If you arrangement on hitting the ski hills or trails this winter, there is one article that will certainly take your experience to a totally new place, and also potentially transform the way you see and cut with the snow, forever.

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We space talking about the RideOn AR smart ski goggles. They room the very first true augmented fact goggles for snow sports, and they incorporate the functionality of old college goggles v a hold of new, tech-enabled features. For the adventurous, tech-savvy winter sporting activities fan, they could be among the most vital orders the the year.



Deploying a twin anti-fog, anti-scratch UV400 lens with a 24 degree (diagonal) see-through display, the RideOn goggles project AR graphics and also features straight onto the snow, so it shows up as if the graphic coming the end of your goggles room floating in the air over 15 feet far from you.

RideOn invented a an approach that allows you connect with this floating user interface using nothing but an easy head movements, which means you nothing need any type of external devices (wristwatches, voice activation) to usage these clever goggles to their fullest capacity. Merely stare in ~ the icons fixed in the sky, her friends, or an object — no should take the end your phone or take it off your gloves.



Augmented reality is nothing there is no implementation. Fortunately, the RideOn goggles give you many of points to do in the snow — you won’t be emotion bored at any time soon.

You deserve to use the goggles to pinpoint friends and then put in a phone contact or send them a pre-set message message. The goggles can also be deployed to navigate and maneuver through ski slopes through clocking your place on a virtual map and highlighting anything the is in ~ your field of vision. This have the right to be handy because that finding lifts, lodges, and other clues of safety.

RideOn likewise features a built-in HD video clip camera (8 MP with 1080p) that permits friend to record POV clips of your ride or also share your endure in realtime, virtual — the RideOn AR clever ski goggles function Bluetooth, integrated WiFi, and a MicroUSB port. This clips have the right to then be uploaded online, the course, among other applications. If girlfriend are creating winter contents to share v the world, RideOn goggles will be your new best friend.

Nothing beats listening come music while carving through the snow — the RideOn smart ski goggles connect to your phone and also give girlfriend the capacity to listen to music in a method that is fully hands-free and intuitive, so you have the right to say goodbye come fumbling v your phone call in freeze weather.

These goggles to be truly made for prolonged periods of usage — your 2500mAh battery permits for seven intake hours and also 24 standby hours, when the RideOn’s 8.4 oz weight and also aerodynamic covering is light enough to rock through a full day the use through no overbearing bulk. 3 layers of high-density challenge foam and also an in its entirety ergonomic fit for sure you will certainly be comfortable the entirety time, too.


THE FUTURE’S for this reason BRIGHT, friend GOTTA stay GOGGLES

An invest in this goggles is an investment in a modern technology that is developing and also growing every day. To that point, future software program updates for RideOn will certainly let you play games and challenges, activate turn-by-turn navigation, get access to in-ride stats, video chat, and also a lot much more — you will even be able to create video clips making use of those aforementioned in-ride stats.

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For RideOn’s AR technology, the future is feather promising. If girlfriend are marketed on these clever ski goggles — and we don’t see exactly how you can not be — you deserve to put in a pre-order because that the product now. They operation for €980,00. Visit the RideOn website this day for an ext information.