One the this week’s tabloids claims Angelina Jolie plans to steal David Beckham native his wife of almost 20 years, Victoria Beckham. The report is fully fabricated. Gossip Cop can debunk it. The latest issue of Star claims that during the actress’s recent trip to London over Thanksgiving weekend, the former soccer star “caught she <…>



One the this week’s tabloids claims Angelina Jolie plans come steal David Beckham native his mam of practically 20 years, Victoria Beckham. The report is fully fabricated. Gossip Cop deserve to debunk it.

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The latest worry of Star states that during the actress’s recent pilgrimage to London end Thanksgiving weekend, the former soccer star “caught she eye,” and she’s to be crushing ~ above him ever before since. The unreliable newspaper doesn’t cite when or where the two crossed paths, but supposed insider tells the magazine, “She’s been text massage David around collaborating on a charity project together, however she’s no fooling anyone. What world suspect Angie’s yes, really doing is using this as an pardon to acquire close to him.”

The tabloid’s supposed source continues, “She have the right to be an extremely persuasive once she wants to – and also she’s really will on steal Becks from under his mam Victoria’s nose.” The questionable tipster walk on to say that the timing might be perfect together the Beckhams space allegedly on the brink the a divorce. “They’ve been living separate stays for months and also have nothing in usual anymore as well as the kids,” add to the seemingly phony source.

From there, the tabloid maintains that Jolie has been make the efforts to get the athlete come join forces on a philanthropic endeavor, “but hopes to do that connection physical.” “Between charity work and also movie shoots, Angie can constantly find a reason to relocate to London,” according to the publication’s “insider,” who adds, “She and David have so much in common, and there’s nobody she would rather be with.” Meanwhile, Victoria is supposedly warning she husband “not to sign on to any projects with Angie,” yet he’s not taking she advice. The suspicious source concludes, “David is used to females throwing us at him, yet he’s got to be impressed and flattered the Angelina Jolie is after him!”

It’s worth noting, this bogus narrative isn’t original. In early November, Gossip Cop busted a tabloid story explain Jolie was “crushing” on Beckham and sending him an enig texts. That article likewise said the actress reached out come the former soccer player about collaborating on a charity project, but with the ulterior motive of gaining close come him. At the moment the story to be published, Beckham’s spokesperson told us on the record there to be no reality to it. This recycled account of events isn’t exact either.

Far from living “separate lives,” the Beckhams threw a brand-new Year’s eve party at their home in London ~ above Monday. The pair invited number of of your friends and family members come ring in the brand-new year v them, and also the athlete shared countless videos native the festivities on his Instagram stories. In one of the clips, Beckham shares a new Year’s kiss through his wife in prior of a substantial fireworks display. Victoria later on shared an Instagram photo with she husband and four youngsters at the bash.

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It should likewise be mentioned, Jolie’s divorce and custody setup with Brad Pitt has yet come be fully settled. The idea the she’s looking to steal a married guy amid she legal fight is absurd. Less than a month ago, Star falsely claimed that Jolie was privately dating Jared Leto. A common pal of ours and also the actress called Gossip Cop, “She’s not dating in ~ all, and is focused on she children.” The tabloid’s recent cover story is a complete work of fiction.