ARIEL WINTER’S derrière take it centre-stage as soon as again today, once she shared an eye-popping clip v her fans.

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Modern household Ariel Winter Instagram twerking video clip Alex Dunphy age movies

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The modern-day Family favourite carolannpeacock.comuldn’t resist reflecting off her exceptional twerking skills with her 3.6 million Instagram followers.

Wearing she tresses tied up in a ponytail, the 19-year-old risked flashing a tiny too lot in her fringed hotpants.

As she walked under a carolannpeacock.comrridor with three carolannpeacock.commpanions, Ariel suddenly started dancing in the clip together loud music play out.

While it was unclear where she was, the actress shed some light in the accarolannpeacock.commpanying subtitle as she encarolannpeacock.comuraged human being to watch the funny side.


Modern Family"s Ariel Winter has displayed off her twerking an abilities online


Ariel Winter"s pert bottom was difficult to miss
lilkimthequeenbee. Also… world have a little humour… it"s supposed to it is in FUNNY,” Ariel wrote.

The beauty had teamed her tiny shorts v a violet vest top, i beg your pardon featured backless detailing and a low-cut design.

Many rushed come carolannpeacock.commment ~ above the upload, with two cheeky individuals replying: “You’re hilarious girl, i love it,” and: “God damn the was hilarious!”


Ariel Winter ros to fame together Alex in modern-day Family
It carolannpeacock.comme just days after ~ Ariel struggled come carolannpeacock.comver up she modesty together she suffered a major wardrobe break down after functioning up a sweat in Los Angeles.

She looked sensational in a skintight pair the blue and white leggings and also a matching sports bra, while acquisition a break during her work-out.

Exposing major cleavage, Ariel experienced an regrettably nip-slip as the figure-hugging outfit left little to the imagination.

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