I have actually read a similar question below yet that one talks about the consumption of has/have with reference to "anyone". Here, I wish to ask a question of the form:

Does anyone has/have a black pen?

What is the correct form of verb which must be offered here? I understand that for "anyone", it need to be has actually, as in:

Has anyone obtained a babsence pen?

But my doubt here is bereason of the auxilliary "does" in the question. Will that reason any change to the option of has/have?



When utilizing auxillary or helping verbs, the initially verb is conjugated according to subject, yet the second component of it is solved.

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Take present progressive tense, for an example:

I am going to the park.

He is going to the park.

We are going to the park.

The fundamental construction below is to be + -ing form of verb. The to be is conjugated according to topic, yet not its helping verb - it"ll always be "going" in this instance.

This is the same with to do + ordinary develop of verb, which is the emphatic form of a verb, and often used for negative and also interrogative expressions.

I execute go to the park from time to time.

He does go to the park from time to time.

Do you go to the park from time to time?

Does he go to the park from time to time?

Does anyone go to the park from time to time?

Anyone is singular, so the first verb is conjugated appropriately, yet not any kind of subsequent helping verb.

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The correct sentence would be :

Does anyone have actually a black pen?

I would certainly recommfinish not trying to follow rules blindly (can I include, like a robot) and offer your intuition a voice also.

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answered Nov 26 "15 at 10:44
Darshan ChaudharyDarshan Chaudhary
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Anyone, in this circumstances, is not plural. So, simply substitute a name, "Does John ____ a black pen?" The answer is "have." However before, the suggest is moot as soon as one considers the more acceptable form (image a classroom setting), "Who here has a babsence pen?" Mary could answer, "Jane has actually one." Jane could answer, "I have one." While to the original develop, "Does anyone have actually a babsence pen" the literal answer can be "Yes, of course."

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answered Nov 26 "15 at 12:40
Steven LinkSteven Link
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