An update of the internet"s favorite oriental drinking game, Volume 2 that AZN FLUSH comes v 109 brand brand-new cards all around being a third society kid. It"s still just as relatable together before and also if you"re having actually a pregame, video clip chat, or party, is the perfect an option to acquire your night started right.

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The rules are simple:

Draw a card.Read the rules.Drink if you lose.

Supports 2-20+ players. Perfect for pregames, kickbacks, parties.



The can be fried drinking video game for anime lovers is finally here. 109 unique cards with hilarious dares, would you rather"s, controversy topics, trivia, and also more. Each map is rooted in relatable quirks of being an anime lover! If you"re in ~ a convention, city hall anime v friends, or even video-chatting online, this load is the perfect choice.

The rule are very simple:

Take turns illustration cards.Read the card aloud.If the card applies to you, or you lose the minigame, drink!

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Keep confront - oriental American Charades video game (Pre-Order)

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Keep your challenge on because it"s video game on.

From the devices of AZN FLUSH, store Face challenges you to a video game of i can not forget charades only Asians would know and understand. Deserve to you keep up the charade?

300 Hilarious Words to Act Out6 Categories: popular music Culture, Things, Food, Places, Actions, PhrasesFun social video game to beat with people of every ages3-20+ Players

This is a pre-order. Games to begin shipping in 6 weeks.

AZN do the washing up BOOSTER fill


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Now introducing the AZN flush Booster Pack, which introduces 25 brand new cards that include savage gameplay mechanics to all AZN flush packs. Dual punishments, turning back them, release them. The an option is yours. 

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Do I need the initial to play any type of expansion packs?

Nope! Every fill is totally playable top top its own.  

How perform I play AZN FLUSH?

Click here to read.

Who make AZN FLUSH?

shameless plug. 

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How walk AZN FLUSH come to be?

after a couple of too numerous bottles of soju.

How lengthy does shipping take?

Orders in ~ the U.S. Arrive in 3-7 organization days.

International orders take it up to 2 months.

Am I guaranteed to laugh my ass off?

Move beside Cards versus Humanity.

The job of awkwardly guessing what's funny space over (your girlfriend just have a bad sense of humor.)

No an ext throwaway cards either.

This game is jam packed through the best luxury, hand-made, cage-free memes guaranteed to obtain you laughing your ass off.

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