Just got a letter in the mail from Amerihave the right to Home Shield supplying coverage for A/C devices and appliances. We have an older home (built 1982) and also an older A/C unit that would more than likely cost several thousand also dollars to rearea if it goes out soon-- money that we don't have actually right now. Would a warranty really be worth it?


I’m willing to be the house warranty won’t cover the A/C when you actually look right into it.

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Save up for your own A/C. If it breaks this summer and also you don’t have actually the cash open up the windows and also acquire some fans.

Get 2-3 people out for quotes on replacing the unit and also start an affordable sinking money. A typical unit for a 3-4 bedroom home a brand-new A/C is around $2,500. So its not favor its incredibly expensive.

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$2500 is very reasonable. I as soon as had a man quote me $15000, but I think he was trying to take us for a ride.

The problem is, we live in Texas and also the warm is literally killer in the summer time, also via fans on. And if I open up my windows the man-sized Texas cockroaches will certainly gain in