Ariana Grande, 26-year-old, American singer and songwriter is gift body-shamed on Twitter after a current pic reveals load gain. Ariana Grande Fat is currently trending on twitter.

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Earlier the American pop-star to be body-shamed for being too thin. And now the case is reversed.

Twitterati conveniently noticed the Ariana Grande’s belly bulge in a recent picture in i m sorry she appears to be standing and talking to a co-ordinator that a show. According to Twitter, her ship pops the end a tiny too lot that she is pertained to as ‘fat’.

The ax ‘Ariana Grande fat’ appeared in the autosuggestion when one typed her name in the Twitter find bar.

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this is in reality so gross, she’s ultimately at a healthy and balanced weight and also suddenly “ariana grande fat” starts trending? poisonous

— ᴍᴀᴅɪᴇ | #blacklivesmatter (
angxldol) June 14, 2020

Ariana Grande fans room disgusted by the latest trend. They take into consideration she is at a healthy and balanced weight, not overweight nor underweight.

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Look at she Ariana Grande’s pic and tell us if you feel the she has acquired weight in lockdown.

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Ariana Grande Fat Pic

Ariana Grande fat

Ariana Grande’s body-shaming tweets were slammed by her fans. A human wrote, “Fat or anorexic her fortune is growing.” check out some the the hilarious replies to Ari being called fat.

people save talking about how human being are talking about how ariana grande is fat but i haven’t viewed those comment at all i simply keep seeing civilization talking about how human being are saying she fat lmao

— datura ❦ (
sveltepixie) June 14, 2020

You guys have actually the AUDACIDY TO contact THIS BEAUTIFUL remarkable TALENTED an excellent LADY FAT! exactly how DARE YOU. You establish this harms her right? she’s perfect that means she is and i WISHHHHHH i LOOKED like THAT!!!! stop THIS CHILDISH nonsense SHUT increase