constantly has actually web links to online stores where you deserve to purchase genuine goods.

How to earn Avacoins? You can earn Avacoins by participating in a bar or cafe, completing assignments from TapPleasure, in the "Free Avacoins" area. Avacoins can likewise be won in the Mysterious Box and social media contests. Avacoins can be bought straight in the save, which can be accessed by clicking on your balance in the upper left corner.

How do I delete my Avakin Life account? Contact assistance by clicking "No" and also then "Contact us" on your display screen. Indicate your username, e-mail linked via the account and the factor why you want to delete the account.

How carry out I report a pest in the game? If you desire to report a problem from your gadget, contact assistance by clicking "No" and also then "Contact us" on your screen. Use the adhering to layout and answer as briefly as possible:

Username;Your genuine area (country and also city);Video Game variation (Settings> collection of numbers in the corner on the left after cli build);Wright here were you in the game once the error emerged (apartment, public place);Make and also design of the device;Connection Type (WiFi / 4G / 3G);Describe the problem;What did you do when the difficulty developed.

How to invite friends? Being in the main food selection, the so-referred to as wardrobe, on the left you will certainly check out tabs, one of them will be "Invite friends". Or click the profile switch in the optimal food selection bar> Friends tab> Invite.

How have the right to I readjust the weight and elevation of my character? At the minute, the game presents just one type of figure.

I would favor to change the color of the wall surfaces and floors in the apartment, how have the right to I perform this? When you are in edit mode, usage the "Paint" attribute. The "Walls" and also "Floors" tabs will certainly show up in front of you, enabling you to adjust their color.

How to rise the level? Level up by earning XP (endure points). You can earn XP by communicating through other players, taking part in a cafe or bar, buying items.

What is the maximum level? At the moment, 58 levels are accessible in the game.

How to make my character sit or lie? Your character deserve to sit on sofas and also armchairs, wbelow there are appropriate seats. You deserve to likewise purchase miscellaneous poses or animations for your character in the store.

What to spend crystals on? Buy food and also drinks at a cafe on 23rd Street or at the Sandown Club Bar! Some keep assets can additionally be bought for crystals! Ended up heralding to open a mysterious box? You deserve to use a particular number of crystals to open the Mysterious Box!


How to usage chat commands? Tbelow are a number of commands that you have the right to usage by keying the "/" character and then the command also itself in the chat. Commands you have the right to use:

/ action./ dance./ emote./ pose./ angry./ applaud./ bored./ clap./ ecstatic./ happy./ below./ laugh./ lol./ neutral./ no./ sup./ sad./ sit./ wave./ yes.

How to get new things? The simplest method to gain items is to buy them at the keep for Avacoins. Avacoins can be purchased at the keep, in the proper section. Some commodities have the right to be built in a building and construction machine or obtained from the Mysterious Box by looking at advertisements in which Avacoins, crystals, and distinct commodities have the right to be served.

How can I set a photo of my apartment? To set a photo of your apartment:

Go to your apartment;Click on the "i" icon from the vertical food selection on the left;Click "Apartment Photos";Take a photo;Click "Set as apartment photo" in the reduced left corner.

When you switch to photo mode, you will be asked to use filters. When you choose the one you choose, click "Set as apartment photo" in the reduced left corner. Please note that the usage of filters is not easily accessible on these devices:

iOS: iPhone 5, 5s, iPhone 4, 4s, iPad 3 and 4.Android: ASUS K010, GT-I9505, Samsung GT-I9505, Sony C6802.

When can I take a photo for my profile? From your profile page:

Open your profile;Click on the profile picture;Upday photo.

Being on location:

Go to the location;Open the Photograph mode;Select the "Profile Photo" icon in the menu on the right;Point the video camera and also take a photo;Click "Add Profile Image" in the reduced left.

Please note that the usage of filters is not available on some devices:

iOS: iPhone 5, 5s, iPhone 4, 4s, iPad 3 and also 4.Android: ASUS K010, GT-I9505, Samsung GT-I9505, Sony C6802.


How have the right to I change the shade of chat text?

Go to the location;Open the chat window;Choose your name from the list of participants in the basic chat;Choose 1 of 12 colors.

How to sfinish a exclusive message to the chat? To sfinish a exclusive message:

Go to the location;Select a character by clicking it or select from the general list of chat participants;Select "Whisper" from the list of actions.

How to send a message to the basic chat? Go to the location and also pick the globe symbol in the chat window.

How to find group chat? Group chat will be visible when you sit in the group chat zone:

Go to the location;Sit in a group chat zone;Select the "Group" icon.

How to rerelocate another player from friends? Follow these steps:

Click on the "Profile" button in the upper panel;Select the "Friends" tab;Choose a friend from the list;Click the Trash authorize to rerelocate a frifinish from the list.

How to delete one message? Follow these steps:

Click on the "Messages" switch in the upper panel;Open the "Messages" tab in the menu on the left;Click on the day the message was got to delete or swipe the message from right to left to screen the choice to delete the message.

How to delete all messages? Follow these steps:

Click on the "Messages" button in the upper panel;Open the "Messages" tab in the food selection on the left;Press and also organize the Messeras tab on the left till the Read and also Delete and Delete All pop-ups show up.

Will Avakin Life work on my device? Avakin Life is available on platdevelops such as Android, Apple, Amazon mobile gadgets, and the Facebook Gameroom on PC. We recommfinish using devices via at leastern 2GB of RAM.

Avakin Life: Gifts


How to provide a frifinish a present? Any store item or apartment have the right to be presented to a friend. When you have preferred a product / apartment, click the picture of the gift and also pick the name of a friend to make a gift. You have the right to additionally sfinish a compliment to a player from the exact same location. Click on the character you want to compliment, click the "Gift" switch and select the item you favor from the list. You will certainly not be deducted funds till the user accepts the gift.

You will certainly not be able to offer presents until you reach level 6 or make a purchase in the application itself.

I mistakenly provided a friend the wrong gift. What to do? In accordance with the Terms of Service established in the game, developers will certainly not rerevolve such a product to you or relocation it with one more. As such, make certain that you provide the ideal gift. The gender icon is presented at the bottom of the vault display screen, and also you have the right to click it to adjust it.

I gave the item to another player, but it does not appear in their inventory. What should I do?Contact player assistance. They will consider your difficulty and also solve it as shortly as feasible by returning the distinction between the value of the donated item and the item that you wanted to give. When sending a repursuit to the assistance service, show your username, the username of the other player to whom the item was presented, and also the name of the item you intfinished to provide.

Avakin Life: Petkins

How execute I care for my petkin? Your Petkin needs a tiny tenderness from time to time:

Go to the apartment in which your Petkin lives;Click on your Petkin;Select "Interact" from the list of actions;Select Water, Food, or Affection to boost the equivalent respond to.Actions have the right to be percreated while time is running on the timer.

I bought Petkin, wbelow can I find it? For your Petkin to show up, it should be put in one of the apartments you bought:

Go to the apartment in which you wanted your Petkin to live;Open the apartment editing and enhancing mode from the menu on the left;Select the category "Petkins";Drag the mat of your favorite Petkin within the furniture grid;Click "Save."

Why can’t I have actually even more than one Petkin in my apartment? At the moment, you have the right to area one Petkin in each room.

My Petkin froze, what deserve to I do? If the problem persists, sfinish a bug report to the player assistance team.

How do I provide a name to my Petkin? To name your Petkin:

Go to the apartment in which you wanted your Petkin to live;Click on your Petkin;Select "Interact" from the list of actions;Click on the name entry area to change the name of your Petkin.

I want to take my Petkin via me for a walk. How to execute it? Due to technical functions, at the minute Petkins cannot leave the apartment.

Can my petkin swim? Not yet.

How perform I make Petkin my favorite? For Petkin to be close to you in your profile, you have to make him your favorite:

Head to the apartment where Petkin lives;Click on your Petkin;Select "Add to Favorites" from the menu to make this Petkin’s favorite.

Tbelow is another way:

Go to the store;Select the Petkins section;Click "View Owned" to watch all purchased Petkin;Click the heart symbol to make Petkin your favorite.

Avakin Life: SHOUTcast


What is SHOUTcast? This is a media streaming service. When you play Avakin Life, SHOUTcast broadcasts music to your device.

Why can’t I listen to the exact same terminal as my friend? Some stations may be blocked, depending upon the country of residence.

How to use SHOUTcast? To use SHOUTcast content, you have to purchase a SHOUTcast compatible tool in the save. To use SHOUTcast:

Go to the apartment in which you would certainly prefer to usage SHOUTcast;Open the apartment editing mode;Select the tab "Streaming music";Drag the SHOUTcast broadactors tool to your favorite location;Save;Click on the broadcast gadget to screen the menu;Select Interact.

Next, you deserve to see the available stations in the menu that appears:

Click "Configure";Select a genre of music from the scrollable food selection on the left;Choose your favorite station;Use the player control buttons to rotate on / off the music or adjust the volume.

What is a visualization mat? Mats via visualization perform not play music, they simply react to the music that sounds in the room. The apartment deserve to accommodate up to 4 mats at a time.

Why does my SHOUTcast player sheight playing as soon as I turn on apartment editing and enhancing mode? Your SHOUTcast player is pasupplied for the duration of the editing and enhancing mode because of the technological functions of the game. As soon as you leave the editing mode, the player will begin playing aacquire.

Can my guests manage my radio? Your guests cannot readjust the radio stations in your apartment. However, they deserve to readjust the volume, and also revolve the radio on and off. But all these alters will certainly remain invisible to both the owner of the apartment and also the remainder of the guests.

Will SHOUTactors affect the amount of mobile information I use? Like any various other streaming business, SHOUTcast deserve to deliver big quantities of information. We recommfinish connecting to WiFi before using SHOUTactors.

Why does my player not turn on? Tbelow are some tips you have the right to follow if the player does not work:

Make sure the Streaming Music alternative is permitted in Avakin settings;Make certain you have actually a dependable Internet connection;Leave the apartment and go back to it again;Reboot Avakin Life;Check the SHOUTcast website, tright here might be technological troubles through the service itself. Please note that some nations restrict accessibility to SHOUTactors networks.

Avakin Life: Construction Machine


How to use a construction machine? In a building and construction machine, you can construct points absolutely free! Items that can be built in a building automobile are noted through a blue symbol in the keep. To construct an item:

Find an item in the store through a blue building machine icon;Select an item;Click on the blue switch via the building and construction machine symbol situated on the right;Click Build to begin structure the item.

Use acceleration tokens to rate up the building and construction process! A yellow token reduces building and construction time by 1 hour.A blue token reduces construction time by 1 day. Yellow tokens are included every 12 hrs or earned by viewing ads in the interchallenge of a construction machine.

Wbelow to uncover the item that I built? When a things is completed, it is immediately added to your inventory.Please examine very closely. If you cannot discover the item in the inventory, call assistance by clicking "No" and also then "Contact us" on your display.

Avakin Life: Apartments

Why can’t I adjust the color of the wall surfaces and also floor? Not all apartments have actually a similar feature. If you look at the list of apartments in the keep, you will certainly understand in which apartments you deserve to change the shade of walls and also floors utilizing the icon through the paint roller symbol.

Can I revolve on my music in the apartment? Yes. You have to purchase Shoutactors radio in the save to play music.

Wright here deserve to I acquire my very own apartment and also what does it offer me? You have the right to purchase your own apartment by going to the keep, in the "Apartments" area, wright here you can select something to your liking. After that, you deserve to decoprice and also equip the apartment to your taste by buying your favorite furniture and also decor items in the store.You have the right to likewise chat with friends and sfinish messages while in your apartment. The game has a rating system for apartments and you deserve to get into the TOP-20. You can:

Make your apartment public, obtainable just to friends or private;Write a welcome message that all travellers will check out at the entrance to your apartment;Make a miniature photo of your apartment, which will be displayed in the list of apartments.

How many type of people fit in an apartment? At the minute, the apartment deserve to be 8 people, consisting of you.

How can I find out what furniture is in a certain apartment? You have the right to see each item that is presently in the apartment by clicking the corresponding symbol in the food selection (picture of a chair and also a magnifying glass).Next you will view all the items that are currently in the apartment.

When I equip my apartment, the range on the left transforms red and I can’t put anypoint else in the apartment. Why? This scale shows exactly how a lot cost-free "virtual space" in your apartment. If the range is red, then you have got to the limit on the variety of furniture. If you hold a things, the scale will certainly show you exactly how much space will be freed if you delete this item.

Avakin Life: Support-Coins, Stuff and TapJoy


I bought Avacoins however did not obtain them. What to do? Perhaps you have accumulated many incoming messperiods, attempt deleting a couple of to free up some memory.

I bought a thing that I execute not favor. Can I gain my Avacoins back? Items are not refundable, unmuch less the item is technically faulty.

One of my things is lacking. What to do?Contact the support organization by clicking on the red button "Contact Us", indicating your username (nickname), the name of the item that is lacking, the device on which you play and any other vital indevelopment. Your complaint will be taken into consideration.

I did not get the item I passist for, help! Double inspect that you are trying to discover a things in the correct category. If tbelow really is no item, call customer assistance by clicking on the red Contact Us switch, indicating your username (nickname), the name of the item that was lacking, the time of purchase, and any various other important information.

I acquire an "Ad Blocking" message once I use TapDelight. This happens because of the fact that you have actually restrictively tracking proclaiming enabled in the settings. Go to the "Settings" of your tool, then to the "Privacy" section. Make certain the ad limit is disabled. Keep in mind that a disabled ad limiter will certainly assist you earn more coins in TapJoy!

Where are my coins earned in TapJoy? Sometimes it may take a number of hours to reward a completed assignment. Keep in mind that some jobs have the right to be completed only once. Performing one task a number of times will not give you the possibility to get a number of awards. If you have actually not got your coins after a particular time, contact TapJoy customer support:

Click "Free." in the upper right corner;Click "TapHappiness Offers";Click on the symbol in the top left corner to open up the menu;Select "Reward Status". There you deserve to check out your tasks and coins that were sent to you.

If you have actually any type of questions or don’t acquire a coin in a few hrs, click on a task that doesn’t occupational effectively and usage the "Request Support" button to send a message to TapJoy support.

Avakin Life: Work


What are the vacancies? Bar cafe and bartender are waiting for you in the Cafe on 23rd Street and in the Sandown Club. Go to the Cafe on 2third Street, wright here you should line up for the article of barista. Go to the Sandown Club to come to be a bartender as soon as the location is empty. Fulfill orders made by customers and passist for by crystals and also Avacoins. Earn awabaks and XP for a successful order. Avobaks can be exreadjusted at ATMs for Avacoins, which can be discovered both in Café on 23rd Street and in the Sandown Club.

How does a barista work? You have 3.5 minutes to job-related as a barista. You have the right to submit a maximum of 3 orders.

Head to the Cafe on 23rd Street;Click on the white-blue schedule symbol on the wall;Click "Get started" to start working automatically or to queue;You will be notified once it is time to begin your shift;Chat via customers, offer them drinks;Check the received orders by clicking on the bell in the left edge of the menu;Click on the coffee machine to watch the whole list of drinks;Select a drink from the list and also click "Prepare";When the drink is ready, click "Collect";Contact the client and select "Submit";Click on the cupboard via pastry;Select a product and also click "Collect";Contact the customer and also select Submit.

How have the right to I make an order?

Click on the character functioning as a bartender or barista to open up the menu;Select "Place an order";Select a product from the food selection, click "order". Orders are phelp by crystals or Avacoins. If there are not sufficient funds in your account, the order will be canceled.

What are awabaks? Awabax is the money you can earn by working at Avakin Life. Awabaks can be exadjusted for Avacoins at an ATM in Cafe on 23rd Street or at Sandvery own Club.

How does a bartender work? You have actually 3.5 minutes to work-related as a barista. You can submit a maximum of 3 orders. Stay behind the bar in the time of the change, otherwise the change will certainly end.

Go to the Sandvery own Club;Click on the white-blue schedule symbol on the wall;Click "Get started";If the place is taken, be patient and wait till the various other player finishes the shift;Chat with customers, offer them drinks;Check the obtained orders by clicking on the bell in the left edge of the menu;Click on the freezer for drinks to view the whole list of drinks;Select a drink from the list and click "Prepare";When the drink is prepared, click "Collect";Contact the client and choose "Submit";Click on the snack cabinet;Select a product and also click "Collect";Contact the customer and also choose Submit.

Avakin Life: Animation Sets

How can I usage computer animation sets? Animation packs are a brand-new means to readjust your character in Avakin Life! You can purchase a set of animations by choosing the "Animations" area and also then "Animations Set" in the Avakin keep. Then you deserve to buy your favorite collection and activate it by clicking on the shopping cart icon. Before you buy a collection, you deserve to watch each collection by clicking the play button on the left. You deserve to "take off" animations from yourself by clicking the "o" in the wardrobe and you perform with clothing. At the moment, you have the right to not yet combine the various parts of the animations.

Avakin Life: Egyptian Adventure

What is an adundertaking game and exactly how have the right to I play? You deserve to choose the adendeavor game mode from the games menu on your panel. In this game you will certainly uncover yourself in a large room wbelow you need to look for chests. These chests contain miscellaneous items such as apparel, game suffer, and various other rare items that will certainly assist unlock new scenes. At the moment, just the initially level is available.

The main goal is to uncover all 5 components of the scarab, which are hidden in different chests throughout the scene. As shortly as you collect all 5 parts, you have the right to open a unique scarab chest, in which tbelow may be also more rare and useful prey. You likewise have actually a opportunity to discover a distinct crucial that will permit you to go to the following level.

I have the right to not find the key to go to the next level! Opening scarab chests does not guarantee that the vital will definitely be discovered. Try aacquire tomorrow!

Avakin Life: Fashion Contest


What is a fashion contest? Fashion dispute in Avakin Life is a brand-new attribute that enables you to take component in fashion contests in the battle for prizes and also the appropriate to boast! Dress up, win prizes and also complete via friends so that you are recognized as the the majority of fashionable in Avakin. Sjust how everyone your style by creating incredible imeras from the points that are currently in your wardrobe or borrow from hundreds of obtainable ones, as genuine stylists execute.

Surpclimb the crowd and you have the right to win Avacoins and also stellar power to flaunt all mod’s status. Demonstprice your expertise of fashion (and earn rewards!) By voting for the a lot of stylishly dressed personalities in each challenge. Collect XP in the time of the game and add distinctive commodities to your wardrobe.

How to take part in a fashion contest? There are 3 steps:

Filing an application;Voting;Results.

You can gain into fashion games via the primary panel in the food selection over or through the tab "Fashion Competition" to the left of your character in the primary menu. To take component in a fashion dispute, click the "Contests" symbol on the home page. Then you have the right to pick in which competition you want to participate. After that you must choose a level (bronze, silver, gold).

Now you can start developing a stylish look! Depfinishing on what level you have liked, a certain collection of things will certainly be obtainable to you. Things are sorted right into categories and also subcategories choose in a game store. You can click on the rules interconfront to redimension the home window. When you are totally satisfied with the developed photo, you deserve to continue to the fashion shooting to finish the application for participation. After confirming your application, you can share this via your friends on social netfunctions to advertise your participation in the contest.

If you desire to resubmit an application for participation, please note that just 1 application per level in the competition have the right to be welcomed.

Avakin Life: Configuring the game correctly

How execute I create an account? To create an account:

Click "New User" or click on the display screen all over to start developing an account.Choose your favorite character photo (perform not issue, you deserve to adjust it later). Get in the username (nickname) to check if it is free or use random name selection (it have the right to also be adjusted later).Click "Start" after selecting a character and also name. Click "Let’s Go!" To complete the account production.Click "Not Yet" if you desire to return to the character selection menu.

After founding the game you should provide permission to create information to the device’s memory. This permission will allow Avakin Life to conserve account information and photos in the device’s memory.

How do I connect my Avakin Life account to Google Play? First of all, you have to link your account to a valid e-mail or Google Play. After that, go to Settings> Account> Logout.

How to link your Avakin Life account to Facebook? Verify your Avakin Life Facebook account in the Avakin Life settings food selection. Log in to Avakin Life> Go to Settings> Account> Link an exterior account to your game account complying with step-by-action instructions.

How to connect an Avakin Life account to GameCircle? Verify your Avakin Life account in Video Game Circle in the Avakin Life settings food selection. Log in to Avakin Life> Go to Settings> Account> Link an external account to your game account complying with step-by-step instructions.

How carry out I link an Avakin Life account to Video Game Center? Verify your Avakin Life account in Game Center in the Avakin Life settings food selection. Log in to Avakin Life> Go to Settings> Account> Link an exterior account to your game account complying with step-by-action instructions.

What is a quiz and also exactly how to play it? The quiz is presented in a distinct variation of Star Format Bar. You need to pay coins for participation, but, you deserve to also win coins in the quiz by efficiently completing the rounds. You can even win a jackpot prize. There are 2,000 concerns in the game, split into five categories: music, celebrities, fashion, movies and also entertainment. Questions selection from super basic to incredibly complicated. You have the right to use 3 tips to answer the most tough questions. Use them wisely:

50/50 removes one of the incorrect answers to leave just 2 to pick from.Refresh transforms the current question to a brand-new one.By clicking "Eye", you will certainly see the answer to the question and go to the next question.

Players that execute not play the quiz have the right to observe the participants and discuss inquiries, however cannot answer any kind of of them. Questions and also answers are in English just. Participation in the quiz prices 1 Avacoin, which is then not refundable. The participant should answer the concerns in numerous rounds appropriately in order to win prizes.

To play, choose one answer from 3 options prior to the countdown timer ends. If you answer the question erroneously, then the game ends. To compete for the Jackpot, you should go via numerous rounds. If you lose the quiz, you will certainly shed everything, also if you won coins in the previous rounds. Prizes are not cumulative.

How can I record my gameplay in Avakin Life? First of all, make certain the video recording function is allowed in the Avakin Life settings food selection. By choosing this alternative, you can adjust the video quality. The ideal top quality settings will certainly depend on which gadget you are utilizing. After beginning the video recording attribute, the manage butloads will certainly appear on the display in addition to your front cam and microphone audio ptestimonial. If you perform not want your confront to be recorded, you can disable this attribute by clicking the camcorder symbol. You can also mute the microphone by tapping the microphone icon.

When you are prepared to start recording your gameplay, click the red "Record" switch. Then your controls will be reduced to one symbol on the screen, which have the right to be relocated to any type of other part of it - just drag the symbol to your preferred location. The icon will certainly not appear in the video. Before you begin recording, you will be provided a 3-second countdvery own so that you have the right to prepare for shooting. Throughout recording, you will certainly check out a red "REC" symbol in the upper left edge of your scene. When you finish recording, click the control icon and the video will be automatically saved in the video gallery of your gadget.

Free day-to-day rewards! Daily rewards are a one-of-a-kind bonus offered for new players that enter the game eextremely day in the initially 28 days. By clicking on the icon via the awards, you can check the current awards. The reward screen likewise shows up immediately when you obtain a new reward. In the Daily Rewards food selection, you have the right to watch the rewards that have currently been received, and also the rewards that will still be accessible for 28 days.

After the second day of the game, you can pick up a new reward without waiting for the following day. You have the right to carry out this by paying a fee to Avacoins, which will certainly increase each time you collect a reward in advancement. After receiving 5 awards issued ahead of schedule, you must wait at leastern 22 hrs prior to receiving a new award. If you missed a day, the reward will certainly not be void. You simply continue from the location wright here you stopped last time.


Can I change my email? To adjust the e-mail, go to: Setups -> Account -> Change email resolve. Go into a new e-mail in the "New" line> then re-enter the e-mail in the "enter new" line.

How can I readjust the username? The first time you deserve to adjust the username for free, all succeeding alters will certainly be charged. To change the username:

Click on the "Profile" button in the upper panel;Click on the "Username" field;Get in a brand-new username;Confirm alters.

How to readjust the password? To change the password:

Go to settings> account> adjust password;Enter your present password in the "Current" column;Enter a brand-new password in the "New" column;Re-enter the brand-new password in the line below;Save the changes.

Why was my account blocked / suspended? Your account is suspended or suspfinished because of a violation of Avakin Life rules. To discuss this case, call assistance utilizing the "Challenge Lock" function.

One of the users filed a complaint versus me, will my account be blocked? Each account lockout and suspension is considered individually. Measures are taken if a violation is confirmed.

I can’t acquire right into my account after I transferred my account information to an additional person. What to do? Never before share your account information! Many likely you became a victim of "phishing", the so-called network-related fraud. In this situation, you should contact the assistance service for help by pushing the red Contact Us switch.

My account is blocked / suspended. Can I make a refund? If your account is blocked / suspfinished, you are not entitled to a remoney.

I forgained my password, what can I perform in this situation? If you have forgained your password, usage the login food selection by clicking the "Forobtained Password" panel. Get in your e-mail, then it will obtain an e-mail via instructions. If you mentioned a non-existent e-mail when registering an account, call customer support by clicking on the red Contact Us switch.

My username (nickname) has been adjusted. Why did this happen? If you have actually not played Avakin Life for 365 days and have not made in-app purchases, your username will automatically come to be "AbandonedUserXXX". If you log right into the game aacquire after 365 days of skipping, you will certainly have actually the chance to readjust the username aacquire for totally free. But the username that you had actually before might be taken by another user. Also, developers have the right to change your username to "SystemRenameXXX" if your username is taken into consideration offensive. In this case, a secondary cost-free nick adjust is not gave.

Have I forgained my email? What must I do? Contact technical support by clicking on the red Contact Us switch.

I tried to reset the password, yet the e-mail that I supplied for my account is nonexistent. What should I do? Contact technological assistance by clicking on the red Contact Us button. Do not forobtain to specify a real e-mail.

Avakin Life: Developer Responses to Player Questions


What languperiods ??are sustained in Avakin Life? The game introduced an global mode. Switching to this mode, you have actually even more chances to be in the exact same neighborhood via civilization speaking the exact same language as you.Avakin presently supports 11 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Oriental, Portuguese, Indonesian and Chinese. Switch to worldwide mode in public locations to satisfy people speaking the very same language with you.

On my friend’s device, Avakin Life looks a lot better and also better. Why is this so? Avakin Life is a little various from the usual applications. Good graphics and a lot of content in Avakin Life call for an extremely effective tool. Devices through low technological specifications will certainly assistance the game, however will not disclose the beauty of this application. The power of the tool directly affects just how attrenergetic the game looks.

Someone readily available me free coins. What to do? This is a famous fraud strategy referred to as phishing. You will certainly be asked to provide an e-mail and also account password, but this is not worth it! Never share your account information via third parties!

I wanted to purchase an object in the store, however now I have the right to not find it in the store. How to uncover him?Use the search bar in the lower best edge of the save. Some products appear in the keep for a minimal time.Comparable products can be established by the matching timer icon.

I would certainly prefer to order t-shirts for my team / family. How deserve to i carry out this? Use the search bar in the reduced best corner of the save. Some products appear in the keep for a minimal time. Comparable assets deserve to be established by the equivalent timer icon.

Can I obtain totally free assets and Avacoins from Avakin? The game does not give gifts to individual players, asit will be unfair to the rest.

I want to log in to another account, how perform I log out of the existing account? You should bind the existing account to a valid e-mail or one of the services such as Facebook, Google Play, Game Center, Video Game Circle in the Avakin Life settings food selection. Next off, go to Settings> Account> Logout.

Why can’t I readjust the color of my thing? Some products have a limited selection of colors. Developers are trying to reproduce objects from the people of fashion as cshed to real ones as feasible.

Who are the moderators? All moderators and also administrators have actually a golden lion symbol alongside the name, rather of the classical symbol via a purple color.

Can I become a game moderator? Tright here are presently no moderators among the players in the game.

How can I come to be a representative? All representatives are schosen based upon excellent, permanent and also productive tasks within the neighborhood. Applications for the area of representative are not accepted.

Can I include Avakin Life administrators to my friends? Your frifinish research will be embraced if the moderator or administrator is functioning on any type of technical difficulty or project. Otherwise, perform not be offended if your research is not welcomed or the message has not been check out.

What is a mysterious box? Watch the commercial or buy the Mysterious Box to earn Avacoins, distinctive items and also other prizes!


Help! My cost-free mysterious box does not open! The variety of commercials easily accessible to open the Mysterious Box is identified by your area. If there are no commercials to check out, you deserve to open a restricted variety of boxes for crystals. A mysterious box have the right to be bought for coins at any time. If you click "Free Avacoins" in the top appropriate edge, the Free alternative will be grayed out, the choice to purchase the Mysterious Box for 100 Avacoins will still be easily accessible. When all the complimentary Mysterious Boxes are open, you will be available the choice to purchase the Mysterious Box for crystals.

What are the rules for commenting on a news feed? Comments that violate the rules will certainly be deleted.

It is forbidden to ask for account information.It is forbidden to usage foul language.It is forbidden to ask for presents.It is forbidden to humiliate various other customers.It is forbidden to pretfinish to be minors.It is forbidden to offer / move / exchange accounts.It is forbidden to impersonate the administrator.

Accounts of customers that systematically violate the rules will be blocked.

How many kind of individuals deserve to be in one game scene? Scenes accommoday up to 8 individuals at a time. XL scenes accommoday up to 16 individuals, inclusive (easily accessible on devices with higher specifications).

How can I view what is worn on an additional Avakin character? Tbelow are two means to execute this:

While in the same place as the player, click on his character and choose "Inspect" from the list of argued actions.Open your player’s profile and also click the magnifying glass T-shirt symbol.

Exclusive items from the Mysterious Box, and also discounted products, are not displayed.

How many kind of imperiods deserve to I save? You deserve to conserve approximately 6 images.

What is the feature of creating memes? Create your own memes in Avakin Life in photo mode and share them via anyone you want!

Go to the location;Open the photo mode;Take a photo;Scroll via the "Text" mode (optimal line in the menu on the left);Edit the top and bottom message of the meme;Select "Save to device" or "Share photo" to show your meme to everyone.

How to put furniture in the apartment? It’s straightforward to put furniture once you understand how to execute it! First of all, open the apartment editing and enhancing mode:

Go to the apartment;Click on the level editing and enhancing mode symbol (illustrated as a chair with a pencil);Select the category you would certainly favor to work with.

How to drag items of furniture? Drag the item you favor from the category right into the furniture grid on the display screen. Move the furniture along the grid and also release it so that the object falls into place.

How to relocate the furniture? To move furniture, click the item and also organize with one finger. Use your second finger to move left and also appropriate to revolve the item.

How to remove a item of furniture? Click on a things and also organize it until the delete alternative appears:

The option "Delete item" deletes 1 schosen item;The alternative "Delete zone" deletes all objects in the current zone;The choice "Delete all" deletes all items in the apartment.

My apartment has several floors and rooms, just how to arvariety furniture in various other rooms? Your character need to be in the exact same room that you would certainly choose to furnish. If you are unable to put the furniture, try, try rotating the video camera.

How to rotate on the TV that I bought? At the minute, the TVs in the game are not interenergetic.

Can I put one item on another? You can area tiny objects on tables by dragging them to the surconfront.

Avakin Life: How to Ban an Abuser?


Do I need to file complaints via various other players? Only file a complaint if a player is aggressive or violates the Avakin Life rules. To prevent additionally interaction with this player, block him.

I observed illegal actions while playing Avakin Life, what need to I do? Data a complaint against a player by clicking the appropriate field in the player’s profile. Provide as a lot indevelopment as feasible.Examples of unlawful acts include:

Discrimination;Phishing (user asks for your account details);Discussion of methods to hack the game.

How to file a complaint around a player? To comsimple around one more player:

Go to the profile of this player;Select the Comsimple switch under the player’s avatar.

If a false complaint is discovered, action will certainly be taken via respect to your account. Filing complaints might be based upon personal hostility or filing a complaint in retaliation.

I filed a complaint versus an additional player, but he is still playing. Why is it not blocked? Player complaints are reviewed and also analyzed individually, so this can take some time. If a violation is detected, the user might obtain a warning, a short-lived suspension of the account or a finish ban.

I am not yet 13 years old. Why can’t I play Avakin Life? Due to some features of Avakin Life, human being over 13 years old are allowed into the game. Age constraints apply to safeguard youngsters.

Why should I pay for altering the username (nickname)? The fee for altering the username (nickname) is charged in order to avoid cases when players, making use of the device, begin to chase other players.Before changing your username (nickname), please make sure that it entirely suits you.

How to block one more player? To block a user:

Go to the profile of this player;Select "Block" in the menu on the right.

I can’t acquire right into Avakin Poker / Avakin Starstyle / Avakin 3D Creator. Why? These applications are no longer accessible. At the minute, developers are focused on working just through Avakin Life.

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