Apple’s affinity because that exclusives may have destroyed Drake’s opportunity to score his an initial number one struggle on Billboard’s hot 100.

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In case you to let go it, one of the top pop society stories from last week was the unintentionally hilarious video clip for Drake’s brand-new single, Hotline Bling. When we understand that Drake have the right to act, the video showsthat his dance moves, lot like his jumper, can use part work. Naturally, Drake’s clunky moves easily spawned a series of hilarious spoofs and memes. The bigger story, though, is that Drake was all the ragelast week, presumably setting the stage for his most recent single to struggle No.1.

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But as it turns out, as soon as Billboardreleased itsHot 100 listyesterday,Hotline Bling only managed tocheck in at #2, fall behind the track The Hillsby The Weekend. Billboard speculatesthat Drake’ssong likely missed the end on its shot in ~ the #1 spot because the video debuted on apologize Music and also that it as such couldn’t incorporate the variety of Apple Music video streams into its weekly calculations.

Drake holds in ~ No. 2 top top the warm 100 through “Hotline Bling.” The monitor rebounds 2-1 for a 2nd week atop Digital song (153,000, increase 29 percent), surely it is provided by fist for its official video, exit Oct. 19 (good for optimal Digital Gainer honors on the warm 100). The monitor drops 2-5 top top Streaming Songs, however, down by 26 percent come 13.7 million, as the clip was released to Apple Music, which walk not right now report its video clip streams to Nielsen Music.

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Incidentally, an main version of the video was exit to YouTube yesterday afternoon. Arguably, if the video clip was made available on YouTube indigenous the beginning, the song would haveeasily satellite atop the warm 100. When Drake is definitely no stranger come the hot 100 list, having appeared on the a grand complete of 100 times, none of his song have ever hit #1. Sure, he’s had actually albums atop the Billboard 200, and he’s had actually an endless number of singles cracked the optimal 10, yet the closest he’s ever involved glory was once he was featured ~ above the 2010 Rhianna number one hit, What’s mine Name?


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