Absolutely! friend can definitely use NVIDIA graphic card through AMD processor.

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As much as the compatibility goes, the wouldn’t matter whether you choose an AMD or an Intel CPU for your NVIDIA graphic card.

Building PC deserve to be a bit difficult in the beginning. There space so many things to consider from PCIe lanes come CPU cores.

Therefore, it is rather reasonable for a human to ask if they have the right to use one NVIDIA GPUs with AMD processors provided the truth that NVIDIA and also AMD are both rivals in the GPU market.

For those of girlfriend who are not aware, AMD manufacturers both CPUs and also GPUs. In the CPU market they room a direct competitor to Intel and in the GPU industry they room a direct contender to NVIDIA.

It is absolutely phenomenal for AMD to take it on two of the most technologically advanced rivals in the market, however AMD has presented profound outcomes over time.


The Confusion

A budget plan motherboard regularly has a solitary x16 – 16 lanes slot (top) because that GPU and another x16 – 4 lanes slot (bottom). This deserve to be supplied for and also extra AMD graphics Card.A graphics card typically takes up 16 PCIe lanes ideally. Every motherboards have actually a dedicated PCIe x16 slot because that installing a GPU.

However when it concerns a double GPU build, AMD motherboards in the budget plan range, often offer one EXTRA x4 slot as well.

AMD GPUs deserve to run on one x4 slot, the NVIDIA GPUs cannot. NVIDIA calls for at the very least an x8 slot.

So in short, if you ever before want a dual GPU develop on a spending plan AMD motherboard, the AMD CPU + twin AMD GPUs would be a better option.

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Final Words

In short, if you are wondering can you usage NVIDIA graphic Card v AMD processor, the simplest answer is a resounding yes.

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There is certain no problem with making use of the two with each other granted the the remainder of the system including the slots, PSU, motherboard and also the driver space all good.