One that the first things you’ll it is in told when beginning an aquarium is: enlarge is better. However how huge is large enough?

After 75 gallons (283.9 L), the following most common aquarium dimension is generally 125 gallons (473.2 L). A 50 gallon (189.3 L) difference between the two might not seem choose a lot, but that extra space opens increase a ton of new possibilities because that aquascaping and also stocking. While it’s true that bigger tanks require an ext powerful equipment which is more expensive, parameters are simpler to regulate so the there is much more time to reap the natural ecosystem that takes place in her tank!

Keep reading to discover out if a 125-gallon aquarium is ideal for you and also which options fit her aquarium needs!

Quick Summary: ideal 125-Gallon Aquarium


Will mine floor host a 125 gallon aquarium?

This is definitely critical question to ask you yourself regardless of where you setup on placing your aquarium. Every house has a various floorplan, with support beams running different ways; in general, it is best to placed a fish tank over as countless floorboards as feasible to better distribute load evenly.

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Even though a 125 gallon aquarium is long sufficient to be inserted over several floorboards, it may still not be enough. Because that the ideal chances of remaining worry-free, the is always recommended to store fish tanks top top the ground level.

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That is even far better if the tank can be placed on an area reinforced through concrete.


It have the right to be a tiny scary come undertake such a large aquarium system, but a 125 gallon aquarium deserve to be transformed into a beautiful Indonesian reef or a slice of the Amazon basin. The is vital to take into consideration price, client rating, quality, and also included accessories as soon as choosing any kind of aquarium; just due to the fact that something is provided as high quality and carries a huge price tag go not average that the is the absolute finest option for you.

Whether you’re upgrading native a 100 gallon fish tank or making a small downsize native a 150 gallon fish tank, a 125 gallon aquarium will fit many of her aquarium needs!

If you have any questions around 125 gallons tanks or have had actually success maintaining your own large aquarium system, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!