Good news everyone! Taco Bell has actually introduced a breakfast menu! in ~ least, Taco Bell assures me this is a good thing, and also in no way a cooking abomination sent out to punish our digestive systems for the present healthy eating trend. I"m sure it will be fine! ns freakin" LOVE breakfast food, and the an ext ridiculous the concept the more I desire to give it a whirl. There is nothing wrong with this plan, and only an excellent things can come that it.

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Since i am trying no to totally ruin myself, i narrowed my selections to sample what is most likely the second oddest supplying available: The to be Crunchwrap. Because that the uninitiated, the Crunchwrap is a flat hard taco shell, topped with various standard Taco Bell toppings (ground beef favor product, something resembling chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, etc) all wrapped in a flour tortilla and grilled shut. It"s not poor as far as Taco Bell goes, yet can lock pull turn off a breakfast-y version? Let"s uncover out!
This food. Dig that malformed hexagonal shape!

This one looks choose it to be assembled with much less care.

Well, it certainly smells favor breakfast, anyway. Native the outside, that is going to resemble any type of old boring Crunchwrap, however we understand its disastrous secret. BEHOLD!
The be-steaked HORROR!
The sausage version is just slightly less horrifying come view.

I went because that the steak edition, when my long suffering wife made decision the sausage version was much more her style. Ns sampled both...uh...for Science! I execute suffer for my work. The steak version was most likely the blandest breakfast food I"ve ever had in mine life. That wasn"t bad, exactly, however it short anything resembling unique and also interesting taste, through one exception. The hashbrown steam a little inside and was less crunchy 보다 I would have liked. The eggs were standard fast food eggs, and also the steak to be an virtually flavorless chewing exercise. The one glowing spot to be some sort of Southwestern-esque sauce that had actually some summer sprouts (and salt) in it. Really perked increase everything about it, but it was only in a small component of the thing. Ns tried putting some type of salsa condiment top top it, and while the did include flavor, that was just the flavor of salsa. The salsa itself wasn"t bad, yet I could have skipped the Crunchwrap and also gotten a comparable experience.

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The one bite that the sausage variation was infinitely better, as the sausage to be nicely spiced and included some lot needed salt come the egg and also hashbrown. The sauce ~ above it included a bit of kick and was actually good, as much as fast food breakfasts go. Both items were pretty filling, provided it"s potatoes, eggs, and also meat (or "meat" if you will). Ns sincerely regret not obtaining the Waffle Taco instead of this, and also hope to one day sample that creation.
Overall, I"d give the Steak am Crunchwrap 2 frowny encounters on the confront Rating System. The best thing I can say around it is the it did not taste bad, however only because it didn"t yes, really taste like anything and also was a crushing disappointment. The Sausage Edition was much, lot better, earning a solitary smiley face, if only due to the fact that it counteracted the terror the the Steak version. If you room the rare human being who loves breakfast and also Taco Bell, give this a whirl...but stick come the Sausage Edition. Or the bacon one. I mean, it"s bacon! How negative could the be, right?