If you’re debating Garrett’s at Pro against their AT gold you’ll already know that they’re both VLF machines and also the AT gold is more suitable because that finding yellow nuggets. However what else should you know before you component with her cash? here are every the details.

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A thorough Comparison of The Garrett AT agree vs The Garrett at Gold


The Garrett at Pro operation on 15kHz while the Garrett in ~ Gold runs on 18kHz i beg your pardon is higher.

Both equipments will pick up all metals however the AT yellow is much better suited to smaller objects such together gold and low conductivity targets choose bullets. Greater frequency machines are an ext sensitive to ground mineralization too.

The AT pro runs a reduced frequency for this reason it’ll permeate the floor further and also find depths treasure. It’s much more likely to choose up silver 보다 the at Gold. The in ~ Pro will certainly run far better on wet sand as the frequency is lower.


Garrett display screens are second to none and both the in ~ Pro and the in ~ Gold have actually clear screens with target ID, battery levels, sensitivity, depth indicators, iron audio and pinpoint.

Differences room that the at Pro has actually notch discrimination and the in ~ Gold has actually threshold function.

There’s no backlighting on one of two people machine.

Ground Balance

These an excellent machines have actually both manual and also automatic ground balancing.

The distinction is the the AT agree does not have the in ~ Gold’s ‘ground balance window’ that provides it much easier to find on differing mineralized grounds – that’s where the yellow is usually located.

Target Identification and also Discrimination

Digital Target i would is detailed on both the at Pro and the AT gold running in between 0-99.

The Pro has actually coins, tradition or zero differentiate whereas together the Gold has true all metal, and two discrimination settings.

Iron Audio

Both the at Pro and also the in ~ Gold have actually iron discrimination and audio buttons to filter the end trash items.


Both equipments are submersible up to ten feet making them perfect for deep, shallow and water’s sheet detecting.

The AT agree will work well in salt water problems whereas the at Gold’s greater frequency will go haywire near salt. Miscellaneous to store in mind if you a beach hunter.


Both machines have actually Pro Audio mode and also the audio is excellent. The AT yellow doesn’t have standard binary though.


Both machines have the volume to take Garrett’s big range the extra coils, however they are marketed with various coils together standard.

The in ~ Pro has actually the 8.5 x 11 inch DD PROformance coil whereas the Gold has the 5.8 x 8 customs DD PROformace.

The at Pro’s coil quickly covers ground in ~ a better depth vice versa, the Gold’s coil is intended to find for smaller sized objects prefer tiny gold nuggets.

Length and Weight

Both equipments measure the same starting at 43 inches and stretching up to 56 inches. Both come apart into three part to make carrying them easier.

The AT agree is a little heavier, however there’s not much in it. The yellow weights 2.8 lbs and also the agree 3.03lbs


The AT agree is cheaper than the in ~ Gold but only by $100-150

The ideal Choice

The at Pro expenses less and also it’s more of an all-rounder ~ above its reduced frequency. The has an excellent ground penetration and also is the best selection if you’re looking come hunt because that all varieties of targets in many places consisting of the beach.

The at Gold v its higher frequency is much better at finding gold, yet it is pricier and hates saltwater.

The devices are similar in construct quality for this reason it really comes under to the form of targets you desire to find much more of.

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If she a yellow fiend climate the Garrett at Gold is for you – much more of one all-rounder? grab the Garrett in ~ Pro.