In this case the problem is thatyou areattemptingtoconvertthe numeric to adatetime.

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You requireto revolve yournumericinto a string first:

yr_mnth_dt as char(8)) as datetime);At the time you attemptand convert a numeric form to adatetime, SQL Server attemptsto includethe numeric worth as the variety of days to the date01-Jan-1900. In thiscase this is attemptingto includecountless days, and sothe overcirculation error.

CONVERTthis can likewise percreate for you.

choose yr_mnth_dt = convert(datetime, convert(char(8),
yr_mnth_dt));Additionally, you cantransform the number to a string, afterwardsthe string to a day. But, i am offering an instance ofusingDATEFROMPARTS:

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