Bangs deserve to be a huge commitment. If you’re feeling all set to take it on this classic hairstyle however don’t understand where come start, don’t worry. We did the investigating for you.

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Bangs are back in a big way this year. What were once deemed as childish and also gave us horrid flashbacks to small high hallways are currently returning to united state in sleek and sophisticated looks the make us want come head to the shop immediately.

However, before you make the appointment, we’ve investigated the many flattering fringe because that your confront shape that space sure to take your look to another level.

1. Round confront Shape

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Is this you? Round encounters are, in fact, round. Her face’s the contrary is virtually perfect, her jawline is not specifically angular and also the width and also length the your challenge are quite similar.

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Play up your features! while there’s no doubt that side swept is the most renowned style that bang, they look particularly flattering top top round face shapes. A deep side part with a longer fringe (go for the bottom piece hitting mid-lip) swept come the side creates angle and dimension to this confront shape.

2. Oval confront Shape

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Is this you? Oval confront shapes are the most side-by-side symmetrical of every the significant face types. They have actually length than a round-shaped face however are quiet soft at the chin.

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Play up your features! Pretty lot any type of bang deserve to be flattering on one oval challenge shape. Our personal favorite room thickly cut, straight across bangs through a slim curve top top the political parties to frame the eyes. They’re both a fun and sophisticated method to absent the look!

3. Square face Shape

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Is this you? If you acquire complimented on her killer jawline, you could have a square confront shape. Most square faces have equally vast foreheads, cheekbones and also a an especially defined jawline.

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Play up her features! Long, layered bangs that space tapered on the side aid soften those strong, identified features and look killer ~ above a square face shape.

4. Heart confront Shape

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Is this you? Heart-shaped faces are blessed with fairly wide foreheads and also narrow chins, thus developing the love shape.

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Your Celeb Twins: Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Love Hewitt

Play up your features! Soft, piecy, sideswept bangs look at heavenly top top heart-shaped faces. Ask your stylist to cut the bangs vertically quite than right across. This gorgeous angle color etc the attention away from your forehead toward your sparkling eyes.