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Blue eyes are among the the majority of well-known eye colors. According to Healthline, between 8 and 10 percent of civilization global have blue eyes. Blue eyes are a lot of common in Europe, specifically Scandinaby means of.

People with blue eyes are shelp to be charming, friendly, and also attractive.

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This list was produced according to MaL because I wanted to include the a lot of renowned blue-eyed cuties here.

Here are the 20 Best Anime Girls With Blue Eyes!

20. Ai Hayasaka


Ai is a valet of the female protagonist of the series, Kaguya. She is also a student at Shuchi’in Academy.

Acomponent from having miscellaneous personas depending upon the demands, her true self is very type. She is likewise very loyal to Kaguya, going to excellent lengths to ensure her happiness because she loves her like a sister.

19. Itsuki Nakano


Itsuki is the fifth and also the youngest sister from the Nakano Quintupallows.

She is a tsundere that is considered strait-laced by some world because of her polite speech and conservative garments. Itsuki likewise loves to eat astronomical parts of delicious food (that doesn’t!).

18. Esdeath


This cold beauty is quite a looker, isn’t she?

Esfatality is a high-ranking basic ofthe Empire. She is also a sadist, though, and also kills in cold blood bereason she lacks empathy for weak invidious. This is because of her deeply rooted philosophy that just the strong survive and also the weak die, as her father supplied to say.

This Ice Queen has actually an ability that allows her to manipulate ice and mold it from nopoint, which really fits her cold character. This immensely powerful ability deserve to freeze multiple civilization to fatality without any type of trouble.

17. Nao Tomori

Anime: Charlotte

Those are some substantial blue eyes right here.

Charlotte is a first-year student and also the Student Council president ofHoshinoumi Academy.

She is often spotted transporting her camcorder to document the power of human being through superherbal powers for proof.

When it pertains to personality, she is a bold, hard-functioning, and also clever before girl. She is likewise a big foodie and her favorite meal is roasted corn and meat.

16. Aqua


Aqua is your not useless Goddess of water.

She’s a bubbly fun-loving clumsy airhead that lightens the mood of any kind of area she’s in. She is likewise LEGAL.

Many type of would say that Aqua is relatable, effective, and beautiful.

15. Kanna Kamui


This loli is a cute demi-humale who can shapeshift into a dragon, which is her true develop. Kanna acquired exiled from her world because of her never-ending pranks.

Despite being ~7000 years old she still behaves prefer a child and also loves to play games.

14. Nino Nakano

Anime: The Quintcrucial Quintuplets

My favorite Quintuplet has actually displayed herself!

Nino is another tsundere Quintuplet on this list. She is the bluntest sister out of all of them and also doesn’t hesitate to voice her opinions. She is also very caring and also protective of her sisters, acting as a mommy number to them, food preparation and also taking care of the Nakano family members.

13. Touka Kirishima


Toukais a second-year student atKiyomi High School, a part-time waitress at Anteiku, and a ghoul.

She is sort, loyal, and also exceptionally protective of those that are dear to her, although she can likewise be ruthmuch less once it’s necessary.

12. Kagura


Kagura is a perchild that had actually a dark past on an additional planet and also decided to start a brand-new life on Planet.

While she is absolutely stunning appearance-wise, she is likewise very unladychoose once it concerns her behavior. She can be harsh verbally and often says or fights with others, especially with the members of Yorozuya.

She is more than likely a tsundere after all…

11. Mayuri Shiina


Mayuri is that one person you would want as your ideal frifinish. She is extremely supportive and also cheers you on anypoint you do!

She is definitely a moe girl trapped in the sci-fi genre where she can’t shine as much as she would certainly in a slice of life anime, yet she tried her best.

10. Chitoge Kirisaki


Chitoge is a cute female protagonist from a well-known harem series called Nisekoi.

Fans praise her character style bereason she has actually fregulations, dreams, and provides mistakes, yet acknowledges her faults and tries to much better herself.

9. Chika Fujiwara


Show me one perchild who doesn’t love Chika. I know she deserve to be a little bit annoying yet she is somepoint prefer a class clvery own.

Chika have the right to be a little bit of an airhead but she is kawaii, funny, high-spirited, and renders a great friend!

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8. Miku Nakano

Anime: The Quintvital Quintuplets

Wbelow carry out we also start with this one…

Miku is the absolute waifu from The Quintessential Quintupallows series, winning all sorts of popularity polls.

No wonder—she is shy, doesn’t care around looks, is socially awkward, and also is the initially sister to really fall head over heels for the male protagonist. Then we watch her being shy about being in love with him and also trying her best to make him autumn for her—fighting fair and square.

7. Yukino Yukinoshita


Yukino’s beautiful appearance paired through her kuudere personality is what wins you over easily.

Her cold and a tiny awkward personality earns her the nickname Ice Queen. Under this cold mask hides a kind-hearted and also friendly Yukino, yet she demands to open up up a little bit first!

6. Rin Tohsaka


What is it around these tsundere girls we love so a lot, I wonder?

This tsundere is theMasterofArcher (Servant)in the5th Divine Grail War. If you don’t understand these terms, check out this article about the Fate series.

While this sharp-tongued beauty is cold as ice, she deserve to also be adorable when it pertains to civilization she cares around.

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5. Asuka Langley Sohryu


Asuka spent many kind of years training to come to be a pilot for the Evangelion. She is incredibly proud of being an Eva pilot, wearing the A10 nerve clip in her hair practically all the moment to present it off.

Asuka could be proud and also confident on the surface, however she is an extroverted mess. She is broken, hurt, and trying to save up a facade of being strong. All of these features are relatable and also make her among the best-written characters in anime.

4. Kaori Miyazono

Anime: Your Lie in April

Kaori is an extremely gifted violinist and a third-year student atSumiya Junior High School.

Just as she is a free-spirited perkid, so is her performance, separating her from various other musicians.

She is compassionate and also understanding to others however also short-tempered at times.

3. Violet Evergarden


Violet supplied to be a soldier but after the war finished she had actually no function and also was behaving actually prefer a doll, not understanding the eactivities of others or her own.

She becomes an Auto Memory doll (one who functions to assist others by composing for them), seeking to understand humale eactivities.

As the series progress, she grows from a seemingly emotionmuch less humale being into a sympathetic individual and a really reliable Auto Memory doll who have the right to convey the feelings of her clients exceptionally well in the letters.

2. Hitagi Senjougahara


She is among the most famous girls according to MaL.

Hitagi could come across as harsh, however she is beautiful, smart, and also witty, and also would certainly tease and mock you all the time. She is the queen of banter, after all!

I understand also that some civilization can confusage her sarcasm via tsuntsun actions, however that’s not the situation below, trust me!

1. Rem


Rem is constantly scoring high in waifu polls.

While her design is absolutely cute, that’s not why she is so well-known. She is considered a perfect waifu because she is incredibly loyal and keeps protecting the male protagonist also after gaining rejected. Also, she is an Oni mhelp who deserve to kick ass with her mace.


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