I"m trying come learn exactly how to use Git and also have produced a tiny project with an HTML, CSS, and also Javascript file. Ns made a branch from my usually empty project and also then make some changes to mine code. Ns tried staging the changes but I gain the following error message:

Another git process seems to be running in this repository, e.g.an editor opened up by "git commit". You re welcome make sure all processesare terminated then try again. If that still fails, a git processmay have crashed in this repository earlier:remove the record manually come continue.Granted, i did run into difficulties trying come commit mine empty project earlier and also just stop git bash because I didn"t know how to get out of whereby I somehow had gotten.

Is there any way for me to resolve this or need to I just start a brand-new repository?



Try deleting index.lock record in your .git directory.

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rm -f .git/index.lock

Such troubles generally take place when friend execute two git commands simultaneously; maybe one from the command prompt and one indigenous an IDE.



Use the below command in the root brochure of the application. This will certainly delete the index.lock record and release the energetic lock.

rm .git/index.lock


Deleting mine commit message worked for me.

rm .git/COMMIT_EDITMSGIt climate said.

fatal: cannot lock ref "HEAD": can not to develop ".git/refs/heads/.lock": file exists.

Do notification that your branch name might be different than mine. You can delete this lock file by doing;

rm .git/refs/heads/.lockHope this help someone.

Ok I ended up gaining it to job-related by to run "$ git rm .git/index.lock"... It"s weird due to the fact that I did the a few times before to no avail yet hey computer systems right?

This occurred to me and also while sourcetree kept telling me the lock paper exists, there to be no together a document there because that me come remove. Therefore I simply checked out another branch and then went back to the initial branch and also noticed this adjust fixed the issue.

It is similar to over methods but in my instance I had actually several of those

.git/refs/heads/.lockand was able to remove all at once by this way

find -name "*.lock" -exec xargs rm \;
If you room windows user there will be error "rm" is not well-known as an interior or external command. That"s because rm is a Linux command. For this reason in windows, you have the right to use below to remove the index.lock file inside .git folder

del -f .git/index.lock
If you space using CocoaPods and also at some allude botched an upgrade or install (manually eliminated it or something), try

1) remove the index.lock file (in .git/index.lock)

2) remove your Podfile.lock file.

3) do a brand-new pod update

4) try issuing the git command the was failing (in my situation it to be a git add .)

use adhering to command in instance you are dealing with Another git procedure seems come be to run in this repository e.g.an editor opened up by "git commit". You re welcome make certain all processesare terminated then try again. If that still fails, a git processmay have actually crashed in this repository earlier:remove the paper manually come continue.

rm -f .git/index.lock

git resetand after reset command usage git status, git add, and also git commit -a or git commit -m "your message", git push beginning master.

For me the difficulty was simpler, this was in resource tree for this reason I"m not sure just how much it"ll apply to continual solutions yet I accidentally had actually my understand branch selected do the efforts to do a commit quite than my uncommitted changes.

This wouldn"t usually be a problem however I had currently preemptively entered a commit message so I could track what i was doing for that small sprint i was on.

Basically, I started a walk on the uncommitted branch and also was coincidentally trying come start another commit top top my understand branch.

It might be happening your branch is corrupted create brand-new branchgit branch #check branch. Ns have created a new branch and also working .

branch -b "main"git checkout -b "main" #main is new branchgit add .git go -m "all files"git remote add origin #**YOUR REPO** https://github.com/tarun-techmarbles/wp-dump-sql-git-push.gitgit push origin key #push with new branch
Though over there is an alternate above, yet that didn"t settle mine.In mine case, ns delete the "git" plugin in ./zshrc and also reboot the computer then the concern is gone, i guess the zsh plugin had done something dispute the initial git command.

Delete index.lock in here:

/.git/index.lockAlso, if your repository has actually submodules, delete all index.lock in right here as well:

I got this error when pod update. I addressed it through deleting the index.lock file in cocoapods"s .git directory.

rm -f /Users/my_user_name/.cocoapods/repos/master/.git/index.lockIt might help someone.

I have actually same faced problems when ns tried to staged paper in SourceTree.

To deal with this walk to the .git folder in the task directory and manually delete index.lock and you room done.

For me the solution was as an easy as closing my IDE and then checking out. A teammate of mine had accepted my PR and combined the code via TFS. Remove the .lock records did not work.

Had the same trouble using SourceTree. Yet there to be no any kind of index.lock record on my host at all. I"ve uncovered packed-refs.lock file, and also after deleting it, the difficulty was solved.

rm -f .git/index.lock didn"t help, due to the fact that I had a locked paper that couldn"t be deleted. So, index.lock also had to be captured by some application.

In windows I downloaded an alternate to Unlocker referred to as Lock Hunter and deleted both files. Git caught them.

I faced same problem. I had actually to execute little more to fix this. An initial I deleted index.lock then ns cloned fresh code from present git repository location. I had my code transforms in seperated location. I copiped .git folder and .gitignore paper and pasted in the code folder whereby I had actually made code changes.Then i tried to commit and push, it operated smoothly. May be this impormation will certainly be advantageous if your trouble doesn"t by above given solutions.

i faced the exact same issue, problem was ns tried to press my code with a xml record (used as a data set) which has size of 1.3gb , therefore i include these paper into .gitignore and then difficulty solved

We can fix this error by deleting a file called index.lock in the .git/ directory:

rm -f .git/index.lockThis will clear the cache on the Git table of contents so that you can run one more Git command. We perform not have to use the git rm command since index.lock is not component of our tracked repository. index.lock is a concealed Git configuration file. Let’s shot to commit our password again:

git include .git commit
The error code will offer you the full path of the file, copy the path and also delete the file

For example

fatal: unable to develop "/Users/username/Development/project/.git/index.lock": paper exists.Another git process seems to be to run in this repository, e.g.an editor opened by "git commit". You re welcome make certain all processesare terminated then try again. If that still fails, a git processmay have crashed in this repository earlier:remove the record manually come continue.rm -rf fullPathOftheFilerm -rf /Users/username/Development/project/.git/index.lock
It functions for me, I gained same error.

Delete the HEAD.lock document on windows 10. Now i deserve to commit and push my changes on remote.

If girlfriend wind increase here based upon the question"s title ("Another git process seems come be running in this repository"), note that the embraced answer will not be straight applicable to you if the blog post in this question"s location is preceded by another message prefer the one below:

fatal: cannot lock ref "HEAD": can not to develop "https:////.git/refs/heads/.lock": document exists.

In this case, you have to delete that file(.lock) instead of .git/index.lock

My Mac is slow so i ran 2 git commits: one executed and also the 2nd was clogged by the first.I tried rm -f .git/index.lockrm .git/refs/heads/.lock/.git/index.lock/.git/modules//index.lock

find | grep "\.lock$"rm -f ./.git/index.lock this was beneficial to inspect - no .lock document was lurking

I go what
Chole walk - watched of my ide exited and looked in ~ a git-status when more. Then ran a $git include . $git walk -m"msg" $git push

It cleared the 2 terminals the were running commands and also solved the problem. Expect this help someone - the diagnostics were great so many thanks all, very helpful.

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A sluggish Mac has actually caused this problem prior to - so currently I simply wait because that a bit prior to running a second commit that disputes with the first.

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