Auto Field Maintenance Unit enables a carolannpeacock.commmander to repair his/her ship when in area. More suited to those in deep-room, far amethod from normal area.

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Class 1
1E10,000cr+t-0.54mw Where to buy
1D30,000cr+t-0.72mw Where to buy
1C90,000cr+t-0.90mw Where to buy
1B270,000cr+t-1.04mw Wbelow to buy
1A810,000cr+t-1.26mw Wright here to buy
Class 2
2E18,000cr+t-0.68mw Wbelow to buy
2D54,000cr+t-0.90mw Wright here to buy
2C162,000cr+t-1.13mw Where to buy
2B486,000cr+t-1.29mw Where to buy
2A1,458,000cr+t-1.58mw Where to buy
Class 3
3E32,400cr+t-0.81mw Where to buy
3D97,200cr+t-1.08mw Where to buy
3C291,600cr+t-1.35mw Wbelow to buy
3B874,800cr+t-1.55mw Wbelow to buy
3A2,624,400cr+t-1.89mw Wright here to buy
Class 4
4E58,320cr+t-0.99mw Where to buy
4D174,960cr+t-1.32mw Wbelow to buy
4C524,880cr+t-1.65mw Where to buy
4B1,574,640cr+t-1.90mw Wbelow to buy
4A4,723,920cr+t-2.31mw Wbelow to buy
Class 5
5E104,976cr+t-1.17mw Wbelow to buy
5D314,928cr+t-1.56mw Wbelow to buy
5C944,784cr+t-1.95mw Where to buy
5B2,834,352cr+t-2.24mw Where to buy
5A8,503,056cr+t-2.73mw Wbelow to buy
Class 6
6E188,957cr+t-1.40mw Wright here to buy
6D566,870cr+t-1.86mw Where to buy
6C1,700,611cr+t-2.33mw Wbelow to buy
6B5,101,834cr+t-2.67mw Where to buy
6A15,305,501cr+t-3.26mw Wright here to buy
Class 7
7E340,122cr+t-1.58mw Where to buy
7D1,020,367cr+t-2.1mw Where to buy
7C3,061,100cr+t-2.63mw Where to buy
7B9,183,300cr+t-3.02mw Wright here to buy
7A27,549,901cr+t-3.68mw Wbelow to buy
Class 8
8E612,220cr+t-1.80mw Where to buy
8D1,836,660cr+t-2.40mw Where to buy
8C5,509,980cr+t-3.00mw Wbelow to buy
8B16,529,941cr+t-3.45mw Where to buy
8A49,589,823cr+t-4.20mw Wright here to buy
DMG = damages, DPS = damage per secarolannpeacock.comnd, ROF = Rate of fire, T. load = Thermal fill, P. speed = Projectile speed, AP = Armour piercing.« Back to inner equipment


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