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It's rare the Kim Kardashian West is photographed without makeup. Gus Ruelas/Reuters and also Kim Kardashian West/Instagram

While posing alongside a copy the Love magazine featuring Kendall jenner on the cover, Kardashian West appears to have actually been wearing no lipstick, eyeliner, or mascara. She post the picture on July 31, 2014.

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Whitney Port also encouraged she fans come share their very own makeup-free selfies. Matt Winkelmeyer/Stringer/Getty Images and also Whitney Port/Instagram

According come the \"The Hills\" star\"s post, which she mutual on September 15, 2015, people often told her that she looked \"dead or anemic\" anytime she wasn\"t put on makeup. She continued to say that she \"struggled\" with her skin while growing up, and also had \"terrible acne\" in high school.

\"I\"ve learned that keeping it healthy and also clear is mostly because of keeping that clean,\" port said around her skin. \"I important think the vital to inner and outer beauty isn\"t about all the things we deserve to buy to cover increase our skin, however how we can embrace our skin and also keep that healthy. Clean skin is in.\"

\"The more I keep it clean, the much better condition it\"s in,\" she said. \"And as soon as you do decide to put a little makeup ~ above ( i mean, we all do