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Andrew DeLeon: America’s gained Talent & Dark Tales


Andrew DeLeon is a Texas-based singer/songwriter who appeared on America’s got Talent in 2012. We spoke through Andrew DeLeon about his experiences during and after America’s got Talent, his upcoming album “Dark Tales” and also the importance of being yourself.


Andrew tells us how he nearly didn’t go to his America’s obtained Talent auditionHis parental didn’t also know what he to be going to carry out at his audition!Marcio and also Andrew talk around being perceptible artists and also how exterior opinion can impact creativityAndrew talks about the brutality the YouTube commentsWe talk about the push of human being knowing that you space virtually overnight, and Andrew share how an overwhelming it to be for himIs a present like “America’s obtained Talent” the “easy” route?Andrew talks about the fans who stuck with him ~ the show… and also those who didn’tWe talk about the importance of gift yourself and how America’s gained Talent has helped to construct Andrew’s confidence within himself“I didn’t recognize I to be weird until human being told me i was weird”Andrew and Marcio bond over being rebelsAndrew tells us around his upcoming album, “Dark Tales” and the artists who have influenced itMarcio reveals how large a Marilyn Manson pan he isAndrew picks Michael Bolton over Michael Jackson… and also this makes Ross really happy


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