Everyone’s favorite Survivor Millennials vs Gen X strength couple, Zeke Smith and Hannah Shapiro, are here to answer her burning #Heke questions.

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After back-to-back periods of Survivor,it might be a bit tough to store all the emotions the the season in. The is particularly true as soon as only among your seasons have made it to air, which is the situation for Zeke blacksmith right currently beforeSurvivor game Changersairs.

Thankfully, he has actually a loving other castaway fromSurvivor Millennials vs Gen X to companion him top top a mountain getaway. Hannah Shapiro and also Zeke Smith obtained together as soon as again, solidifying your “romantic” partnership by answering your burning #Heke inquiries live on Twitter.

The first question asked around Hannah and Zeke’s favorite storage fromSurvivor Millennials vs Gen X.Apparently, on job 3, Hannah, Zeke, and Will Wahl would certainly go turn off to gain palm fronds, and the lovely pair would it is in singing straightforward musical show tunes native the most iconic musicals. Rather of joining in, Will can not acknowledge a single one. Most likely one to only have actually the US national Anthem on their iPod, will certainly would be sent out off so that Hannah and also Zeke deserve to sing in peace.

The two also released a video clip for concerns two and also three, and four and five. That looks prefer we’ll never understand why the cast photos and also bathing suits were no released, yet it walk seem that Zeke blacksmith was favored over Ken McNickle to success Hannah’s heart due to the fact that Zeke isobviously more conventionally attractive.

All kidding aside, this dorky videos indigenous twoSurvivor superfans-turned-players reflects a great, natural advancement of the game outside of the island. Nearly nobody onSurvivor Millennials vs Gen X took your eliminations as well seriously, also if they were blindsided. If “true” love deserve to blossom from two players ~ above opposing partnerships after the season is over, the expect is that we have actually fewer scorned jury members for future seasons.

Zeke Smith will certainly go for his 2nd attempt at becoming a sole survivor whenSurvivor video game Changers debuts on in march 8 at 8 PM.

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