If you really want to jazz up your Echo Dot, you will want to pick up one of these best Echo Dot cases and skins. When Amazon first introduced the Echo Dot smart speaker, the device was only available in a black or white plastic finish. When the third generation of the device launched, it came in several new color options, including the traditional Charcoal (black) and Sandstone (white), alongside Heather Gray and Plum. The Kids Edition even comes in more fun colors like Kids Blue and Rainbow. If none of these options quite suit your style, there are scores of third-party cases, covers, and skins that you can apply to your Echo Dot to get just the look you"re going for.

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Best Echo Dot Skins & Cases (3rd Gen)

While it"s roughly the same size as the first two generations, the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) has a different, mostly fabric build, as opposed to the hard plastic build of the earlier models. This presents a challenge for cases and covers as they would cover up the speaker on the regular Dot, and the speaker and clock on the Echo Dot with Clock. Luckily there are still some creative ways to decorate your third generation Dots.


That"s a Wrap: Mission Cables Made for Amazon Case for Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Staff Pick

If you thought the Echo Dot looked like a hockey puck before, wait until you pop this case on it. It"s available in four bright, fun colors (blue, pink, green, and red), and perfectly protects your Dot from accidental drops. It also features all the necessary cutouts to hear your audio and access your ports and buttons.


Glow in the Dark: LEGELITE Silicone Cover for Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

This case shares a lot of similarities with Mission"s, but is available in four standard colors (black, red, sea blue, and turquoise), and blue or green glow in the dark versions.


Animal Farm: Dekodots Smart Speaker Stand

While these may not be for everyone, there is no denying that they are creative! Chose from a dog, dragon, lion, cat, or skull to display your Echo Dot. These are suitable for all generations of Echo Dot, as well as Google"s Google Home Mini and Nest Mini.

Best Echo Dot Skins & Cases (1st and 2nd Gen)

Many of these options will work with both the first and second generation Echo Dots, as those two versions were pretty similar in overall size and shape. The first Dot was a bit taller, had fewer buttons, and had an added 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, so just be sure that the case you choose will be able to match those variations.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: AWINNER Silicone Case for Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen)

Staff Pick

This attractive silicone cover slides right on top of your second generation Echo Dot for complete case coverage. It"s available in 10 different color combinations including pink, cyan, yellow and more muted colors. A series of perforations allows audio to escape, while there are cutouts on the rear for cords.


Mission Possible: Mission Cables Made for Amazon Case for Echo Dot (2nd Gen)

This is the older version of our top pick for the third generation case. It offers a similar degree of protection while leaving all of the important access points open. While there aren"t as many colors available anymore, the case remains a good option for older Dots.

If you"re a fan of knickknacks and tchotchkes, then this is the Echo Dot holder for you. You can set this birdie up on a shelf or mantel and completely hide the fact that you have a gadget inside it.

Why do you need an Amazon Echo Dot Skin?

I happen to think the Echo Dot smart speakers are attractive enough in their own right, particularly with the new fabric design and colors of the third generation devices. However, if you are the type of person who wants to add a pop of color or show off some personality, I get it. For new Dots, I recommend the Mission silicone cases because they"re both durable and colorful.

If you have an older Echo Dot, many of the cases that say they are made for the second generation will also work with the first. Out of these, I recommend AWINNER silicone cases for the same reasons mentioned above.

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If you"re really looking to be different, go for the Dekodots (3rd Gen) or Sangdo (1st and 2nd Gen) holders shaped like animals. By hiding the device you"ll freak out your friends and family when Alexa responds to your requests!

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