In Are girlfriend the One? Season 8 episode 4, the singles went on a Getaway Date and Basit threw a gender-bending queer prom. Kai and also Jenna have the most passionate connection of anyone in the house. However, based upon the number of beans, Jenna doesn’t feel like they’re a perfect match. Additionally, Basit proceeds to pursue Jonathan and brought him out of his shell throughout the prom. Finally, Nour and Amber, the various other “couple” in the house, room seemingly act well, yet what happens when Amber went on a Getaway day without Nour? Keep reading to discover out!


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Who won the Getaway challenge in ‘Are friend the One?’ Season 8 illustration 4?

Production take it a poll from the singles in the house on who space the two many desirable. Amber and also Jenna had the highest votes, presumably since they are already “coupled up.” because that the Getaway Challenge, the other singles selected words and also pieced together their ideal pickup line because that the 2 girls. Jenna and Amber then choose their two favorite lines, and those room the 6 singles that participated in the next Getaway Date. Nour, Amber’s “wifey,” already began to get jealous and also told the other contestants castle “can look yet can’t touch.”

The quickest method to Jenna's love is with her stomach! #AYTO

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Amber chose Kari’s line due to the fact that it contained her two favorite things: “lick” and also “crazy.” She additionally selected Paige’s because she found it funny. Jenna choose Kai’s because it consisted of cake, i beg your pardon Kai knew and also purposely selected, also though they simply “broke up.” Jenna additionally chose Remy’s, who hooked up through Kai on the first night and Jenna made out v him ~ her argument with Kai the night before. For your Getaway Date, the group took the boat out in ~ night and also swam with manta rays.

How go the Getaway date go in ‘Are girlfriend the One?’ Season 8 illustration 4

Remy admitted Jenna provides him feeling happy anywhere his body. However, that believes she requirements to be her own superhero and save herself from Kai, who he referred to as a blood-sucking leech. As soon as Kai and also Jenna talked privately, he automatically tried to begin things off by repeating his pickup line from the Getaway Challenge. However, Jenna didn’t find it rather as funny anymore. She go right into why they should break up since the beams say they’re not a match and also have glowing red flags in between them.

Kai suggested back, claiming that Jenna reasoned him the end of her life and also made that feel negative for showing emotion over the situation. They ended up in a screaming complement which turned right into an intense makeout session. Jenna admitted the she’s fallout’s in the exact same toxic routine with Kai that she did with previous partners, yet Kai believes enthusiasm is passion. 

Amber admitted she think Paige is a sexy version of bother Potter and also Paige asked because that a kiss. But, out of loyalty to Nour, Amber kissed her only on the cheeks and also nose.

In ‘Are you the One?’ Season 8 illustration 4, singles throw a queer prom

Basit come up with an idea to litter a gender-bending queer prom while the other singles were on their Getaway Date. The bulk of the Are you the One singles were not out in high school or may be to take the human they wanted to prom. Therefore, castle threw one more one whereby the females wore mrs clothing and the males wore dresses.

Justin admitted he take it a girl to the dance in high school, however this time he’s acquisition Max. Basit wore a black color suit come his first prom, yet he carried Dionne Slay, his traction queen identity, out for this one. Jonathan claimed he never went come the dance due to the fact that of his insecurity, but Dionne Slay brought him out of his shell, and also Jonathan introduced BeyondGood come the world. When they went external to talk, Dionne Slay loved seeing BeyondGood own this side of him, and also BeyondGood felt favor they can be a perfect match. They finished up share a basic kiss top top the lips in the confessional.

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During the prom, Aasha danced in between Max and Justin and also then common a three-way kiss with the potential couple. Also, Nour forgot about the rule she offered her “wifey” and made out with Kylie when Amber was on she Getaway Date. The situation genuinely uncomfortable Amber due to the fact that she’s been cheated on several times in the past, therefore she request Nour because that space.

Can Nour and also Amber acquire past this? clock Are you the One? Wednesdays in ~ 9 P.M. EST ~ above MTV to uncover out!